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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- June,2021(part3) -
15 Jun, 2021
Chiang Mai prepares for border reopening on August 1st
According to the report of Pattaya Mail, Chiang Mai authorities is proceeding to the plan to reopen the Chiang Mai border for foreign tourists on August 1 following the process similar to Phuket's tourism "sandbox" model, which allow foreign tourists who have been vaccinated to enter without quarantine.
According to Narong Tananuwat, deputy chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s economic development committee in the North, Chiang Mai officials already agreed to open the country on August 1 and they are pushing for Chiang Mai's own "sandbox" model in the four districts of Mae Rim, Mae Taeng, Doitao and Muang. Local officials say they will only allow resumption if at least 70% of the residents of the four districts, or about 286,000, have been vaccinated by the end of July. In addition, regarding areas other than the above-mentioned four districts in Chiang Mai Province, they are aiming to accept foreign tourists on October 15 following to the same process.
Mr. Naron said that the tourism industry in Chiang Mai is already preparing plans, more than 800 local companies are preparing to support the "sandbox" plan, they already passed the health and safety management (SHA) standards.
You can search for SHA certified facilities such as hotels here.
Following Phuket and Chiang Mai, we,101 Premier Massage, pray that the border will be reopened in Bangkok as soon as possible and that everyday life will be restored.
15 Jun, 2021
Half a month to the Thai border reopen
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand has imposed strict immigration restrictions on foreign entry to prevent the spread of domestic infections.
On the other hand, Thailand, which is highly dependent on the tourism industry, has suffered enormous economic damage as the number of foreign tourists has decreased by almost 100%.
Thailand's economy has continued to be severe due to a series of bankruptcies in the tourism, restaurant, and service industries, and the unemployment rate is increasing. However, thanks to the progress of vaccination worldwide, Thailand is finally going to reopen its border to foreign tourists at Phuket which is the most popular but ailing beautiful resort. It's a long-awaited day for people involved in the tourism industry.
Here, let's review the conditions of the "sandbox" plan that allows you to enter Phuket from July 1st.
The conditions for the "sandbox" plan are as follows.
・ The target is travelers from countries / regions where the risk of infection is low or moderate.
・ Vaccination completed 14 days to 12 months before departure date
・ Accommodations that have received Health and Safety Standards (SHA +) certification
・ Download the tracking app (Thailand Plus) to enable sharing of location information during your stay
・ Unvaccinated children (6-18 years old) will have a rapid antigen test upon arrival (at their own expense)
・ If the rapid antigen test is positive, PCR test at a medical institution (cost is paid by yourself)
・ No inspection required for children under 6 years old traveling with family
・ The range of activities is limited to Phuket Island for 14 days after arrival.
・ After the 15th day, you can move freely to other areas of Thailand.
You can search for SHA certified hotels here.
During this pandemic, we continue to receive words and encouragement from many customers outside Thailand, saying, "I want to go to Thailand soon. I want to go to 101 Premier Massage." All employees of us are looking forward to seeing our customers again soon.
The reopening of the Bangkok border is still a long way off, but We hope that Phuket will be a successful model and that Bangkok will return to be full of tourists as same as before pandemic.
14 Jun, 2021
Bangkok parks, museums, beauty clinics, foot massages and tattoo parlors reopen on Monday, June 14th
It has been decided that some of the facilities and services that had been suspended due to the spread of COVID-19 in Bangkok will be reopened on Monday, June 14th.
Facilities and services to be reopened are public parks, botanical gardens, museums, archaeological sites, beauty clinics, foot massages, manicures and tattoo parlors in Bangkok.
According to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Bangkok is under control and many people in Bangkok are vaccinated, so the Ministry of Public Health and CCSA agree with the Bangkok government's proposal to relax the restrictions.
The Prime Minister also said that the Phuket "sandbox" project will begin on July 1.
13 Jun, 2021
It rained after the rain-making ritual by the villagers of Chachoengsao!
