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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

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- October,2022(part6) -
31 Oct, 2022
The number of foreigners visiting Thailand in September 2022 will increase by about 130,000 from August
Thailand's Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) has released foreign arrivals statistics for September 2022.

According to data released by MOTS, the number of foreigners entering the country in July 2022 was 1,309,115.

The number of foreigners entering Thailand in August 2022 was 1,174,743, which means an increase of about 130,000 in one month. The number of new cases was about 230,000 from April to May, about 260,000 from June to July, and about 50,000 from July to August. The rate of increase from July to August was much slower than before, but the increase from August to September increased by about 130,000, indicating a significant increase again.

In Thailand, COVID-19-related regulations have been gradually relaxed since April 2022, and as of October 2022, almost all regulations have been lifted. Regulations on the use of facilities that attract foreign tourists visiting Thailand, such as entertainment facilities, have also been abolished, and now the situation is almost back to normal before the COVID-19 disaster.

The data clearly shows that the number of people entering the Kingdom is increasing at an accelerating rate each month as a result of such deregulation.

The ranking of the number of people entering Thailadn in September 2022 by country is as follows.
1.Malaysia 332,493 people
2.India 116,386
3.Laos 83,891 people
4.Singapore 69,957 people
5.Vietnam 64,559
6.Korea 58,552 people
7.Cambodia 54,379 people
8.USA 38,704 people
9.Australia 38,041
10.Japan 36,535 people
11.United Kingdom 35,530 people
12.Germany 32,594
13.China 32,302 people
14.Indonesia 30,892 people
15.Myanmar 24,865
16.Israel 24,218
17.Philippines 21,411
18.France 18,468
19.Russia 15,900
20.Spain 10,498

For comparison with the previous month, the following is the ranking of the number of arrivals by country in February, March, April, May, June, July, and August 2022.

The ranking of the number of people entering Thailadn in August 2022 by country is as follows.
1.Malaysia 221,166
2.India 113,769
3.Vietnam 73,897
4.Laos 72,419
5.Korea 66,573 people
6.Singapore 58,930 people
7.United Kingdom 41,130
8.Japan 39,297 people
9.Cambodia 38,302 people
10.USA 37,659 people
11.Germany 33,731
12.Australia 32,459
13.France 30,961
14.China 29,985 people
15.Indonesia 25,208 people
16.Philippines 19,304
17.Spain 18,622
18.Israel 17,247
19.Italy 15,841 people
20.Myanmar 14,228

The ranking of the number of people entering Thailadn in July 2022 by country is as follows.
1. Malaysia 220554 people
2.India 106139 people
3. Vietnam 60981 people
4.Korea 59226 people
5.Singapore 56673 people
6.Cambodia 51841 people
7. Laos 49299
8. USA 43923
9.United Kingdom 40596
10.Australia 36525
11.France 28447
12. Japan 28394 people
13.China 27175 people
14.Germany 26754
15. Myanmar 25993 people
16.Netherlands 21596
17.Indonesia 18570 people
18.Saudi Arabia 17836
19. Philippines 16490 people
20.Israel 13618

Number of visitors to Thailand in June 2022 by country
1.Malaysia 124,211
2.India 113,394
3. Singapore 60,165
4. Vietnam 40,832
5. USA 34,430
6. Laos 31,304
7. United Kingdom 27,901
8.Cambodia 27,564
9.Australia 26,795
10.Korea 25,702
11.China 20,040
12.Germany 19,079
13.Myanmar 17,244
14. Japan 16,874 people
15.Indonesia 13,615
16.France 12,976
17.Saudi Arabia 11,795
18. Philippines 11,138
19. Russia 8,221
20.Israel 6,383

