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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- January,2023(part3) -
15 Jan, 2023
Thai Mobile Phone Service No. 2 and No. 3 merged, new company name "True"
Thailand's second largest mobile phone service, True (under the CP Group, a major Thai conglomerate) and Thailand's third largest mobile phone service, Total Access Communication (DTAC) (a Thai subsidiary of Telenor, a major Norwegian telecommunications company) will be merged on equal terms. This plan was announced in 2021.

On February 23, 2023, CP, Telenor, True and DTAC will hold a joint shareholders' meeting regarding this merger of equals.

The name of the merged company is "True." About 30% each of CP and Telenor. It will be established during the first quarter of 2023. The combined company will inherit all of True's and DTAC's businesses.

Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has approved the merger, subject to several conditions being met, including keeping the service's brand name for three years and lowering fees.

As of the end of September 2022, the number of mobile phone subscribers in Thailand is 45.7 million for the largest Advanced Info Service (AIS), 33.55 million for True, and 21.05 million for DTAC.
14 Jan, 2023
Bangkok's large taxi fares to start increasing from January 13, 2023
On January 13, 2023, Bangkok's large taxi fares were increased. For the past 30 years, the fare for all types of taxis in Bangkok has remained at 35 baht. For ordinary taxi, the 35 baht will remain unchanged.

Details of taxi fares are below.

[Additional amount according to distance]
~1km 40 baht (large), 30 baht (regular)
From 1km to 10km, 6.5 baht per km
10km to 20km: 7 baht per km
From 20km to 40km, 8 baht per km
From 40km to 60km, 8.5 baht per km
9 baht per km from 60km to 80km
From 80km onwards, 10.5 baht per km.

[Additional amount according to time speed 6 km or less]
3 baht per minute

Taxi taxis at Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports will still charge an additional 50 baht.

Thailand's Ministry of Transport said the price hike is to ensure taxi drivers get decent wages amid soaring fuel and living costs.

13 Jan, 2023
Thailand set May 5, 2023 as a special public holiday, with four consecutive holidays from May 4 to May 7.
At the cabinet meeting on January 10, 2023, the Thai government decided to make May 5, 2023 (Friday) a special public holiday.

Since May 4, 2023 (Thursday) is the "Coronation Day" public holiday, it will be a 4-day holiday over the weekend.

By making it a 4-day holiday, it will be a cabinet decision aimed at revitalizing the tourism industry in Thailand.
12 Jan, 2023
Thailand to start deducting points from drivers' licenses for traffic violations
In Thailand, until now, only fines were imposed for traffic violations, but from January 9, 2023 (Monday), the new regulation which is points is deducted from the driver's license in addition to fines for traffic violations has started.

License holders are initially granted 12 points, and points are deducted for each traffic violation. There are four types of points deducted depending on the severity of the traffic violation.

Examples of deductions are:
1 point deduction: no helmet, no seat belt, speed over, no annual road tax sticker, etc.
2 points deduction: ignoring traffic lights, etc.
3 points deduction: Rear-end collision with another vehicle, etc.
4 points deduction: Drunk driving, etc.

You can check the point status of your driver's license on the website "E-Ticket" or the app "Khub Dee (ขับดี)".

Khub Dee
Google PLAY
11 Jan, 2023
No COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative certificate required to enter Thailand, Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister officially announced.
Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul officially said on January 9, 2023 that "Foreign tourists arriving in Thailand no need to present both of COVID-19 vaccination certificate and negative certificates of COVID-19 through ATK and RT-PCR tests.

However, for countries that require a negative PCR test result certificate when returning to their countries after visiting Thailand, enroll in health insurance that covers treatment costs in Thailand if COVID-19 infection is confirmed in Thailand. It is necessary to As countries such as India and China require a negative PCR test certificate upon return, so it is necessary for them to enroll health insurance upon entering Thailand.

Following these official announcements by the Thai government, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said, "TAT would like to clarify that Thailand continues to welcome all international tourists under the fully-reopen-to-tourism policy that was introduced on 1 October, 2022.”.

Thailand has extended the period of stay in Thailand from 30 days to 45 days until March 31, 2023 for travelers from visa-exempt countries/regions as part of the resumption and revival of the tourism industry. Also, the period of stay will be extended from 15 days to 30 days for travelers from countries/regions requiring a Visa on Arrival (VOA). This temporary measure will also continue until the deadline.

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