101 Premier, Full Service & Happy Ending Massage @ Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok
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101 Premier Massage, Full Service Erotic Massage in Bangkok
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Our lotion massages are completely different from the lotions other massage parlors use. We use high quality Japanese lotion imported from Japan. Our lontion is also used at high-end massage parlors in Japan. Our lovely girls will massage you slowly and comfortably and will take you to the ultimate ecstasy.

Please don't hurry to cum. We can understand that you are already very comfortable and ready to cum. Please be patient. Please don't be a quick shooter. You still have some more works to do.

Enjoy the extreme erotic time with your cute Thai girl(s) and have fun between the sheets together. Bust a nxx any time you want to.

①Welcome to 101 premier.

②Please visit us at any time as the reception staff will guide you warmly.

③When you visit us, please choose a girl first. You can choose girls with photos.

④It is also possible to see and select a real girl. That's easier. Tell the receptionist that ‘I want to see the ladies’. Girls line up in front of you. Don't be shy. Please choose the girl you like.
Threesome is availabe at 101 premier. Please chose 2 grils if you want to do threesome.

⑤After you have selected a girl, the receptionist will take you to your room. Your girl will prepare for the massage and come to the room, so please wait for a while in the room. Please have a fantasy of doing such erotic things with your girl later.

⑥Your girl has arrived in the room. First, let's take a bath with a girl. (If you choose a shower room, there is no bath. Only a shower is available.)

⑦After washing your body in a bathtub (or shower), now it's time to turn your fantasy into reality. Enjoy erotic time with your girl on the bed. Your girl will let you lie in bed. Let’s start a massage you selected. And then ..., XXX.

⑧After the massage, you don't have to leave your room if you still have time. Until the time is over, enjoy a fun conversation with your girl in your room.

⑨When the time is up, please leave the room with your girl. If you are satisfied with the girl's service, please give the girl a tip before leaving the room. The amount of the tip is not fixed, but normally about 100-1000 baht, depending on the degree of your satisfaction.

⑩Thank you for cuming. We look forward to seeing you again. Have a nice day.

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