Number of visitors to Thailand by country in May 2022
1. India 78,286
2.Malaysia 57,869
3.Singapore 38,032
4. Cambodia 25,255
5. USA 24,333
6. United Kingdom 23,739
7.Australia 18,962
8. Vietnam 18,905
9. Laos 18,645
10.Korea 16,184
11.Germany 15,626
12.China 14,930
13.Saudi Arabia 12,987
14.France 12,975
15. Japan 11,872 people
16.Myanmar 11,186
17.Indonesia 9,328
18. Philippines 7,284
19. U.A.E. 7,218
20. Russia 7,116 people

Number of visitors to Thailand in April 2022 by country
1. United Kingdom 29,647 people
2. India 27,309 people
3.Germany 19,769
4.Singapore 17,943 people
5.Australia 17,182
6. USA 17,116 people
7.France 14,132
8. Japan 11,164 people
9.Malaysia 10,793 people
10.Israel 9,850
11.China 8,728 people
12.Korea 8,720
13.Netherlands 5,390
14. Myanmar 5,296 people
15. Vietnam 5,287 people
16. Russia 5,223 people
17.Cambodia 5,130
18.Switzerland 4,751 people
19.Denmark 4,619
20. Sweden 4,225

Number of visitors to Thailand in March 2022 by country
1. United Kingdom 19,717
2.Germany 17,096
3. USA 14,185
4.France 12,562
5.India 12,142
6. Russia 9,197 people
7.Australia 8,417
8.Singapore 7,954
9.Israel 6,557
10.China 5,730 people
11. Japan 4,704 people
12.Malaysia 4,548
13.Sweden 3,910
14.Denmark 3,760
15. Bangladesh 3,737
16.Korea 3,539
17. Myanmar 3,504
18.Netherlands 3,125
19. Vietnam 2,916
20.Switzerland 2,874

Number of visitors to Thailand in February 2022 by country
1. Russia 17,862 people
2.Germany 13,381
3.France 12,217
4.United Kingdom 11,789
5. USA 8,244
6. China 4,898 people
7. Sweden 4,788
8.Australia 4,737
9.Israel 4,675
10.Denmark 3,437
11. Singapore 3,096
12.Switzerland 2,759
13.India 2,646
14. Finland 2,532
15.Korea 2,369
16.Netherlands 2,287
17. Japan 2,136
18.Malaysia 2,120
19.Italy 1,911
20.Canada 1,793

November is the peak season in Thailand, and discussions have begun to extend the operating hours of bars and other entertainment facilities until 4:00 a.m. in Thailand. We are ready to welcome you.
30 Oct, 2022
Thailand to entered cold season (dry season) on October 29, 2022
The Thai Meteorological Department declared on October 28 that the rainy season ended on October 29 and the cold season (dry season) began. They expect the temperature to be lower than the cold season in 2021 last year. The cold season is expected to end at the end of February next year.

Below are the temperatures for December 27th.
Northern Chiang Mai City: maximum 33.8 degrees, minimum 23.8 degrees
Northeast Nong Khai City: Highest 34.3°C, Lowest 24°C
Bangkok: maximum 31.5 degrees, minimum 25.4 degrees
Southern Koh Samui: maximum 28.8°C, minimum 24.8°C

Flooding due to heavy rains in the rainy season continues even now in the central and northeastern parts of Thailand, and about 300,000 households in 21 provinces, including Ayutthaya in the central part and Ubon Ratchathani in the northeastern part, have suffered flood damage. In these regions, the end of the rainy season is likely to take a little longer.
29 Oct, 2022
Over 1 million Malaysian tourists to visit Thailand by 7 October 2022
According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), 1,041,293 Malaysian tourists visited Thailand from 1 January to 7 October 2022, bringing in tourism revenue to Thailand of approximately 26.6 billion baht.

From January 1st to September 8th, 2022, more than 5 million foreign tourists have visited Thailand, and in terms of number of tourists by country, Malaysia ranks first and India ranks second. , 3rd place is Laos, 4th place is Cambodia, and it can be seen that there are many foreign tourists from neighboring countries of Thailand. TAT expects more tourists from these neighboring countries to come by the end of 2022.