According to the report of The Pattaya News, The village of Yothaka in Chachoengsao has been affected by the lack of rain in recent months, causing seawater to flow back into the river, increasing the salinity of the river and reducing the quality of the water, and It have been worried that the lowering quaily of river water might have negative infuluence on the agriculture which is the main industry in the region.
The suburbs of Bangkok are known for their low altitude, and since the altitude is only about 4 to 5 m above sea level, the river flows slowly, and it is said that it is easy to flood in the rainy season, and seawater flows backward and easily mixes with the water of the river in the dry season.
According to the mayor of the village of Yothaka in Chachoengsao, rain-making rituals have been practiced in this area for a long time by praying for a enormous statue of a phallus.
They built a enormous statue of a phallus on a local road on June 9th (Wednesday), and they started a prayer for rain. And only 2days later, it did rain!!
The amulet of phallus is called Palad Khik in Thai, and it is an important amulet that is widely worshiped in Thailand, such as for begging for rain and for amulets and etc. It seems that the mysterious power of Palad Khik saved the village's agriculture by this rainfall. 101 Premier Massage believe that the power of Palad Khik will save this village from the lack of rain, and also will save whole Thailand from recent Covid-19 problem, and we will pray together.
12 Jun, 2021
Samitivej Hospital started registration for Covid-19 vaccination
Application registration for the Covid-19 vaccination has started at Samitivej Hospital.
There are two types of vaccines that can be applied for inoculation: "Sinovac or AstraZeneca" or "Moderna". If "Sinovac or AstraZeneca" is selected, the applicant cannot select Sinovac or AstraZeneca, and the vaccine to be inoculated will be automatically specified according to the stock status of the vaccine on the reserved date at the reserved site. If the desired vaccine is not selected, the reservation can be canceled by you and you should make the new reservation from the beginning.
The inoculation place seems to be the hospital or other inoculation place designated by Samitivej hospital. You cannot specify the reservation date too, it will be designated by Samitivej hospital.
The vaccine to be inoculated the second time will be the same as the vaccine to be inoculated the first time.
For more information, please visit the Samitivej hospital Covid-19
In addition, this site seems to be in Japanese only, but they say that all people of all nationalities are accepted(You must live in Thailand.). Those who cannot enter in Japanese can apply by phone at 020-222-222 (Samitivej hospital Call Center(Thai / English) or can apply at the the counter of Customer Service Department(Thai / English) on 1st floor of main building of Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit.
The situation and the information are constantly changing, so please contact the hospital for details.
12 Jun, 2021
Vaccination appointments for all foreigners in Thailand start on June 14
Covid-19 vaccination registration in Thailand is currently only available to people over the age of 60 and those with a designated underlying diseases. It is reported that from June 14th, all foreigners will be able to make reservations from the designated website.
The new website for all foreigners will be a separate page from the current website for foreigners over 60 years old and those with seven designated underlying diseases.
The URL of the site for all foreigners is here.
Registration time is from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
On this website, you can specify either Sinovac or AstraZeneca's vaccination, and you can also selected the inoculation site from the designated hospitals. Reservations must be made 2 weeks before the date of inoculation.
This site is made for all provinces in Thailand, but at the moment the designated hospitals are only in Bangkok and Pattaya. However, the website will soon launch a list of hospitals nationwide.
In the future, it seems that each provice plans to create its own registration website for foreigners, but at the moment it is only possible to register on this website.
11 Jun, 2021
Thai CCSA announces reopening of school on June 14 across Thailand
Thai The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced on June 11 that schools across Thailand will reopen in the new semester on June 14. Classroom learnings will resume in most parts of the country and will be online in Bangkok and the three surrounding Red Zone provinces.
Most provinces in Thailand have determined that it is safe enough for children to return to face-to-face classroom learnings, but CCSA judged that the Covid-19 infection situation is not yet stable in the red zone of Bangkok and other 3 red zone areas. Online learnings will be provide for Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and Samut Prakan, while schools in 73 other provinces have reopened classroom learnings.
According to a CCSA assistant spokesman, schools could be reclosed at their discretion if the infectious disease committees in each province assess that there are safety issues. In that case, it will switch from face-to-face learnings to online learnings.
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