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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- January,2022(part4) -
20 Jan, 2022
Phuket Patong Tunnel will be completed by 2027
When tourists head to Patong Beach, almost all tourists have to go up and down steep hills and make sharp curves. This steep hill is notorious for being a dangerous road and is also the site of many fatal accidents by all kinds of traffics such as buses, cars and motorcycles.

After more than 20 years of debate in Thailand to build a safe tunnel road under this hill, the Thai Cabinet has finally approved a budget of 14.7 million baht to built a highway connecting the Kathu district and Patong Beach.

The installation of this tunnel is expected to provide a faster and safer route for locals and tourists visiting Patong Beach and reduce car accidents. It is also considered as an emergency shelter in the event of a disaster such as a tsunami.

The 3.98-kilometer highway, including the 1.85-kilometer tunnel, has four lanes, one designated for motorcycles. According to the Thai Highway Authority, the highway construction project including this Patong tunnel will start in 2023 and will end around July 2027.
19 Jan, 2022
Thailand approved new Visa to attract highly skilled foreign workers, investors and wealthy retirees
At a Thai cabinet meeting on January 18, the Thai government approved the establishment of a new visa "Long Term Resident Visa (LTR)" which allow Visa holder to stay for up to 10 years. This new Visa is targeting foreign investors, highly skilled professionals and wealthy retirees to recover the economy hit by Covid-19 crisis.

The LTR visa is a 10-year visa and can be extended another 5 years after the 5th year. Foreigners seeking a visa must first apply for a "certificate of qualification" and provide a written proof of their status. You can apply for a certificate of qualification at the Thai Board of Investment or the Thai Embassy or Consulate.

Once the credential is granted by the Thai government, foreigners can apply for long-term stay visas for both themselves and their spouse. The cost of a visa is 10,000 Baht per person per year and the owner is required to report the place of residence to the authorities once a year. They will be required to submit a 365-day report as needed.

LTR visa can also apply for a work permit and will be given a work permit of up to 5 years. After that, it can be extended within 5 years. When the LTR visa expires, their work permit will also expire.

After the LTR visa expires, they can change to another visa.
18 Jan, 2022
Thai Vietjet Air sells round-trip ticket which valid is 5 years
Low-cost carrier Thai Vietjet Air has announced they sell the Power Pack which is domestic round-trip tickets.

The Power Pack can be used on all Thai domestic flights operated by Thai Vietjet Air. There are 5 types: 6 round-trip tickets, 12 round-trip tickets, 24 round-trip tickets, 50 round-trip tickets, and 100 round-trip tickets. Valid until December 24, 2026 (blackout dates cannot be used such as the year-end and New Year holidays and consecutive holidays).

If you buy a coupon ticket, a promotion code will be given for each round trip ticket, and since each promotion code is anonymous, it can be used by other than the person himself / herself.

The charges are as follows (VAT not included).
6 round-trip ticket 5,500 baht (917 baht per round trip)
12 round-trip ticket 10,000 baht (834 baht per round trip)
24 round-trip ticket 19,000 baht (792 baht per round trip)
50 round-trip ticket 38,000 baht (760 baht per round trip)
100 round-trip ticket 75,000 baht (750 baht per round trip)

For more information, please refer to the official website of Thai Vietjet Air.
17 Jan, 2022
Bangkok's 413 bars ask Thai government for permission to reopen as a restaurant
Bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues in Thailand have been forcibly closed for nine months since April 2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

From January 2022, reopening of bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues was planned. However, due to the spread of the Omicron variant in Thailand, the reopening of business has been postponed, and people involved in bars, nightclubs and entertainment facilities are exposed to severe economic conditions.

In such a difficult situation, more than 400 bars, nightclubs and entertainment facilities in Bangkok have applied for permission to reopen as a restaurant. In Bangkok and other provinces in the "Blue zone", if they are certified as a restaurant, they can operate and sell alcohol until 9 pm. A total of 413 bars have applied for a business license as a restaurant. It is currently awaiting evaluation by the authorities.

According to the Secretary of Bangkok, entertainment facilities wishing to reopen must be approved in accordance with the "Covid-19 Free Setting" measures under the standards set by the Health and Safety Department. Also, all staff must be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated customers must show a negative ATK test before entering the facilities.

Tourism is the main industry of Thailand. Bars and entertainment facilities are a very important industry not only for tourists from outside Thailand but also for people in Thailand. Today, many bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues are being closed for financial reasons. We hope that the entertainment facilities will be reopened as soon as possible on the premise that virus infection prevention measures will be taken.
16 Jan, 2022
Thai authorities warn against Thailand Pass scams
On January 14, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand issued a warning to avoid fraudulent charges for the registration fee of the Thailand Pass required to enter Thailand.

With the worldwide spread of Omicron variants of COVID-19, Thailand has temporarily suspended the Test & Go entry scheme, which allows entry without quarantine, from December 22nd. The application for the Thailand Pass program has also been suspended. However, at present, there is a fraudulent fraud that cheats the registration fee, saying that you can get a Thailand pass if you pay the registration fee. In the first place, registration of Thailand Pass is free and there is no registration fee.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "There is no registration fee for Thailand Pass. There are reports that some travelers were illegally asked to pay the registration fee. Thailand Pass is a service provided free of charge." He warned not to pay the third party services for Thailand Pass.

At the moment, Test & Go entry scheme and new acquisition of Thailand Pass are now suspended, but travelers who have already acquired Thailand Pass can enter Thailand with the Thailand Pass QR code.

In the future, if the Test & Go entry scheme is resumed, it is expected that the application for the Thailand Pass will be resumed, but the Thailand Pass can be obtained for free from the official website of the Thai government. Please be careful not to be a scam that steals the registration fee of Thailand Pass.

By the way, currently, those who do not have a Thailand Pass cannot enter Thailand by the Test & Go entry scheme, but they can enter Thailand by the sandbox scheme in Phuket etc. or if they are quarantined for 14 days.
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