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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- March,2022(part6) -
31 Mar, 2022
AirAsia sells 1-year unlimited ride pass at 4,999 baht
AirAsia, a low-cost carrier, announced that it will release a Super + Pass at 4,999 baht, which allows unlimited rides on domestic flights in Thailand and international flights in the ASEAN region for one year. The price includes travel insurance and the privillage of free delivery of food provided by AirAsia Group in Thailand. The purchase condition is being a BIG member living in Thailand.

Target flights are domestic flights in Thailand and international flights within the ASEAN region. Flights within the region (10 countries) are available. Domestic flights to Thailand are operated by Thai AirAsia (FD), and international flights are operated by Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia (AK), Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) and Philippines AirAsia (Z2).

The sale period of the pass and the period during which you can board with the pass are as follows

Pass sales period: March 28, 2022, 9:00 am to April 2, 2022, 10:59 pm
Valid boarding period of the pass: April 11, 2022 to April 10, 2023 (many exclusion dates)

Please note that there are many excluded days including holidays. In addition, only 1 to 18 seats are assigned for the pass on each flight. Reservations must be made 14 days before the boarding date, and airport charges and fuel surcharges are required separately.

Please refer to the official AirAsia website for details.

31 Mar, 2022
BMA permits Songkran water splashing on strict adherence to infection control guidelines
Water slpashing was permitted in Bangkok, subject to strict infection control during the Songkran period. However, it has been decided that powder smearing and foam parties are prohibited.

The Thai government and CCSA recently decided to ban the water splashing for the three consecutive years in a row, and recommended that they only carry out traditional Thai Songkran activities such as praying at the temple instead.

However, business owners on Khao San Road and Silom Road have complained about this decision and have submitted a petition to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for permission to hold a water splashing during Songkran. Following this petition, the BMA and CCSA were reported to meet on March 28 to reach a final conclusion.

A meeting between BMA and CCSA was held on March 28, and during the Songkran period, it was decided that BMA allow water splashing, subject to strict adherence to the infection prevention guidelines set by CCSA.

According to BMA officials, the population density of the watering venue is limited to one person per 4 square meters. If there are more than 1,000 participants, the organizer must obtain permission from the BMA Health Department. Participants are required to wear a face mask at all times. Also, it is forbidden to sprinkle powder on others. Foam parties are also prohibited. Also, although it has not been decided yet, it is said that alcohol sales and drinking will not be permitted at the watering venue.

This decision will be issued by the BMA on Thursday, March 31st and will come into effect on April 1st.

Currently, 46 of Bangkok's 50 districts have announced that they will not hold a Songkran celebration. The remaining 4 districts have not yet been confirmed as to whether or not they will be held. Regarding the follow-up report, we will report on this news website at a later date.
30 Mar, 2022
Flood and flash flood warnings issued in 8 provinces in southern Thailand
Currently, a low pressure system covering the southern coast of Vietnam is moving to southern Thailand and Malaysia, which causes heavy rainfall. It is expected to cause flash floods in the future.

The Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation will issue warnings of floods and flash floods due to heavy rain from April 2 to 4 in eight provinces in southern Thailand (Chumphon, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Sonkla, Phatthalung, Yarra, Narathiwat).

Disasters may become more serious in some areas of the eight provinces, and the Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation warn residents in these areas to carefully check the weather forecasts and disaster warnings announced by the Thai government. And they also ask the resicents to follow the measures to prevent disasters stricktly.

If you are in need of assistance due to a disaster, contact the Thai government's disaster response department using the Line ID @ 1784DDPM, 1784 24-hour hotline, or the PhonPhai mobile application.

Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has already organized staffs to monitor weather information 24 hours a day in cooperation with local government agencies, and warns people in dangerous areas in advance. They are also preparing to work with private agencies, the military, police, volunteer networks, and volunteers to provide immediate assistance to residents in the event of a disaster.

29 Mar, 2022
Surin, Thailand to declare Endemic from April 1st
The Thai government is currently planning to make an epidemic declaration throughout Thailand from July 1st. By the endemic declaration on July 1, they are proceeding deregulation of entry into Thailand, eliminating the need for PCR testing in the country of departure from April 1, replacing PCR test on the first date of entry into Thailand into ATK test from May 1, and all entry restrictions will be lifted from June 1st.

Not only in Thailand, but throughout Southeast Asia are lifting regulations, and the end of the pandemic has begun.

In the midst of these deregulation, Surin Province in northeastern Thailand announced on March 26 that it would downgrade the pandemic to endemic from April 1 on the Facebook of the province information authority. Currently, Surin Province has met all the criteria for downgrading a pandemic to an endemic.

This will make Surin the first province in Thailand to make an endemic declaration.

The criteria for the Endemic Declaration that Surin Province meets are as follows.
• All cities in Surin strictly adhere to “blue zone” infection prevention measures
• Infection fatalities rate is 0.5% or less
• The number of patients requiring hospitalization is 3% or less of the total
• At least 70% of Surin residents completed two vaccinations
• All Surin residencts comply with Thai infection prevention guidelines

Surin provincial authorities recommend that all citizens of the province complete the third vaccination (booster vaccination) promptly.

Thailand, whose main industry is tourism, has lost foreign tourists due to a pandemic and has suffered great economic damage. Under these circumstances, local cities are also facing enormous economic difficulties. If the whole of Thailand can make an endemic declaration, it will be a big plus for the Thai economy. The Endemic Declaration of Surin Province is expected to be a stepping stone for the revival of the Thai economy.

