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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- September,2022(part2) -
10 Sep, 2022
Implementation of the new Road Traffic Act, implementation of a three-month grace period
As reported on 101 Premier Thailand News the other day, Thailand amended the Road Traffic Act on September 5th (Monday) to impose stricter penalties on drunk driving. Fines have also been significantly increased for other traffic offenses such as no-heels and not wearing a seatbelt.

However, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) said that the new revised road traffic law was not yet widely recognized and needed more time to implement, so they decided to postpone the implementation of the new law for three months.

During this 3-month grace period (September-November), fines will be imposed under the previous Road Traffic Law, and at the same time, a warning will be issued that the next traffic offense will result in a fine under the new law and a police ticket will be issued together.

Police tickets are managed by the Police Ticket Management (PTM) database, which guarantees that when a police officer issues a ticket, the PTM's registered fines are charged at the same rate nationwide.

09 Sep, 2022
Flood water levels in Rangsit district near Bangkok reach dangerous levels on September 8, 2022
On September 8, 2022, nine rainwater drainage pumps failed in the Rangsit district of Pathum Thani province, near Bangkok, causing flood water levels to reach dangerous levels. It will take about three days to repair the broken drainage pump.

According to the Rangsit District official website, on the morning of September 8, 2022, the water level in the Rangsit Canal rose from 1.78 meters to 1.8 meters. Rangsit had 20 drainage pumps in operation, but 9 of them have failed, causing inadequate drainage of rainwater and flooding.

According to the outsourcing company that is in charge of repairing the drainage pump, the spare parts needed for repair are not in stock, so it is necessary to order spare parts from overseas, and it seems that delivery of spare parts will take about 3 days.

The Director of the Royal Irrigation Department, Prapit Chanma, has promised residents to install more drainage pumps in addition to repairing the broken pumps.

Rangsit City Hall has also announced that it will assist residents affected by the floods. If applicable, please report the damage to the city hall through his online platform at Rangsit city hall.

Heavy rains are expected to continue in the suburbs of Bangkok, Chonburi, and Rayong for the next few days. Please pay attention to flood information from Thai Meteorlogical Department.
08 Sep, 2022
Singapore Airlines now offering discount fares between Bangkok, Phuket and Japan
As immigration restrictions are being eased around the world, Japan further relaxed border measures from September 7, 2022. Travelers who have a valid vaccination certificate (three or more vaccinations) do not need a negative proof when entering Japan. Traveling between Japan and Thailand has become easier and easier.

As Japan's immigration restrictions continue to ease, Singapore Airlines is running a 20% discount campaign for flights from Tokyo (Haneda/Narita), Chubu, Kansai, and Fukuoka to Bangkok and Phuket.

The outline of the campaign is as follows.
Reservation period: September 1st to September 14th, 2022
Travel period: September 15, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Eligible Fares:
Bangkok flights: Economy Light (booking class: V), Business Light (booking class: D)
Phuket flights: Economy Light (booking class: V)
Departure airports: Tokyo (Haneda/Narita), Chubu, Kansai, Fukuoka

The fare shown is the total amount paid and does not need to pay more for fuel surcharges or other fees.

In addition to Bangkok, the discount also applies to the following cities:
Singapore, Male Maldives (Economy only) Denpasar Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kota Kinabalu (Economy only), Bangkok, Phuket (Economy only), Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata , Athens* (Economy only), Berlin* (Economy only)

A 50% discount (economy only) applies to Tokyo (Narita)-Los Angeles flights.

For reservations and details, please visit the official Singapore Airlines website or mobile app.
07 Sep, 2022
AirAsia X to launch direct flights from Bangkok to Tbilisi from October 2nd
Thai AirAsia X, a low-cost airline, has announced that it will launch a new service between Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) and Tbilisi from October 8, 2022.

Georgia is known for its ancient history and natural scenery, and is attracting attention as a tourist destination. It is expected that the number of tourists from Thailand to Georgia will increase in the future. In addition, the Thai tourism industry, which has been damaged by the pandemic, is currently experiencing an increase in the number of tourists from overseas. is desired. With the launch of direct flights from Bangkok to Tbilisi, it is expected that the number of foreign tourists visiting Bangkok from Georgia will increase.

At the moment, it is scheduled to operate twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) for one year, but the specific flight schedule and aircraft to be used have not yet been announced.

For details, please check the official website of AirAsia.
06 Sep, 2022
AirAsia X Launches New Bangkok-Sydney and Bangkok-Melbourne Direct Flights from December
Low-cost carrier Thai AirAsia X has announced that it will launch new Bangkok-Sydney and Bangkok-Melbourne routes in December 2022.

Four flights a week from Bangkok to Sydney. The Bangkok-Melbourne route operates three times a week. Airbus A330-300 aircraft (12 premium flatbed seats, 365 economy seats) will be used on both routes.

The planned flight schedule is as follows.
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Sydney (From December 2, 2022)
XJ382 BKK00:10 SYD13:10 Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
XJ383 SYD 14:40 BKK 19:40 Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Melbourne (From December 1, 2022)
XJ390 BKK00:10 MEL13:00 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
XJ391 SYD 14:30 BKK 19:20 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

A commemorative sale is currently being held. The sale period is from August 29th to September 4th. Prices start at 5,990 baht, including airport fees and other expenses.

For details and reservations, please check the AirAsia official website or the AirAsia app (iPhone, Android).

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