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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- August,2021(part3) -
15 Aug, 2021
CCSA meeting to discuss whether Covid-19 restrictions will be expanded or relaxed
CCSA will meet on August 15 to decide whether to extend the current city lockdown measures or ease. The number of provinces designated as dark red zones with the highest levels of restrictions and curfew has skyrocketed in the past few months. Both new infections and deaths are steadily increasing in both the Dark Red Zone and neighboring provinces, but it is under same situation in the other non-neighboring provinces too.

While CCSA recognizes that current strict restriction measures are putting many people and businesses in poverty, they are concerned that deregulation will lead to further spread of the infection.

The future is uncertain, with no visible convergence of the infection, but the only solution is vaccination as soon as possible. Canada and New Zealand have announced strict regulations on the domestic movement of people who have not completed the vaccination. In Thailand, the sandbox program has already allowed foreign tourists to enter the country without quarantine, and vaccination is a condition for entering the province from within the country. Vaccination may be required for domestic travel throughout Thailand as it reopen the country border to foreign tourists in near future.

Although it might be difficult even to make vaccination reservations, we are gradually receiving information from hospitals that they are ready for vaccination reservations. If you haven't been vaccinated yet, it is strongly recommended to take vaccination as soon as possible both to curb the spread of infection and to completely stop serious poverty in the Kingdom.
14 Aug, 2021
Massage shop demands reopening, rent payment becomes a heavy burden
According to the news from The Pattaya News reports, Massage shops are not permitted in 29 provinces designated as the "Dark Red Zone", the highest strict control area for the COVID-19, such as Bangkok and Chonburi. In response, the owners and staff of the massage shop in Chonburi requested the governor of the province to resume operations and provide financial assistance.

Employees of the massage shop told the governor of Chonburi, "We are suffering from the closure of the store, no work, no living expenses and no money to support our family. Most of our staff are non-regular workers and recieve a limited social security. Not eligible for coverage. We are not doing anything wrong, and the new corona virus does not spread widely or cluster out of massage shops. Massages that only come into contact with a few people a day. Can't operate, why can a large company's factory with thousands of people operate? Isn't this unfair? " They added," Our store is often used to create a safe environment. And we have the strictest precautions against the coronavirus than any other industry. If you can't do business even after taking measures, I think you should give financial support until you can do business."

The biggest problem at the moment is that they can't pay the rent of the store because they don't have any income. They hope to issue a document to the Governor of Chonburi to suspend rent payments.
13 Aug, 2021
A second batch of Pfizer for medics arrives on August 14
Many health care workers have already completed the vaccination twice in Thailand, but since the infection has spread even to those who have completed the vaccination, there are voices questioning the effect, and Approximately 1.5 million doses of Pfizer mRNA vaccine donated by the United States, which arrived in Thailand on the 30th of March, have begun to be boosted to healthcare professionals. A total of 700,000 doses have already been distributed to healthcare professionals in nationwide.

According to the Department of Disease Control (DDC), an additional 257,200 doses of Pfizer mRNA vaccine will arrive from the United States to Thailand on August 14, and will be given to health care workers in 77 provinces.

According to Dr. Opus of DDC, some people are disseminating information that the DDC is being vaccinated with this Pfizer vaccine for VIP, but with completely false information and fake news, if you find such fake information, he urge people to call the Ministry of Public Health.

Currently, the delta variant of the coronavirus is rampant in Thailand, and the spread of the infection is unstoppable. Tourism is the main source of income in Pattaya, and its tourism industry is now suffering catastrophic financial damage and mass unemployed people are being turned adrift in the street. Pattaya was planning to start the program which allaw foreign tourists to enter Pattaya without quarantine in September, but the plan has been postponed due to the recent spread of the infection. Bangkok is also planning to such a program in October, but it is expected that it will be difficult to carry out this plan as planned under this infection situation.

Vaccination is progressing at a rapid pace in Thailand now, but the speed is still slow. In order to revive the tourism industry, it is urgently hoped that vaccination will result in the acquisition of herd immunity as soon as possible.
12 Aug, 2021
Thai Smile will operate charter flights from Phuket to Bangkok just one day
Thai Smile, which is subsidiary of Thai Airways, has been revealed to operate a flight from Phuket to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) on August 14 one day only.

Currently, domestic flights to and from Bangkok are basically prohibited, but the Civil Aviation Bureau of Thailand (CAAT) has announced that only sandbox-related flights will be allowed to operate in the form of charter flights. Phuket Sndbox program is the scheme which allows vaccinated foreign tourists to enter Phuket without quarantine.

The fight charge is 4,300 baht including various expenses (no additional charge for checked baggage up to 20 kg). The flight schedule is as follows.

Phuket → Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) (August 14)
WE8087 HKT 14:30 BKK 16:00

At the moment, the only this one day flight is announced, but many travelers wish to restart scheduled flight from and to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
11 Aug, 2021
Officially postponed opening of Pattaya from September 1, 2021
According to media reports, Pattaya in Thailand has been scheduled to start accepting foreign tourists vaccinated with the COVID-19 in September 2021, but the plans to accept vaccinated foreign tourists in Pattaya from September 1 have been formally denied and postponed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

According to the mayor of Pattaya City, Sontaya Keawbroom, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has postponed plans to reopen for foreign tourists in some areas such as Pattaya and Hua Hin, and It has not been decided the clear date for future reopening.

In Chonburi Province, where Pattaya is located, the number of positives of COVID-19 test confirmed more than 1,000 in one day for 12 consecutive days, and especially in Pattaya, around 200, and sometimes more than 300, positives are confirmed in one day.

Also, regarding vaccination, 70% of local residents are required to be vaccinated in order to reopen Chonburi to foreigners, but in Chonburi province, it is far below that number.

In order to revive the economy of Pattaya and Thailand, it is hoped that the infection will be resolved and that vaccination will be expanded as soon as possible.
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