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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- February,2022(part5) -
25 Feb, 2022
"Pattaya Music Festival 2022" postponed
The city of Pattaya has decided to postpone the "Pattaya Music Festival 2022" scheduled to be held in March 2022.

The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand recently raised the alert level of infection to <4>.

In response, the city of Pattaya have decided to postpone the "Pattaya Music Festival 2022" which was scheduled to be held on March 4th (Sat) to 5th (Sun), 11th (Sat) to 12th (Sun), 18th (Sat) to 19th (Sun), and 25th (Sat) to 26th (Sun).

The date after the postponement has not been decided yet, and it seems that the schedule will be decided based on the situation.
24 Feb, 2022
Bamboo Airways opens Bangkok-Ho Chi Minh route
Bamboo Airways of Vietnam announced that it would open the Ho Chi Minh-Bangkok route on March 17th. This is the first Thai route for Bamboo Airways.

Departure and arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The aircraft used is an Airbus A321 (8 business seats, 184 economy seats). For the time being, there will be only one flight per week on Thursday, and they plan to increase the number of flights in the future.

The specific flight schedule is as follows.
Ho Chi Minh ⇔ Bangkok (March 17, 2022 ~)
QH325 SGN14: 05 BKK15: 35 Thu
QH326 BKK16: 35 SGN18: 00 Thu

Bamboo Airways has reopened and newly established an international flight network from Hanoi to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom one after another.

Please check the official website of Bamboo Airways for details and reservations.
23 Feb, 2022
Thailand's test & go was relaxed its restrictions, abolition of PCR test on the 5th day and insurance coverage reduction
From February 1, 2022, the Test & Go scheme, which allows tourists entry Thailand without quarantine, will be resumed, but two conditions were added. The twe conditions are "PCR test on the 5th day" and "Book a SHA + hotel". These conditions has been very unpopular with foreign tourists and was a major factor in the slowdown in the number of tourists to Thailand.

At the CCSA meeting held on February 23, it was decided that the conditions for the PCR test on the fifth day was abolished from March 1. Instead of abolishing the PCR test on the 5th day, it will be replaced with a rapid antigen test (ATK test) that is inexpensive and freely available at convenience stores in the city.

It also was decided that from March 1st, the coverage of medical insurance required at the time of entry will be reduced from $ 50,000 to $ 20,000.

Foreign tourists only need to book a SHA + hotel on the first day of entry to wait for the results of the PCR test upon entry. This will bring Test & Go back to the same requirements as when it was first released on November 1st last year.

Until now, entry using the Test & Go scheme was limited to air routes, but from March 1st, entry by land using the Test & Go scheme will also be possible. The borders that can be entered by land are Nong Khai, Udon Thani, and Songkhla.

The summary of the conditions of the Test & Go scheme that will be relaxed from March 1st is below.

• No need for PCR testing and SHA + hotel accommodation reservations on the 5th day after arrival
• You need to have your own ATK test on the 5th day of entry
• PCR test and SHA + hotel reservation required on the first day of entry
• Medical insurance coverage reduced from US $ 50,000 to US $ 20,000
• You can enter the country with the Test & Go scheme at the land borders of Nong Khai, Udon Thani and Songkhla.

As we reported in the previous news on this website, PCR tests at the time of entry are no longer required in Singapore. The conditions for entry into Thailand are gradually being relaxed, but if the conditions are further relaxed as in Singapore and Europe, the number of foreign tourists entering the country can be expected to increase significantly. It is expected that deregulation will proceed as soon as possible while ensuring safety.
23 Feb, 2022
Singapore to abolish PCR test for VTL users at the time of entry, Thailand plans to discuss abolition of PCR test on the 5th day after entry on February 23
Singapore has completely abolished PCR testing for travelers entering the country using Vaccine Travel Lane (VTL) from February 22nd. Instead, travelers need to undergo an ATK test at inspection centers throughout Singapore within 24 hours of entering the country.