28 Mar, 2022
Whether or not splashing water on Songkran will be decided at the meeting of BMA and CCSA on March 28th today.
The Thai government and CCSA recently decided to ban the water splashing for the third consecutive year in a row, and recommended that people only carry out traditional Thai Songkran activities such as praying at the temple pouring a little water instead.

Following this decision, business owners on Khao San Road and Silom Road, which have suffered a sharp decline in tourists since the pandemic, have submitted a petition to CCSA to allow Songkran to splash water this year. Normally, Khao San Road and Silom Road have been popular spots for splashing water during Songkran festival, and they hope to attract tourists by allowing tourists splashing water during this year's Songkran period.

Following this petition, CCSA will meet with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) today on March 28 to discuss whether splashing water in Bangkok will be possible. The results of the talks are expected to be announced within March 28.

It has already been announced that splashing water in Songkran this year will be banned in Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai either, but if it is permitted in Bangkok, it is expected that other cities will also petition for permission.
27 Mar, 2022
Sales of "OMEGA x Swatch BIOCERAMIC Moon Swatch" is temporarily postponed
BIOCERAMIC Moon Swatch is a collaboration between OMEGA and Swatch. It is receiving a great deal of attention all over the world.

This "BIOCERAMIC Moon Swatch" was launched in Thailand on March 26, 2022.

This "BIOCERAMIC MoonSwatch" collection has a lineup of 11 types and 11 colors, and each lineup has various designs named after the planet. There is also a black "Mission to the Moon" design that is reminiscent of the Speedmaster Moon Watch which was worn when landing on the moon, but other colorful designs that are typical of Swatch are also likely to become popular.

The selling price in Thailand is 8,700 baht.
It can be purchased at the following 3 swatch stores.
Purchase is limited to one per person.

● Swatch Central World Flagship Store
Queue location: Door B near Naraya on the 1st floor
● Swatch Icon Siam, floor M
Queue location: Door 7 near Seven-Eleven on the G floor
● Swatch Siam Paragon, floor M Watch Galleria
Queue location: Cascade door near Hermes on the M floor

Currently, there is a long line of people who want to purchase due to the unexpected response, and as the result, store sales are temporarily suspended. You can get information on resuming sales by registering on Swatch's official Facebook site or Official Line.
Official Line OA @Swatch_th

No serial number is assigned to each watch, and the number of watches sold is not limited. However, it is possible that your favorite lineup may be sold out. This is a very popular collection, so if you would like to purchase it, it might be better to get one as soon as possible.

27 Mar, 2022
Approximately 150,000 tourists visited Thailand in February 2022
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) has announced the number of tourists visiting Thailand in February 2022. (Breaking news)

The total number of travelers is 152,954.
Currently, Thailand is gradually lifting entry reglation with the aim of increasing the number of foreign tourists.

The top 30 Ranking by country for tourists visiting Thailand in February 2022 are listed below.

1. Russia 17,862
2. Germany 13,381
3. France 12,217
4. United Kingdom 11,789
5. USA 8,244
6. China 4,898
7. Sweden 4,788
8. Australia 4,737
9. Israel 4,675
10. Denmark 3,437
11. Singapore 3,096
12. Switzerland 2,759
13. India 2,646
14. Finland 2,532
15. Korea 2,369
16. Netherlands 2,287
17. Japan 2,136
18. Malaysia 2,120
19. Italy 1,911
20. Canada 1,793
21. Myanmar 1,771
22. Austria 1,711
23. Norway 1,710
24. Cambodia 1,658
25. Vietnam 1,618
26. Bangladesh 1,601
27. Belgium 1,401
28. Philippines 1,256
29. Kuwait 1,210
30. Spain 1,158
26 Mar, 2022
Thailand aims to attract 10 million foreign tourists in 2022
The Thai government recently announced a timeline to lift all entry restrictions from June 1st. Following the announcement, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand announced on June 1st guidelines for abolishing Test & Go and Thailand Pass.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, in order to abolish Test & Go and Thailand Pass on June 1, the number of infected people and the number of fatalities must be stable at the Songkran Festival in April. As specific criteria, including the results of the ATK test, the number of newly infected cases every day in April will be about 50,000-60,000, and the number of daily fatalities will not exceed 100.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand has stated that it will make a proposal to CCSA for deregulation in May and June after looking at the number of infected people and fatalities in April.

The deregulation schedule indicated by the Thai government and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand is as follows.

April 1st
Elimination of PCR testing in the country of departure before entering Thailand

May 1st
Replaced PCR test on Thai entry date with ATK test

Relax all restrictions on entry into Thailand

According to Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, ATK on the day of arrival to maintain the safety of the country and tourists even after full deregulation of entry after June 1st. He stated that the inspection will be maintained for some time.

According to the World Economic Forum's Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index, Thailand ranks very low at 111th out of 140 countries in terms of the 2019 Travel Safety Index. Minister Phiphat said Thailand is aiming to move up to the top 100 as soon as possible. It may be necessary to continue the ATK test for a while due to the increase in this safety index.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, about 10 million foreign tourists are expected to visit Thailand in 2022, but the number of tourists is expected downward revision to 7 million people due to the rapid increase in infection of Omicron variants and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Although the Thai tourism industry has been severely damaged by the pandemic, countries around the world are currently deregulating entry regulation in order to attract tourists. Thailand also needs to urgently deregulate while ensuring safety so as to keep up.
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