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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- October,2022(part4) -
20 Oct, 2022
AirAsia finally resumed Bangkok-Fukuoka flights
A low-cost airline, Thai AirAsia, has resumed direct flights from Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) to Fukuoka from October 12, 2022. The load factor on October 12, the first day of reopening, was 95%.

The restarted AirAsia Bangkok-Fukuoka flight will operate three round trips a week until October 29th, and four round trips a week from October 30th. The aircraft used is Airbus A321 (236 seats).

The flight schedule is as follows.
October 12-29, 2022
FD737 FUK09:50 DMK13:15 Wed, Fri, Sun
FD736 DMK01:20 FUK08:50 Wed, Fri, Sun

From October 30, 2022
FD737 FUK 10:00 DMK 14:00 Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun
FD736 DMK01:35 FUK08:55 Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun

Japan has long implemented strict immigration restrictions due to the pandemic. Due to this regulation, the demand for overseas travel by Japanese people and for the travel to Japan by foreign tourists has decreased sharply. Airlines have also significantly suspended or reduced flights to/from Japan. However, in the past few months, the Japanese government has basically abolished immigration restrictions. Currently, both Japanese and foreigners were able to enter Japan as before the pandemic. Due to this relaxation of immigration restrictions, airlines are also resuming and increasing flights to/from Japan. We have come to see many Japanese tourists in Bangkok.

In Thailand, the rainy season ends at the end of October and it enters the best season. The number of tourists from Japan is expected to increase from November onwards, and AirAsia's flights Bangkok-Fukuoka will also increase to four times a week from October 30th.

During the year-end and New Year holidays, seats are already filling up on flights between each airport in Japan and Bangkok. If you plan to travel to Bangkok from Japan, we recommend that you plan early.

19 Oct, 2022
Thai AirAsia is running a 20% off promotion for international and domestic flights
Thai AirAsia, a low-cost airline, is holding a 20% OFF promotion for Thai domestic and international flights from October 17, 2022.

Details of the promotion are as follows.
Promotion period: October 17th to October 23rd
Applicable boarding period: November 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023
Discount rate: Uniform 20% off
(There are some non-applicable days such as consecutive holidays, Thai national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.)

Also, this promotion is applicable not only for domestic flights in Thailand but also for international flights. Currently, the demand for travel to Thailand from neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, is on the rise. The discount for this promotion is limited to the number of people per day. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, we recommend booking early.

18 Oct, 2022
Thailand expects large numbers of tourists during two consecutive holidays in October
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has said it expects more than 3 million tourists to visit during the two holiday periods in October 2022.

During the four-day holiday from October 13th to 16th, a large number of Thais and foreigners traveled to major tourist destinations in Thailand. This month, October 22nd to 24th is also a three-day holiday, and it is expected that Thailand will be crowded with many tourists during this consecutive holiday period. The deputy governor of TAT, Thapanee Kiatphaibool, said Thailand tourism industry would earn more than 12 billion baht over the two holidays. He also said tourism is expected to pick up during his two holidays.

During the four-day weekend of October 13-16, 24,370 international passengers visited Phuket on 137 flights from 29 airlines. The hotel occupancy rate for the four days was 39% and the total number of visitors to Phuket was around 153,000.
In addition, in Surat Thani Province, approximately 50,000 tourists visited Surat Thani during the four-day holiday period, of which approximately 30,000 were foreign tourists. Over the four days, the hotel's occupancy rate was 46%, generating revenue of 676 million baht.

Now the rainy season is coming to an end and the high season is just around the corner. For the high tourist season, TAT is planning various tourism promotion campaigns.
17 Oct, 2022
Thai tourism industry forecasts revenue of 620 billion baht in 2022
Thailand's tourism industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but thanks to Thailand's relaxation of immigration and behavioral restrictions, it is now beginning to recover from the pandemic. They expect 10,000 foreign tourists and revenue of 620 billion baht this year.

Before the pandemic, Chinese and Japanese tourists were the main foreign tourists visiting Thailand, but China has implemented strict immigration restrictions, and until recently, Japan also had immigration restrictions. As a result, the demand for overseas travel among the people of both 2 countries has not increased. As a result, the number of Chinese tourists and Japanese tourists in the Thai tourism industry has decreased sharply. Due to this influence, the speed of recovery of the Thai tourism industry has not been quickened, but now many tourists from countries near Thailand such as Malaysia and India are visiting Thailand, and for the time being, it is expected that the tourists from these countries will become the main customers for the Thai tourism industry.

On the other hand, Japan has almost abolished immigration restrictions on Japanese people. On October 11, 2022, most of the immigration restrictions on foreign tourists have been abolished. As a result, the number of people coming and going between Japan and overseas is expected to increase, and the number of tourists from Japan to Thailand is expected to increase toward the end of 2022. In fact, flights between each airport in Japan and Bangkok have been increased, and the increase in flights has not kept up with the increase in demand, and it has been reported that flight fares on Japan-Bangkok routes are on the rise. If you are planning to travel to Bangkok from Japan, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing your tickets early.
16 Oct, 2022
Bangkok's Saen Saeb canal boats to raise fares on October 17
The regular ship "Saen Saeb Canal Boat" operating on Bangkok's Saen Saeb Canal has announced that the fare will be raised on October 17, 2022 (Monday).

The new fares will be increased by 2 baht to between 12 and 22 baht depending on the route.

Operation status of the Saen Saeb Canal boat
Operating days: Operates every day (all weekdays and weekends)
Flight time:
Weekdays 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Saturday 6am-7:45pm
Sundays and public holidays 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.

It is also possible to check the real-time flight status with the dedicated app Viabus (Thai, English).

For more information, please refer to the official Facebook page of Saen Saeb Canal Boats.

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