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about us greetings to our customers
about us greetings to our customers

101 Premier Massage reliable and sincere service
101 Premier Massage reliable and sincere service

Bangkok Full Service Erotic Massage

Please experience the "No1 satisfaction" in Bangkok
Welcome to Thailand.
Welcome to Bangkok.
Welcome to 101 Premier Massage.

The Phrom Phong area in Bangkok is the center of erotic massage. There are lots of massage shops here as many as the number of stars, but surprisingly there are only a few Japanese-owned massage shops.

101 Premier Massage is a genuine Japanese-style erotic massage shop owned and managed by Japanese, so you don't need to worry about any types of scams. You can play here safely and at your ease.

Since we opened in 2011, with the motto "Customer First", we have been providing "reliable and sincere service" unique to Japanese-owned massage shops in Sukhumvit area so that every customer can enjoy the massage service very comfortably.

"There are various erotic massage shops in Bangkok, but after all, they're all same with some scams, aren't they?" When we opened in 2011, solving and changing this connived issue was the starting point of us.

"101" of 101 Premier Massage was named after the image of a man and a woman intersecting one-on-one. Also, "101" means "basic". 101 Premier Massage has kept offering "reliable and sincere service" under our "basic" philosophy of "we want our customers to experience the highest satisfaction ever", which we have been advocating since our opening in 2011.
Please find the ultimate pleasure by our "Hip Trembling Massage"
101 Premier Massage is offering the very popular "Lotion Massage" course that trembles and quivers your hip in ultimate ecstasy of joy. We use the high-quality Japanese lotion used at high-end luxury sexual massage parlors in Japan. Our lotion massage is not same as rough massages that other erotic massage shops in Bangkok are offering. They just try to finish you quickly. Our lotion massage is the supreme erotic massage that you can tremble your hip with special pleasure for a long time. And of course, please finish with special massage with your cute girl at the end. Please experience this "hip trembling lotion massage". It will take you to the summit of ecstasy. (In addition to "Lotion Massage", we also offer "Oil Massage" and "Thai Massage" courses. For details, please refer to the "Service Price" page.)
Please enjoy 101 Premier girls' "heartfelt service"
One of the prides of 101 Premier Massage is that lots of cute girls are enrolled. We are always working hard to scout cute girls.

At the same time, what we place importance on is the " heartfelt service by our 101 Premier Girls." We think many customers have experienced bad services from lazy bad manner girls who just look good and nothing more in Bangkok or elsewhere. No matter how good the girl looks, it's just an unpleasant, disappointing and stressful time if you receive the low quality bad service. We, 101 Premier Massage, will continue to do our best to scout cute girls and to train our girls to offer " heartfelt services" to our customers. Our ultimate goal is for our customers to enjoy our heartfelt service.
Please spend a wonderful time with our "clean room, large bed and relaxing bath"
101 Premier Massage put a large bed in every room. In particular, the Jacuzzi rooms and Bathrooms have large queen size beds. Many other massage shops in Sukhumvit area have only small beds for a normal massage service (smaller than a single size bed). Can you relax and have enjoyable time on such a small bed? Please have a wonderful relaxing time with our cute girls on our big bed.

We offer the Jacuzzi room and the bathroom. In these rooms, you can enjoy a bubble bath play with your girl like a high-end sexual massage parlor in Japan at a very reasonable price. (We also offer "Shower Only" rooms. For details, please refer to the "Service Price" page.)

We believe that a massage shop must be a healing place for our customers. Please enjoy and relax with our clean and cozy rooms, beds, baths and our cute girls.
With gratitude
Since we opened our shop in 2011, 101 Premier Massage has been providing "reliable and sincere service" with the motto "Customer First".

There are many massage shops in this Phrom Phong district. Many new shops open every year, and many shops close down every year. We have been being loved as the No1 full service massage shop by many customers from all over the world for many years, and 101 Premier Massage can be one of the longest years and the most popular massage shops in this Phrong Phong district.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of our valuable customers for their exceptional trust and patronage to us over the years. Thank you very much.

101 Premier Massage promises to improve the heartfelt service of our girls and staffs so that our customers will be much more satisfied. We look forward to your visit. Please feel free to visit us.

Bangkok Full Service Erotic Massage

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