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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- July,2021(part3) -
15 Jul, 2021
Hua Hin aims to reopen to foreign tourists on October 1st
Hua Hin, a beautiful resort in Thailand, has announced on July 14 that it will resume to foreign tourists on October 1.

The provincial governor, Prompiriya Kitnuson, announced the slogan "Hua Hin Recharge," which allows fully vaccinated foreign tourists to enter Hua Hin without quarantine after October 1.

According to Governor Prompiriya, they aim to make 100% of the province's tourism and service sector workers and 70% of Hua Hin's general population to be vaccinated by September 30.

Currently, only about 8% of the general population is vaccinated.

The Hua Hin municipality has ordered 50,000 doses of Sinofarm vaccine for the local people.

Governor Prompiriya predicted that Hua Hin would circulate about 1.2 billion baht in revenue in the fourth quarter (October-December) after reopening, and about 89,000 workers would be re-employed.
15 July, 2021
The Samui Plus started on July 15nd! !!
Samui Plus Started
Welcome back to Thailand! !!
A Samui Plus that allows foreign tourists who have completed the required Covid-19 vaccination to enter Samui without quarantine(3 days hotel stay will be required) has finally started on July 15. In the midst of various debates against the reopening of the Thailand, Phuket already re-opend its border on July 1 by Phuket Sanbox scheme, and A Samui Plus will follow the similar scheme to Phuket Sandbox. This Samui's reopen must be the result of the efforts of all people in Samui to save the crushing Samui's tourist industry. Let's give full heartfelt applause to Samui for their hard work.
Now the 3rd wave of spread of Covid-10 is hitting Bangkok and some other provinces, and it result in lockdown the metropolis. All of people in Thailand now is struggling to re-open its border to foreign tourists to save the damaged Thai tourist industry and Thai economy. It's hoped that vaccination in Thailand will progress and that the whole of Thailand will return to normal as soon as possible.
14 Jul, 2021
Start accepting entry permit applications for foreign tourists on Koh Samui, also available from Japan
Koh Samui, a popular resort island in Thailand, will start the Samui Plus program on Thursday, July 15th, which allows vaccinated foreign tourists to enter the country without quarantine.

The target is travelers from 69 countries / regions. (As of July 14)
Please refer to this website about 69 countries.

An entry permit (COE) application is required to travel to Thailand with Samui Plus. You can apply for COE from the following site. At the time of application, please select "Entering Sandbox Program" as the entry method and "Samui Plux Sandbox" as the program.

COE application site:
13 Jul, 2021
Covid-19 antigen test kit will be available for personal use next week in Thailand
The Thai Ministry of Public Health announced on July 12 that it will change the rules to make the Coronavirus antigen test available to individuals within the next week. Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Anutin signed an Ordinance of the Ministry of Health on the 12th July.

Perform an antigen test by yourself, and if it is positive but asymptomatic or mild, it will be quarantined at home. Measures in response to the tight bed and inspection capacity of the Covid-19.

Antigen test kits are sold at medical institutions, pharmacies, etc. Online sales are not allowed. So far, 24 types of antigen test kits have been approved by the authorities, and 7 of them are expected to be approved for personal use.
11 Jul, 2021
Bangkok Airways suspends 5 routes to / from Bangkok until the end of July
Bangkok Airways has announced that they will suspend five domestic routes to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport from July 13th to 31st.

In response to the curfew and other action restriction measures being implemented in Bangkok, the following 5 routes are suspened.

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Phuket
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Chiang Mai
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Trat
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Sukhothai
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Lampang

On the other hand, the following are scheduled to operate during the same period.

Samui⇔Phuket 4 flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Samui 2 flights a day
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Samui 3 flights a day (Samui Plus user-only flights, from July 15)

However, in-flight meals will not be served on the above routes until the end of July, and the airport lounge and kiosk services will be suspended. For details, please see the announcement below.

For more information, please visit the Bangkok Airways website.
10 Jul, 2021
1 million AstraZeneca vaccines for the elderly from Japan arrived in Bangkok
Japan recently donated more than a million AstraZeneca vaccines to Thailand in hopes of combating the surge of Covid-19 outbreaks that hit Thailand. On July 9th, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced plans to provide these vaccines to the elderly in Bangkok.

On July 9, 1.05 million vaccines donated by Japan to Thailand arrived in Thailand. The Thai Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration has announced that the vaccine will be allocated to both elderly people and people with underlying illnesses, both Thai citizens and foreigners currently in Thailand. People over the age of 60 and those with any of the seven chronic diseases designated as high risk for Covid-19 are eligible for this AstraZeneca vaccine, regardless of nationality. This vaccine will be mainly distributed in Bangkok and high-risk areas.

In Thailand, many Sinovac vaccines have been inoculated so far, but recent research has shown that the Sinovac vaccine is ineffective against the Delta variants, which has recently spread rapidly, and is now infected with the coronavirus. The AstraZeneca vaccine donated by Japan is sufficiently effective against Delta Variants, and it is hoped that inoculation will proceed as soon as possible.

The AstraZeneca vaccine was planned to be produced in Thailand by Siam Bioscience, which is a Thai company, but production has not progressed as expected, and the initial plan to produce 10 million doses a month now has reduced to only 5 million doses produced each month, and vaccine supplies are in significant shortage. The AstraZeneca vaccine donated by Japan will help make up for this deficiency.

In Bangkok, new restriction including curfew will be enforced from July 12th. Many businesses are constrained and there are concerns about greater damage to the already seriously damaged economy. We hope that vaccination will proceed as soon as possible.
10 Jul, 2021
Thai AirAsia suspends all domestic flights until July 31
Thai AirAsia has announced that it will suspend all domestic flights from July 10th to July 31st.

In Thailand, the infection of Covid-19 is spreading in the country, and from July 12th to July 25th, unnecessary and unurgent movement including curfew will be carried out to 10 prefectures including Bangkok for infection control. The government has announced that it will tighten curfew restrictions.

Under this government regulation, Thai AirAsia has decided to suspend all flights by the end of July. The current flight resumption date is scheduled for August 1. Reserved tickets can be canceled or changed from the company's website AVA.

For more information, please check the officail Thai AirAsia website.
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