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how to play erotic massage in Bangkok
how to play erotic massage in Bangkok

How to enjoy 101 Premier Massage
How to enjoy 101 Premier Massage

beware of scams
beware of scams

①Welcome to our shop!
Welcome to 101 Premier Massage!
Cute girls are waiting for your visit. Please feel free to enter the shop!
Welcome to our shop

②Our staff welcome you!
Our receptionist warmly welcomes you. Our receptionist is a Thai woman but speaks English. And we offer English menus to help customers who don't speak Thai. It will help you to understand services and prices easily.
Our staffs will welcome you

③Choose a girl from photo album
You can choose your favorite girl from the photo album. You can also check the girls who are serving another customer from the album, and if you want the girl, please check the available time with a receptionist and book the girl. You can wait inside our shop until the booking time.
Choose a girl from photo album

④You can see all girls and pick up one
It is also possible to see real girls and choose one. That's easier. Please tell the receptionist that ‘I want to see the ladies’. All girls will line up in front of you. Don't be shy. Please choose the girl you like. Threesome is available. Please choose 2 girls at that time.
You can see all girls and pick up one

⑤Please wait in a room
After you have chose a girl, our staff will take you to the room. Your girl will prepare for the massage service and come to the room later. The time to wait is only a few minutes, which is a short time. Please wait enjoying a fantasy of doing such erotic things with your girl afterwards.
Please wait in a room

⑥Please enjoy a bath with your girl
Your girl has arrived in the room. At first, let's take a bath with your girl. (If you choose a shower room, there is no bath. Only a shower is available.)
Please enjoy a bath with your girl

⑦The erotic bedtime starts!
After washing your body in a bathtub (or shower), now it's time to turn your fantasy into reality. Enjoy erotic time with your girl on the bed. Your girl will let you lie in bed. Let’s start a massage you selected. And then ..., XXX.
The erotic bedtime starts

⑧Please enjoy pillow talk
After the massage, you don't have to leave your room if you still have time. Until the time is over, enjoy a fun conversation with your girl in your room.
Please enjoy pillow talk

⑨Please give a tip to your girl
When the time is up, please leave the room with your girl. If you are satisfied with the girl's service, please give the girl a tip before leaving the room. The amount of the tip is not fixed, and it depends on the degree of your satisfaction.
Please give a tip to your girl

⑩Please come back to see your girl again
Thank you for cuming. We look forward to seeing you again. Have a nice day.
Please come back to see your girl again