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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- November,2022(part1) -
05 Nov, 2022
Airlines are increasing flights to and from Chiang Mai
Thailand's rainy season ends on October 29th, and the peak tourist season runs from November to March of the following year.

Until now, flights to and from Chiang Mai have been reduced or canceled due to the pandemic, but Thailand has already overcome the pandemic and has returned to normal life. In order to make it in time for the season, airlines are starting to increase the number of flights to and from Chiang Mai.

Nok Air
Scheduled to increase the number of flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai from 8 to 12 daily flights

Korean Air
Direct flights from Seoul, South Korea to Chiang Mai will resume in November, with four flights per week. From December, the number of flights will be increased to 7 flights per week.

Lao Airlines
There are currently two direct flights to Chiang Mai from Vientiane and Luang Prabang. These routes will be increased to three times a week starting November 1st.

Taiwan used to have strict immigration restrictions, but the restrictions have been relaxed significantly, and the demand for overseas travel by Taiwanese tourists is increasing. It is expected that the number of Taiwanese tourists visiting Chang Mai as well as Bangkok will increase significantly in the future.

Under these circumstances, the number of flights between Taipei and Chiang Mai is increasing. The following increases have been announced so far:

From 1 January 2023, 7 weekly flights between Taipei and Chiang Mai will be launched.

China Airline
From 20 January 2023, three weekly flights between Taipei and Chiang Mai will be launched.

Thai Air Asia
We are preparing to launch a direct flight between Taipei and Chiang Mai in the near future.
04 Nov, 2022
Thai Airways will collect a Reservation Surcharge of $10 from October 30. 
Thai Airways International has announced that it will charge a Reservation Surcharge (YR) for all new international tickets issued from October 30th.

The Reservation Surcharge is USD 10 per ticket for tickets issued outside Thailand and THB 350 per ticket for tickets issued within Thailand. The tax code "YR" will be reflected on the ticket.

The outline of the Reservation Surcharge is as follows.
・The Reservation Surcharge will be reflected as the tax code “YR” on the airline ticket.
・Eligible when purchasing only the sector of other airlines on a Thai Airways ticket
・The same amount is collected for child fares.
・Fees are non-refundable
・Not applicable when reissued

Please refer to the Thai Airways announcement for details.
03 Nov, 2022
Skywalk opens in Golden Triangle
On October 27, 2022, the glass-enclosed skywalk "Skywalk Wat Phra That Phagao Chiang Saen" opened in the Golden Triangle where the three countries of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. .

Skywalk is located near Phra Borommathat Buddhanimit Chedi (พระบรมธาตุพุทธนิมิตเจดีย์) in Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai Province, about 400 meters away from the Mekong River.

The skywalk is 25 meters high. It can accommodate up to 100 tourists at a time. However, visitors are required to wear protective footwear provided locally. The Skywalk is open from 7:30am to 6:00pm. The fee is 30 baht for the shuttle bus from the temple and 40 baht per person for the entrance fee.

Hotline : 0864392628

02 Nov, 2022
Loy Krathong Festival 2022 to be held across Thailand in November
The annual Thai Loy Krathong Festival will be held across Thailand this year, 2022, on November 8th, the full moon day of the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar.

In Thai, Loy means "to float" and Krathong means "vessel, boat". Also known as the 'Festival of Lights' and the Floating Lantern Festival, Loy Krathong celebrates Loy Krathong with people gathering at night on lakes, rivers, canals and beaches to float candles and flower-decorated krathongs on the water. Thais believe that this is the way to get rid of bad luck and negative emotions and bring good luck and positive emotions.

For 2022 Loy Krathong dates for various locations in Thailand, please visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) website for more information.

01 Nov, 2022
Thailand receives more than 7 million foreign tourists this year
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that 7,349,843 foreign tourists have entered Thailand from January to October 26, 2022. In response to this situation, TAT aims to receive 10 million foreign tourists by the end of 2022.

The top five ports of entry for foreign tourists entering Thailand are Thailand's three international airport hubs and its two land checkpoints, with Suvarnabhumi Airport topping the list. The number of foreign tourists who entered from Suvarnabhumi is more than four times that of the second ranked Phuket International Airport. Bangkok's second airport, Don Mueang International Airport, is half the size of Phuket.

The number of foreign tourists entering Japan by entry point is as follows.
Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Airport 3,891,196
Phuket International Airport Phuket Airport 958,027
Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok Airport 564,008
Sadao Border Checkpoint Malaysian Border Land Checkpoint 451,578
Nong Khai Border Checkpoint Lao Border Land Checkpoint 225,859

In Thailand, the rainy season ended on October 29th, and the best season for tourism began in November. Many foreign tourists are expected to enter Japan from November to February of the following year.
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