Thailand enters its peak tourist season in November, and the number of foreign tourists is expected to soar. TAT aims to reach a total of 10 million foreign tourists by 2022. Regarding Malaysia in particular, they hope to welcome 1.8 million Malaysian tourists to Thailand by the end of 2022.

The Thai tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, but it is making steady progress toward recovery.
28 Oct, 2022
September Thai car production up 28%, 179,000 units
According to the Automotive Division of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), the number of automobiles produced in Thailand in September increased 28% year-on-year and 4.4% month-on-month, to a total of 179,237 units. Also, for the nine months from January to September, sales increased by 12.6% year-on-year to 1,364,037 units.

New car sales in Thailand in September increased 15.6% year-on-year and 8.7% month-on-month to 74,150 units. For the nine months from January to September, sales increased by 19.1% year-on-year to 633,687 units.

The number of finished vehicles exported in Thailand in September increased by 36% from the same month of the previous year and by 36.9% from the previous month, totaling 100,389 units. For the nine months from January to September, sales increased by 4.3% year-on-year to 706,444 units.

It can be seen that the demand for automobile sales in Thailand is increasing after the pandemic has ended, but on the other hand, there are reports that automobile production is not keeping up with demand due to supply chains such as semiconductor shortages.
27 Oct, 2022
Thai AirAsia to resume Chiang Mai-Taipei route
Low-cost airline Thai AirAsia has announced that it will resume direct flights between Chiang Mai and Taipei, Taiwan from December 15, 2022.

The flights will be operated three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, using an Airbus A320 (180 economy seats).

The scheduled flight schedule is as follows.
Chiang Mai ⇔ Taipei (Taoyuan) (From December 15, 2022)
FD242 CNX10:05 TPE14:40 Tue/Thu/Sat
FD243 TPE15:20 CNX18:30 Tue/Thu/Sat

Due to the pandemic, Taiwan has implemented very strict immigration regulations, including home quarantine. Immigration restrictions have been relaxed to change to self-quarantine. Also, from October 13th, domestic public transportation can be used. This deregulation will make it easier for Taiwanese to travel abroad, and it is expected that demand for trips to Bangkok from Taiwanese tourists will increase significantly in the future.

In light of this situation, airlines have begun to resume and newly launch flights between Bangkok and Taiwan. From December 17, 2022, the route connecting Bangkok and Taipei, Taiwan will resume, and Thai Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways International, will also resume direct flights connecting Bangkok and Kaohsiung, Taiwan from December 1, 2022.

With Taiwan's relaxation of immigration restrictions, the number of tourists visiting Thailand from Taiwan is expected to increase in the future, and it is believed that Taiwan will become an important customer for the revival of the Thai tourism industry.

Please refer to AirAsia's official website for details and reservations for AirAsia, Chiang Mai-Taipei.
26 Oct, 2022
China Southern Airlines to resume flights to Bangkok in late October 2022
China Southern Airlines has announced that it will resume direct flights between mainland China and Bangkok at the end of October 2022.

The announcement will be very good news for many Chinese who have been frustrated by not being able to travel for the better part of three years due to the pandemic.

The past changes in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand are as follows.
2016 (8.76 million people)
2017 (9.81 million people)
2018 (10.54 million people)
2019 (12 million people)

From 2016 to 2019, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand increased steadily, with 12 million in 2019 accounting for a quarter of all foreigners entering Thailand.

However, the number of people has decreased sharply due to the pandemic. The number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand in 2022 has plummeted to just 5% of the number in 2019.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) aims to attract an additional 12 million foreign tourists to Thailand by the end of 2022 and they put a lot of effort into it. The resumption of China Southern Airlines flights to Bangkok is likely to be better news for the Thai tourism industry.

The specific details of China Southern Airlines' Bangkok flights, which will be resumed, have not yet been announced, but we would like to introduce them on this site as soon as they are announced.
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