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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- April,2022(part1) -
05 Apr, 2022
Thailand issues new 20 baht banknotes
The Bank of Thailand launched a new 20 baht banknote made of polyester from March 24th and started distribution. Polyester banknotes are said to be resistant to moisture and dirt and to extend the life of banknotes.

According to the Bank of Thailand, 20 baht banknotes are the most frequently used banknotes, and they are more dirty and damaged than other banknotes, so they decided to provide clean, durable banknotes that are resistant to dirt. For the purpose, they states that they changed the material of banknotes from paper to polyester, which is a special plastic that does not absorb moisture and dirt.

The new banknotes have the same design and look the same as the old banknotes, but the texture is different due to the new material.
04 Apr, 2022
Thai Vietjet Air launches new Bangkok-Fukuoka route
Low-cost carrier Thai Vietjet Air officially announced on April 1 that it will open a new Fukuoka-Bangkok route. The service will start on July 15. They plan to fly three flights a week, and reservations are already being accepted on the official website of Thai Vietjet Air.

The aircraft used is an Airbus A321 (economy 230 seats). The flight schedule is as follows.

Fukuoka ⇔ Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) (July 15, 2022 ~)
VZ811 FUK07: 55 BKK11: 35 Mon / Wed / Sat
VZ810 BKK23: 40 FUK07: 05 (+1) Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Currently, flights departing from Bangkok are holding a sale commemorating the launch of 669 baht. Please note that 669 baht does not include airport charges and other expenses.

For details, please refer to the official website of Thai Vietjet Air.

03 Apr, 2022
Thai Airways International is promoting "HOTTEST SALE"
Thai Airways International has been promoting a special promotion "HOTTEST SALE" from April 1st. Promotional prices start at THB 5,485 / person (including tax and fuel costs).

Reservable date: April 1st to 30th, 2022
Travelable dates: April 5th to December 31st, 2022

Details and reservations can be made from the official website of Thai Airways International.
02 Apr, 2022
Manchester United and Liverpool will play game in Bangkok in July
The English Premier League football club Manchester United and Liverpool will match game on July 12 at Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, both teams announced on March 31.

This match is part of the Asian tour. Soccer is very popular in Thailand, and the Premier League is extremely popular, especially since the owner of Leicester is Thai.
01 Apr, 2022
From April 1st today, pre-departure PCR tests are no longer required when entering Thailand.
Until March 31, all travelers entering Thailand had to have a negative certificate that had a PCR test within 72 hours before the flight, but from April 1st today, this PCR test will no longer be required. All travelers are eligible.

Other entry conditions vary depending on the entry scheme.

If a fully vaccinated traveler enters the country with the Test & Go scheme, they must stay overnight at a designated hotel to undergo a PCR test, and a self-managed ATK test have to be conducted on the 5th day of entry and they have to report the result.

Unvaccinated travelers will be admitted under an alternative quarantine scheme. In this case, they must be quarantined in an approved hotel or resort for 5 days and have to have a negative PCR test on the last day of quarantine.

To enter Thailand by plane, all travelers need to obtain a Thailand Pass (QR code). You can apply for and obtain the Thailand Pass from the official website operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

The future schedule announced by the Thai government is as follows.
April 1: Abolition of PCR test in country of departure
May 1: Replaced entry PCR test with ATK test
June 1: All entory restrictions abolished
July 1: Endemic Declaration

It is expected that many foreign tourists will return to Thailand once the entry restrictions are lifted and the endemic is declared.

This schedule is subject to stable infections, and attention is being paid to whether the infections will worsen in Songkran in April. According to a report on March 31, the capital of Bangkok banned water splashing during this year's Songkran period. It is the third consecutive year that water slpashing of Sonkran is banned.

01 Apr, 2022
Splashing Water of Songkran in Bangkok will be banned
At a meeting between the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and CCSA on March 28, it was reported that splashing water would be permitted once during the Songkran period.

However, the CCSA has since made a final decision to ban all of the alcohol, foam parties, water splashing, and powdering at Songkran venues to prevent further spread of infection. This decision will be officially announced on April 1st.

Businesses on Khao San Road and Silom Road have asked BMA for permission to water splashing during the Songkran period, but this ban decision is likely to make this year's Songkran a tough year for those businesses to not expect profits.

However, Thailand is promoting a lot of deregulation, such as deregulation of entry Kingdom. We pray that all businesses that have been severely damaged by the pandemic will be able to return to normal as soon as possible.

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