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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- March,2023(part2) -
10 Mar, 2023
Thai player won World Women's Snooker Championship
Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan of Thailand beat Chinese opponents Bai Yulu 6-3 in the final of the World Women's Snooker Championship at the High End Snooker Club on Saturday 4 March 2023 to win the World Women's Snooker Championship. became the champion of the championship.

The final was played under the best of 11 frame rule. Bai Yulu won her 3-2 in the first session. However, the second session was won by Siripaporn. After that she won 4 frames in a row to win the title.

In 2022, Thai woman Mink Saraburi won the championship, making Siripaporn the second Thai women's snooker champion after Mink.

The won earned Siripaporn her prize of £8,000 (331,000 baht).

09 Mar, 2023
Koh Samui receives direct flight from China's Chengdu for first time in nearly three years since February 2020
On Sunday 5 March 2023, Chengdu Airlines resumed direct flights from Chengdu, China to Koh Samui Airport in Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand, for the first time in over three years since 4 February 2020.

Flight details are as follows.
The aircraft used is Airbus A319. Economy 140 seats.
Koh Samui ⇔ Chengdu
EU2807 CTU 15:01 USM 17:18 Sunday
EU2807 USM 19:11 CTU 23:09 Sunday

Currently, it operates once a week on Sundays only, but Chengdu Airlines plans to increase the number of flights to three times a week in May 2023 if demand is high.

According to DailyNews, 308,303 Chinese tourists visited Koh Samui in 2019 before the pandemic, bringing 14 billion baht to the island's economy. Therefore, the return of Chinese tourists to Koh Samui is expected to significantly boost the economy of Koh Samui.

Since China opened its borders in January, airlines have resumed flights to various parts of China.

Thailand's flag carrier, Thai Airways International, recently expanded flights from Bangkok to Kunming, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing to five cities in China.

In addition, five new airlines, including Spring Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines, have launched new direct flights between Phuket and Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has approved 970 flights from China to land in Thailand in March 2023 alone. It is expected that the number of flights from China to Thailand will increase in the future.

08 Mar, 2023
Thailand's unemployment rate to improve as tourism recovers
Thailand's unemployment rate fell to 1.15% in the fourth quarter of 2022 from 1.23% in the previous quarter as the tourism sector, Thailand's main industry, recovered.

Thailand's tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and many of the tourism workers have lost their jobs. However, as the tourism industry begins to recover as immigration restrictions were eased, employment in October to December 2022 increased by 1.5% year-on-year. The number of tourism workers has been also gradually increasing. However, Thailand expects the number of foreign tourists to reach 28 million in 2023, creating a shortage of tourism workers.

In the future, as the tourism industry becomes more active, it will be necessary to further improve employment and secure the number of tourism workers.

07 Mar, 2023
AirAsia to increase Bangkok-Jakarta flights to 28 weekly flights
Low-cost airline AirAsia has announced that it will increase the number of flights between Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok and Skarta Hatta Airport in Jakarta from 11 round trips per week to 28 round trips per week from March 25, 2023.

There are 21 round-trip flights per week by Indonesia AirAsia and 7 round-trip flights per week by Thai AirAsia. There will be a total of 28 round-trip flights.

The flight schedule is as follows.
Bangkok (Don Muang) ⇒ Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta)
QZ251 DMK 11:20 CGK 14:55 Every day
QZ257 DMK 18:20 CGK 21:55 Every day
QZ253 DMK20: 45 CGK00: 10 (+1) Every day
FD394 DMK22:25 CGK02:00 (+1) Every day

Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta) ⇒ Bangkok (Don Muang)
FD395 CGK02:40DMK06:25 Every day
QZ250 CGK07:10DMK10:50 Every day
QZ256 CGK 14:05 DMK 17:40 Every day
QZ252 CGK 16:35 DMK 20:15 Every day

For details and reservations, please refer to the AirAsia official website.
06 Mar, 2023
Traveling on cruise ships docked in Thailand becomes popular
According to Thai government spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri, the market is growing rapidly as the popularity of cruise ship travel is increasing worldwide.

During Thailand's high tourist season from October 2022 to March 2023, cruises carrying an average of 1,800 to 2,400 passengers made a one-day stopover in Thailand, and they spent money 4 to 10 times more than regular travelers. Thailand is now upgrading its ports to accommodate cruise liners, resulting in an increase in the number of ships visiting the country.

Boat tours, Thai cuisine, spas, cultural shows and souvenir shopping are popular with cruise ship tourists.

Recently, the Thai government agency collaborated with Netflix to launch a program called "Uncover Thailand: A Creative Travel Guide". This will showcase locations featured in popular movies and shows from Thailand and other countries on Netflix, promote Thai culture and attract more tourists, especially movie fans.

In the future, there is no doubt that tourists visiting Thailand by cruise ship will contribute to the revival of the Thai tourism industry.

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