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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- July,2021(part1) -
05 Jul, 2021
2021 Golf Promotion in Bangkok : (Part3)Lotus Valley Golf Course
The Lotus Valley Golf Course is a great golf course with good course design and course maintenance. It's a little far from Bangkok city by car for an hour and a half, but it's a golf course worth to play.

Details of the promotion are as follows.

Lotus Valley Golf Course
Thai Residence Special Promotion
Period: Present-October 31, 2021
Weekdays (Tuesday-Friday) THB 1,550
Weekdays 12.00 p.m. After 1,350 baht
Sports Day Monday 1,350 Baht
Holiday 2,800 baht
Holidays (after 11.30 am) 2,100 BAHT (+200 baht kiosk coupon)
Reservation: 038-835-555, 081-658-4236, 081-732-4826
6:00 a. .m ~ 6:00 p.m.
04 Jul, 2021
2021 Golf Promotion in Bangkok : (Part2)Bangpakong Riverside Country Club
Bangpakong Riverside Country Club is about an hour drive from Bangkok city. The location is very close and the price is reasonable. It is a very popular golf course for all golfer living not only in Bangkok but also in Chon Buri.

The current promotions for Bangpakong Riverside Country Club are as follows.
● 2021 Golf Package Promotion
Period: Present-August 31, 2021
Weekdays Tuesday-Friday
~ 12:29 1,699 baht
~ 12:30 1,399 baht
~ 12:29 2,155 baht
~ 12:30 1,899 baht
Green fee, cart fee, caddy fee

● 2021 Sports Day Promotion
Period: Present-July 31, 2021
Day of the week: Monday (excluding holidays)
Price: 1,399 Baht
Green fee, cart fee, caddy fee

● 2021 round all-you-can-eat promotion
Period: Present-July 31, 2021
Day of the week: Tuesday (excluding holidays)
Price: 2,150 baht
Condition: Unlimited rounds
Green fee, cart fee, caddy fee

For more information, please call 038-500-500 and 081-782-0574.
04 Jul, 2021
Thai Airways launches direct flights between 5 European cities and Phuket
Thai Airways International began operating direct flights between Europe and Phuket on July 3rd.

Five cities are Frankfurt, Paris, Copenhagen, London and Zurich. All flights will be operated in a triangle routes which is Europe → Phuket → Bangkok → Europe.

On the first day, Saturday, July 3, the following three flights arrived at Phuket Airport.

Flight TG953 from Copenhagen (35 passengers)
Flight TG923 from Frankfurt (85 passengers)
Flight TG933 from Paris (38 passengers)

Of the 158 passengers, 122 used the Phuket Sandbox scheme and entered Thailand at Phuket Airport.

On the second day, July 4th (Sun), flights from the following 2 cities are scheduled.

Flight TG917 from London
Flight TG973 from Zurich

All five routes operate once a week, and are currently scheduled to be booked by about 1,300 people by the end of July. In the future, they plan to increase the number of flights during the dry season of the high season.
02 Jul, 2021
2021 Golf Promotion in Bangkok : (Part1)The Royal Golf & Country Club
The Royal Golf & Country Club, which is well-known for its good location(a 15-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and a 40-minute drive from center of Bangkok) announced a promotion for July.

The details are as follows.

The Royal Golf & Country Club
Happy hour in July
Target period: July 1st to 15th, 2021
Target time: T-off 09: 00-11: 30
Price 1,399 THB (green fee + caddy fee + cart fee included)

Reservations and payment are required in advance.
LINE ID: @theroyalgolf
Phone: 02-738-1010 ext. 10, 11
Mobile: 081-925-3073, 092-393-5693
1. Golfers must book and pay at least 2 days in advance
2. This promotion is non-refundable
3. Number of players is 4-5 players / group
4. This promotion is only available on weekdays (excluding holidays)
01 July, 2021
The Sandbox of Phuket started on July 1st! !!
Phuket Sandbox Started
Welcome back to Thailand! !!
A Sandbox scheme that allows foreign tourists who have completed the required Covid-19 vaccination to enter Phuket without quarantine has finally started on July 1. In the midst of various debates against the reopening of the island on July 1, this reopen must be the result of the efforts of all people in Phuket to save the crushing Phuket tourist industry. Let's give full heartfelt applause to Phuket for their hard work.
It's Thailand's first reopen border without quarantine since the pandemic. The first big first step towards reopening up the whole of Thailand. It's hoped that vaccination in Thailand will progress and that the whole of Thailand will return to normal as soon as possible.
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