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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- February,2024(part2) -
10 Feb, 2024
Thai short film "Crazy Lotus" won Tiger Short Award at 53rd International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
Thai short film "Crazy Lotus'' won the Tiger Short Award at the 53rd International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) in the Netherlands.

Crazy Lotus, directed by Naveen Noppakul, is a story set in a world where the lines between digital environments and reality are becoming increasingly blurred, and a fascinating and frightening theme of escapism and the duality of technology.

Thailand's Ministry of Culture have been working with the Soft Power Committee to actively support the film and its director, including funding the trip for Crazy Lotus to be screened at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany in 2020.

Building on this momentum, Thailand's National Soft Power Strategy Committee recently announced that Thai filmmakers will be invited to three more international film festivals (IFFR, Berlin International Film Festival to be held in February 2024, and It has been decided to allocate budget support to participate in the 19th Osaka Asian Film Festival to be held in Japan.

This initiative will promote the production of high-quality Thai films, series, documentaries and animations, provide a platform for Thai creators to engage with audiences around the world, and help Thailand become a major player in the global film industry.

09 Feb, 2024
Thai AirAsia launches new Bangkok-Vishakhapatnam route
Low-cost airline Thai AirAsia (FD) has announced that it will launch a direct flight between Bangkok and Visakhapatnam in southeastern India on April 9, 2024.

The flight operates three round trips a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The aircraft used is an Airbus A320 (180 economy seats).

The planned flight schedule is as follows.
Bangkok (Don Mueang) ⇔ Visakhapatnam
(From April 9, 2024)
FD116 DMK22:05 VTZ23:20 Tue/Thu/Sat
FD117 VTZ23:50 DMK04:15(+1) Tue/Thu/Sat

Currently, there are no direct flights on this route, and this flight is the only one.

A commemorative sale is also being held until February 4th.
For details and reservations, please refer to AirAsia's official website.
08 Feb, 2024
Andaman international Airport (Phuket 2nd Airport) is scheduled to open in 2031
Airports Authority of Thailand (AOT) is currently constructing a new airport, Andaman International Airport (also known as Phang Nga Airport), at Khok Kloi Subdistrict, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province in southern Thailand.

The development of Andaman International Airport is currently in its second phase and is designed to complement Phuket International Airport. Andaman International Airport is located about 20 minutes (approximately 23.4 kilometers) by car north of Phuket International Airport. Once operational, Andaman International Airport, together with Phuket International Airport, is expected to be able to handle up to 18 million passengers annually. (Currently, up to 12.5 million people per year at Phuket International Airport alone)

The plan is for Andaman International Airport to focus on direct long-haul international flights, while Phuket International Airport will serve domestic flights and short-haul international flights.

According to a report by the Aviation Center, Andaman International Airport is scheduled to open in 2031.

07 Feb, 2024
Thailand and China sign reciprocal visa-free travel agreement, effective March 1
On January 28, 2024, Thailand and China reached an agreement on a "Mutual Visa Waiver Agreement" that waives visa requirements for their nationals. This is a move aimed at promoting travel and tourism between the two countries. The visa requirement waiver will take effect on March 1st.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese people were the largest group of tourists visiting Thailand, with 11 million Chinese visiting Thailand in 2019. However, in 2023, the number will decrease to just 3.5 million. The Thai government hopes to increase tourism from China by waiving visa requirements.

06 Feb, 2024
Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD) predicts Thailand will enter summer season at the end of February
According to the Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD), Thailand will enter summer season by the end of February and will continue until May.

TMD said many parts of Thailand could soon experience unusually high temperatures, with some areas potentially reaching 44.5 degrees Celsius.

In Bangkok, temperatures are expected to reach a maximum of 41 degrees Celsius during the peak of the heatwave.
TMD predicts the most severe heat will be in mid-March. They recommend taking the necessary precautions to prevent heatstroke during this hot season.

During this period, there will be a change in the wind pattern, with southeasterly winds causing a drop in pressure and potentially leading to thunderstorms in various parts of Thailand.

TMD also warns of an increased risk of forest fires due to the expected hot and dry weather.

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