Inspection facilities in Singapore can be searched on this site.

Currently, there are 24 target countries that can enter Singapore using VTL, and in Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives are included in the target countries, and it has been decided that Hong Kong and the Philippines will also join in the future. So far, 389,046 people have entered Singapore using VTL (as of February 15).

On the other hand, in Thailand, it is possible to enter Thailand using the Test & Go scheme after February 1, but two PCR tests are required, first one on the day of entry and second one on the fifth day after entry. It has become a big unpopular thing that PCR testing is essential. It is very unpopular that the 2 tests are mandatory, especially the second test on the 5th day, which is a major factor that foreign tourists hesitate to travel to Thailand.

In response to this, the Thai Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has appealed for the abolition of the second PCR test on the fifth day, and it was reported that Minister Phiphat, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, would propse abolition of the second PCR test at the CCSA meeting on February 23.

In Thailand, the number of tourists increased before December 2021, but Test & Go had been temporarily suspended from December 2021 to the end of January 2022, and immigration restrictions for foreign tourists had been tightened. As the result, the number of foreign tourists entering Thailand had dropped sharply. Test & Go was resumed on February 1, 2022, but the number of foreign tourists entering the country has not become high as expected because tourists have to undergo two PCR tests on the first day and the fifth day after entering Thailand. If the CCSA meeting on February 23 decides to abolish the second PCR test, it will be easier for foreign tourists to travel to Thailand, and it is expected that the number of foreign tourists entering the country will increase.
22 Feb, 2022
Thailand, 2021 economic growth rate is 1.6%
According to the announcement by the Thai National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) on February 21, 2022, Thailand's real gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 1.9% from the same period of the previous year in the October-December period of 2021 (down 0.2% compared with July-September 2021) and up 1.6% year-on-year for the full year 2021 (down 6.2% year-on-year for the full year 2020 from 2019).

In the October-December period of 2021, it is thought that the economy improved due to the relaxation of behavior restrictions, the government's economic stimulus measures, and the expansion of external demand.

NESDC expects Thailand's GDP to increase by 3.5-4.5% in 2022.
22 Feb, 2022
"Grand Nikko Bangkok Sathorn" will open in 2025 on Bangkok Sathorn Road
Grand Nikko Bangkok Sathorn, a hotel commissioned by Okura Nikko Hotel Management, is scheduled to open in 2025 on Sathorn Road in Bangkok. Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. of Japan is in charge of design and construction.

The hotel has 35 floors, and a total floor area of approximately 51,000 square meters. There are 405 guest rooms including 13 suites (including 36 for long-term stays).

It has a Japanese restaurant, rooftop bar, banquet hall, meeting room, fitness, spa and outdoor pool.

Grand Nikko Bangkok Sathorn will be located a 5-minute walk from Chong Nonsi Station on the BTS Silom Line.

This is the fifth hotel operated by Hotel Okura in Thailand and the first for the "Grand Nikko" brand.
21 Feb, 2022
Unregistered electric scooter fined in Phuket
Four tourists driving electric scooters in Patong, Phuket were stopped by police near a Patong beach resort and charged with unregistered and unpaid electric scooters.

Currently, tourists are complaining about the reckless driving of scooters in Phuket, which is a big problem. Police warn the driver of the electric scooter to pay attention to the safety of people, such as pedestrians.

Police in Phuket have warned that anyone driving an unregistered electric scooter could be fined.

Electric scooters have become very popular in Thailand over the last decade. Since the opening of the first electric scooter store in Phuket in 2014, electric scooters have become available in Phuket. Electric scooters will continue to be considered as an alternative to transportation such as motorcycles. While the demand for electric scooters is increasing, problems such as the use of unregistered electric scooters and accidents with pedestrians are occurring. When driving an electric scooter, not just in Phuket, please be careful not to cause any troubles.
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