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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- December,2021(part3) -
15 Dec, 2021
Thailand, booster vaccination will start in December
A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office of Thailand announced on December 14 that the third booster vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine will be in full swing by the end of December.

The first and second vaccines were mainly vaccinated vaccines of Sinovac Biotech in China and AstraZeneca in the UK, but the third vaccine will be mainly the vaccine of Pfizer or Moderna. ..

The total number of COVID-19 vaccines in Thailand has been 97,653,854 doses up to December 13, with 69.4% of the population having at least one vaccination, 60.3% having at least two vaccinations, and 5.8% having three or more vaccinations.

Pfizer's vaccine is reported to be 70% more effective at preventing the aggravation of Omicron variants, according to a study released December 15 by South Africa's largest health insurance company, Discovery Health. Currently, deregulation of infection prevention measures for the COVID-19 is progressing in Thailand, but there was concern that the emergence of Omicron strains would hinder deregulation, but research results show that Pfizer's vaccine is effective in suppressing the severity of the disease. Seems to be good news for the future Thai economy and tourism industry.

It is hoped that the third booster vaccination will proceed as soon as possible in Thailand.
14 Dec, 2021
New Year's countdown event allowed. Alcohol can be served until 1 am on New Year's Eve
According to Thai Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), the New Year's Countdown Festival will be allowed and alcoholic beverage consumption will be allowed until 1 am on January 1st.

At a meeting on December 13, the CCSA, chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha, resolved to allow a New Year's countdown event under strict disease control measures set by the Ministry of Public Health. Also, on New Year's Eve, it was allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at restaurants nationwide until 1 am on January 1st.

Alchohol beverage serve until 1 am on January 1 will be allowed at all 77 provinces in Thailand(39 provinces in the controlled area (orange zone) and 30 provinces in the highly monitored area (yellow zone) and 8 provinces (blue zone) in tourism-oriented areas). However, the condition is that it is a well-ventilated outdoor restaurant.

For New Year's countdown events with at least 1,000 participants, all parties involved, including organizers, staff, singers and musicians, must be fully vaccinated and will be required to undergo ATK testing 72 hours before the event.

Participants in the countdown event must also be fully vaccinated and must be negative on the ATK test issued 72 hours before the event. Tickets must also be registered or purchased in advance.

Events with less than 1,000 participants must be fully vaccinated before attending.

In Thailand, there were 23 provinces with the maximum and strict control zones (red zone) so far, but from Thursday, December 16th, all these provinces will be changed from the red zone to the orange zone or the yellow zone. As a result, the red zone has completely disappeared in Thailand.
13 Dec, 2021
New Year's countdown event will be decided at CCSA meeting on December 13th
Thailand had three consecutive holidays from December 10, 2021 (Friday) to December 12, 2021 (Sunday) on the Constitution Memorial Day, and it is reported that more than 5 billion baht was brought to the tourism industry during this three consecutive days holiday.

According to government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, Thailand's infection situation continues to improve, both infections and deaths are declining, and a new variant, the Omicron strain, has been identified only three cases, and one another case is being under inspection.

Considering that the infection situation in Thailand is calm and the tourism industry in Thailand is regaining its vitality, at the CCSA meeting on Monday, December 13th it will be decided that the regulations for the prevention of COVID-19 infection are further relaxed on the premise that the infection prevention measures are firmly implemented. It is stated that whether or not to allow the New Year's Eve countdown event will be decided at the CCSA meeting on Monday, December 13th.

Mr. Thanakorn states that it is important for people to continue to adhere to Covid-19 precautions so that they can safely enjoy the holidays at the end of the year. Thai Prime Minister Prayut has also re-instructed businesses such as restaurants and shopping malls to comply with public health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
12 Dec, 2021
Bangkok Airways reopens international lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport from December 16th
Bangkok Airways has announced that it will reopen its lounges for international flight customers at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport from 16 December.

Bangkok Airways has two types of lounges, the Boutique Lounge, which can be used by economy class passengers, and the Blue Ribbon Lounge, which is suitable for advanced class and members. Both locations are opposite the boarding gate D7 of Concourse D of international flight area.

At this moment, the Bangkok Airways' international flights to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport are limited to Phnom Penh flight, so business hours of those lounges are limited as follows according to the Phnom Penh flight.

Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun: 6:30 am to 8:30 am
Tue / Thu / Sat: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

For details such as services, please check their official website below.

Boutique Lounge – Bangkok (International)
Blue Ribbon Lounge – Bangkok (International)
11 Dec, 2021
Bangkok monorail, yellow line and pink line start test run
The Yellow Line (distance 30.4km, number of stations 23) connecting Lat Phrao in northern Bangkok and Samrong in Samut Prakan Province from north to south, and the Pink Line (distance 34.5km, number of stations 30) connecting Minburi and the center of Nonthaburi Province from east to west. The two monorails have started test operation.

Both routes are scheduled to open for general passengers in some sections from mid-2022 to the third quarter. The yellow line is scheduled to open between Perwaner Station (YL02) and Samrong Station (YL23), and the Pink Line is scheduled to open between Sunracha Khancha Room Prakiat Station (PK12) and Minburi Station (PK30).
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