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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- March,2022(part3) -
15 Mar, 2022
Chiang Mai aims to open the entire province to foreign arrivals
There are 25 districts in Chiang Mai Province, but currently only 5 of these 25 districts, Muanti Chiang Mai, Chom Thong, Doi Tao, Mae Taeng and Mae Rim, are allowed to be visited by foreign tourists, and foreign tourists are not allowed to enter the the other 20 districts.

Deputy Governor Sakchai Kunawatchaiyadet of Chiang Mai Province said on March 14 that Chiang Mai plans to allow foreign tourists to visit all 25 districts.

It aims to attract tourists to the Songkran Festival in April in order to revitalize the tourism industry in the devastating province of Chiang Mai.

According to the Public Health Service of Chiang Mai Province, 66% of the 1.7 million inhabitants of the province have now completed the third booster vaccination, but Vice Governor Sakchai said that by the end of March, Chiang Mai is aiming to complete the third booster vaccination to all the inhabitants of the province.

This proposal is expected to be submitted to CCSA for approval on Friday, March 18.
14 Mar, 2022
Thai AirAsia to accelerate resumption of international flights
Currently, Southeast Asian countries are easing immigration restriction. For Thailand, the Test & Go scheme will allow entry without quarantine from March 1st. Vaccine Travel Lane (VTL) will be launched with Malaysia on March 15th, and if a person who has been fully vaccinated and board a designated flight, it will be possible to enter the country without quarantine between Thailand and Malasia.

In response to such widespread deregulation of immigration restriction in Southeast Asia, low-cost carrier Thai AirAsia has announced that it will resume international flights in earnest from April 2022. From April, it will be expanded to 18 routes in 7 countries.

Currently, AirAsia operates only three international flights to and from Bangkok: Phnom Penh, Maldives and Singapore. From April, routes to Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and India will resume.

The routes that Thai AirAsia will resume operating in April are as follows. Please refer to the official AirAsia website for details.

Bangkok ⇔ Ho Chi Minh April 1st-1 flight per day
Bangkok ⇔ Hanoi April 1st-5 flights a week
Bangkok ⇔ Da Nang April 1st-4 flights a week
Hat Yai ⇔ Kuala Lumpur April 1st-three flights a week
Bangkok ⇔ Johor Bahru 3 flights a week (increased to 4 flights a week from May)
Bangkok ⇔ Penang April 1st-4 flights a week (increased to 1 flight a day from May)
Bangkok ⇔ Bali April 2 to 2 flights a week (increased to 3 flights a week from May)
Bangkok ⇔ Siem Reap April 2 to 2 flights a week (increased to 3 flights a week from May)
Bangkok ⇔ Bangalore April 1st-4 flights a week
Bangkok ⇔ Chennai April 1st-4 flights a week
Bangkok ⇔ Kolkata April 1st-4 flights a week

Thai AirAsia has already anounced that they will resum the Bangkok-Narita (Tokyo) route from May 2022, and is holding a super sale where you can receive a discounted rate for reservations made by March 31st.
13 Mar, 2022
Thai diesel price cap will end in May
While fuel prices are soaring around the world, diesel prices in Thailand are already soaring. Currently, Thailand has set a maximum price of 30 baht per liter to cope with the soaring diesel price. However, at the end of May, a subsidy of 40 billion baht to support this cap is expected to run out.

Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Minister of Energy of Thailand, is calling for energy savings across Thailand while waiting for additional subsidies.

People in industries such as boat tourism and land transportation, where rising fuel prices have a direct impact on their lives, are angry and frightened by the status quo.

As reported in the news on our news site the other day, on Thursday, March 10, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) called on the government to stop the rise in fuel prices. According to an FTI survey, 75.2% of manufacturers are concerned about fuel costs.
12 Mar, 2022
The Federation of Thai Industries wants the government to abolish Test & Go scheme and stop the fuel price crisis
Currently, the global rise in crude oil prices is a huge problem, but fuel prices are also rising in Thailand, which has become a major problem. In response to this soaring fuel cost, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is calling on the Thai government to stop the ongoing fuel price crisis.

On Thursday, March 10, FTI proposed to the Thai government to abolish the Test & Go scheme and revitalize the Thai economy by reviving the Thai tourism industry.

Currently, in order to enter Thailand, a one-day quarantine is required on the first day of entry using the Test & Go scheme. FTI suggests abolishing this Test & Go scheme, using the passport system to check the completion of vaccination, and allowing travelers to enter the country in a simpler way.

Soaring fuel costs not only lead to high production costs and soaring raw materials for Thai companies, but also increase the daily living costs of general consumers such as soaring gasoline prices for automobiles, which worsens the Thai economy. This is becoming a serious problem.

Currently, the Thai government is deregulating immigration for the revival of the Thai tourism industry, aiming to become an endemic by July 1. But as a part of economic policy due to the severe rise in fuel costs, there is an opinion that it is necessary to consider further deregulation of entry into Thailand.
11 Mar, 2022
Thai Vietjet Air resumes Thai-Singapore route
Low-cost carrier Thai Vietjet Air has announced that it will resume flights between Bangkok and Singapore and between Phuket and Singapore.

On both Bangkok and Phuket routes, flights to Singapore are VTL flights, allowing vaccinated tourists to enter Singapore without quarantine.

These routes will resume on April 28th. The aircraft used is Airbus A320 (economy 180 seats), and the flight schedule for the Bangkok route is as follows. (Flight schedule for Phuket route has not been announced at this time).

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Singapore
VZ620 BKK09: 45 SIN13: 10 Tue / Thu / Sun
VZ621 SIN14: 10 BKK15: 30 Tue / Thu / Sun
(Available from April 28, 2022)

For more information, please refer to the official website of Thai Vietjet Air.

Currently, there are five companies which has VTL flights operating between Bangkok and Singapore: Thai Airways International, Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Jetstar Asia and Thai AirAsia. When VietJet Air is added to this, there will be six companies.

Thailand has announced that from mid-March Thailand and Malaysia will launch a VTL flight that allows tourists each other to enter the country without quarantine. In the future, it is expected that both Thailand and Singapore will be able to enter each other by using VTL. Also, from March 1st, quarantine in Japan is no longer required when traveling from Thailand to Japan.

Since the pandemic, the Thai tourism industry has continued to suffer great damage, but foreign tourists are finally returning to Thailand. We hope that the Thai tourism industry will revive soon.
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