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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- January,2022(part3) -
15 Jan, 2022
Priority Pass Announces Partnership with THAI Airways to Provide Premium Lounge Access in Thailand
Collinson announced on January 12, 2022 that Priority Pass members will be able to use Thai Airways International lounges at three airports in Thailand. In partnership with Thai Airways International, it wll become that Priority Pass members will be able to use Thai Airways International's lounge "Royal Orchid Lounge" at Phuket International Airport (HKT), Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) and Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Todd Hancock, President of Asia Pacific at Collinson, said, "We are delighted to announce this partnership to our Members, which will see three premium domestic lounges across Thailand added to the Priority Pass programme. Despite the uncertainties of the pandemic, domestic travel continues to gather pace. Increasing our domestic lounge offering with Thailand’s national carrier Thai Airways caters to this strong desire to travel, while providing a touch of luxury in a safe and comfortable environment."

The Bangkok Airways lounge, which was previously available with Priority Pass, is no longer available, but the availability of Thai Airways lounges is very important for Priority Pass members. That's good news.
14 Jan, 2022
Jetstar resumes Thai route for the first time in 1 year and 10 months
Australia's low-cost carrier Jetstar has resumed operations on the Sydney-Phuket route from January 12th. The Melbourne-Phuket route will also resume on January 13.

The affiliate Jetstar Asia already operates routes to Bangkok and Phuket, but Australia's Jetstar will operate regular flights to Thailand for about a year and 10 years since March 2020. It will be the first time in a month.

The aircraft used on both routes is the Boeing 787-8 (21 business seats, 314 economy seats), and the planned schedules are as follows.

Sydney ⇔ Phuket (January 12, 2022 ~)
JQ27 SYD15: 05 HKT20: 10 Mon / Wed / Sat
JQ28 HKT21: 40 SYD10: 05 (+1) Mon / Wed / Sat

Melbourne ⇔ Phuket (January 13, 2022 ~)
JQ17 MEL15: 20 HKT20: 10 Thursday and Sunday
JQ18 HKT21: 40 MEL10: 05 (+1) Thursday and Sunday

Jetstar plans to resume routes to Japan, Bali and Vietnam during the first half of this year. For details, please see the their official website.
13 Jan, 2022
Thai government pharmaceutical organization (GPO) to sell ATK test kit for 35 baht
The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) are working to sell cheaper ATK test kit available as ATK deficiencies have been reported in some parts of the country amid a surge in Covid-19 infections and fears of Omicron infections. GPO has announced a contract to sell 3.5 million ATK for 35 Baht per kit. This is the lowest price in Thailand.

GPO first sells 3.5 million ATK test kits. After that, they will provide 1 million kits a week. They aim to be able to purchase affordable ATK test kits throughout Thailand. Kits will be available for purchase directly at the GPO drugstore or the GPO website.

Amid concerns about the spread of Omicron infection, the supply of ATK test kits is in short supply in some areas, and they are sold out one after another at Seven-Eleven stores and pharmacies. ATK fraud has also emerged to sell expensive ATK test kits, and the Thai government is cautioning to report fraud to the government if it is seen. It is very convenient for consumers to sell cheap ATK test kits on the official route by GPO.
12 Jan, 2022
Thailand becomes the No.1 country in Asia to live in after retirement
According to a survey by International Living magazine, Thailand was ranked 11th in the world and 1st in Asia in 2022 for countries to live after retirement.

Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico are in the top three of the list of 25 countries in the world ranked by the magazine, and Thailand is in 11th place. Only in Asia, Thailand is No.1. The magazine's ranking index is graded in several categories, including housing, benefits, visas and places of residence, entertainment, and climate.

Thailand has been ranked as the No.1 country in Asia for retirees this year due to its beautiful beaches, comfortable tropical climate, affordable living costs, reasonable medical costs, and a visa system that makes it easy for retirees. In Asia, in addition to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia's Bali, and Vietnam are ranked next.

According to International Living magazine, it is a popular city where Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Hua Hin. The cost of living in Thailand after retirement is estimated at about 33,500 baht per month.

By the way, Panama, which won the first place, was ranked first because of its comfortable tropical climate, reasonable living expenses, and resident friendliness. However, if you have visited Thailand and Panama even once, we would like to recommend that no one doubts Thailand's superiority.
11 Jan, 2022
Booster vaccination available at the Vaccination Center at Bang Sue Grand Station
There is a vaccination center at Bang Sue Grand Station in Bangkok, but due to the recent spread of the Omicron variant, there are a large number of vaccination applicants at Bang Sue Grand Station Vaccination Center.

Unvaccinated people can be vaccinated on a walk-in at the Vaccination Center at Bang Sue Grand Station. Those who wish to receive a second or third dose must register via the AIS, TRUE, DTAC, or National Telecom Public(NT) mobile network, and those who wish to obtain a "booster inoculation(3rd dose inoculation)" , it should be at least 3 months apart after a second dose inoculation.

You can register for booster vaccination from the mobile network below. Please refer to those who wish.

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