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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- October,2021(part6) -
31 Oct, 2021
Thailand expands quarantine exemption to 63 countries / regions
In Thailand, vaccinated foreign tourists will be able to enter Kingdom without quarantine from November 1st.

46 countries / regions have been designated as target countries, but 17 more countries have been added and the target countries have been expanded to 63 countries / regions.

Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, India, etc., which were excluded from the initial announcement, are also included in the target countries.

The full list of target countries / regions is as follows.

Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia , Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia

USA, Canada, Chile

Australia, New Zealand

Middle East
Bahrain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman

Please note that quarantine is exempted only for entry by air.
30 Oct, 2021
Suvarnabumi welcoming 30,000 passengers on reopening day
According to the Airports of Thailand (AoT), 30,000 passengers are expected to arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Monday, November 1, when vaccination of foreign tourists will resume.

AoT manages six international airports: Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Mae Fah Luang–Chiang Rai, and Hat Yai international airports, all of which are ready to welcome foreign tourists.

Nitinai Sirismatthakarn, president of AoT, said that all airport staffs at all six airports have been vaccinated with booster shots of the coronavirus vaccine, and that COVID-19 measures have been taken in all areas such as the Airport Quarantine Bureau, Immigration Bureau, and Customs.

According to air traffic data at Suvarnabhumi Airport, approximately 440 commercial flights (230 domestic and 110 international) and 100 freight flights will use the airport on Monday, November 1, the first day of Bangkok's reopening. These flights have reached only 30% of the maximum capacity of the airport, but it is expected that more foreign tourists will use the airport if various immigration regulations are relaxed in the future.
29 Oct, 2021
From November 1st, the ban on the provision of alcoholic beverages at restaurants will be lifted in 4 provinces including Bangkok.
On October 29, a meeting of The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), chaired by Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Prayut Chan-O-cha was held.

According to a preliminary report from Khaosod online, it is reported that the Emergency Medical and Public Health Center has announced that the ban of sale and drinking of alcoholic beverages at restaurants will be lifted in the four Blue Zones which are Bangkok, Krabi, Phang Nga and Phuket.

Initially, it was reported that alcoholic beverages will be available at restaurants on December 1, but the ban has been lifted one month ahead of schedule. Many people refrained from eating out because drinking alcohol in restaurants was prohibited, but with this lifting of the ban, many people have resumed eating out, and it is a big economy for restaurants that are in a financial crisis. It is expected to bring about a positive effect.

Bangkok will also begin accepting vaccinated foreign tourists on November 1st without quarantine. The permission to serve alcoholic beverages will be a great advantage for foreign tourists, and it is expected that more foreign tourists will visit Thailand. We hope that this will lead to the revival of the Thai tourism industry, which has been severely damaged.
29 Oct, 2021
BLACKPINK Lisa does not appear in the countdown event in Phuket
K-POP star Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban has been reported to appear in the New Year's countdown event in Phuket, but her South Korean agency YG Entertainment has completely rejected this appearance. This announcement confirms that Lisa will not participate in the countdown event.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will instead host events in the Pilot Tourism Area or in the Blue Zone provinces and other provinces under the concept of "Reopening Thailand: Culture and Tourism Festival".

The event will feature local artists of various music genres to promote the tourism industry.

It's a disappointing that Lisa won't attend the countdown event, but let's enjoy all the other events celebrating Thailand's reopening.
28 Oct, 2021
The countdown event venue where Black Pink Lisa will appear may change
Inviting K-POP star Lisa "Lisa" Manovan (Black Pink) to a New Year celebration countdown event in Phuket is enough to promote tourism in Phuket and Thailand, according to Thai Hotel Association executives. They emphasizes that it is a valuable investment.

At the countdown event in Phuket on December 31, in addition to Lisa, Italy's tenor Andrea Bocelli is scheduled to appear, and the event appearance contract with them has already been completed.

According to the Thai Hotel Association, the Phuket Countdown Event was originally planned to be held at Sarasin Bridge, but due to the small venue, a larger area that can accommodate up to 20,000 people will be chosen instead.

Also, in response to the Thai government's plan to reopen the country on November 1, about 1,200 hotels in Phuket are ready to prepare up to 70,000 rooms for Phuket travelers.

Due to deregulation measures, about 300,000 tourists, including day travelers to Phuket, visited in October. In addition, about 400,000 tourists are expected in November.
27 Oct, 2021
Procedures for quarantine exempt travelers to enter Thailand from November 1st
From November 1st, vaccinated travelers will be able to enter Bangkok without quarantine. Suvarnabhumi International Airport has posted information on immigration procedures for vaccinated travelers arriving on international flights after November 1st.

The flow for vaccinated travelers to enter from Suvarnabhumi International Airport without quarantine is as follows.

After arriving at the terminal, check the Thailand Pass (QR code) or COE. Be careful not to make a mistake in the lanes lined up.

Temperature measurement

There is no problem if it is 37.3 ℃ or less. If the temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃, it will be inspected at the hospital according to the standards set by the Ministry of Health.


Receive checked baggage


Meet with a reserved hotel agent

Take a private car to the hotel. PCR test after arrival. Wait in the room until the results are known

COE will be abolished and be replaced by Thailand Pass. This replacement has made it very easy to prepare documents for travelers to enter Thailand, and it is a great pleasure for Thai travelers.

It is not yet clear how long it will take to wait for the results of the PCR test at the reserved hotel, but if the results are known and you can act freely in a few hours, it is expected that many tourists will visit Thailand.
26 Oct, 2021
Miss Universe 2021 Thailand National Team elected
The final selection for the 2021 Miss Universe Thailand representative was held on October 24th in Pattaya City, Thailand, and model Anchilee Scott-Kemmis was selected as the Thailand representative for Miss Universe 2021.

As a prize, he received 1 million baht in cash, luxury cars and luxury condominiums.

Miss Anchilee has a Thai mother and an Australian father, and is 183 cm tall. She will be competing in the Miss Universe World in Israel in December.
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