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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

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- January,2023(part6) -
31 Jan, 2023
Bangkok Bank announces rate hikes on deposit and lending rates
Bangkok Bank announced on Thursday 26 January 2023 that it will raise deposit and lending rates by up to 0.25 points and 0.15-0.20 points respectively. The rate hike will take effect on Friday, January 27, 2023.

The Bank of Thailand raised its base rate by 25 basis points this week to 1.5%, prompting Bank of Bangkok to raise rates as well.
30 Jan, 2023
The number of foreigners visiting Thailand in December 2022 will increase by about 500,000 from November
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) of Thailand has released foreign arrival statistics for December 2022.

According to data released by MOTS, the number of foreigners entering the country in December 2022 was 2,241,195.

The number of foreigners entering Thailadn in November 2022 was 1,748,366, which means that there was a rapid increase of about 500,000 in one month.In 2022, about 230,000 people increased from April to May, about 260,000 people increased from June to July, and about 50,000 people increased from July to August.The rate of increase from July to August was much slower than before, but the number of increases from August to September increased by about 130,000, and the number of increases from September to October increased by about 170,000.The number of new cases increased by about 270,000 from October to November, and about 500,000 from November to December, which was the largest increase of the year.

November is the best season for tourism in Thailand, and the number of foreign tourists is steadily increasing.

The ranking by country for the number of visitors in December 2022 is as follows.
1.Malaysia 398,295
2.Russia 178,324 people
3.India 153,528
4.Singapore 131,484
5.Korea 130,517
6.USA 90,843
7.United Kingdom 87,376
8.Laos 77,809
9.Cambodia 71,896
10.Germany 67,326
11.Australia 61,142
12.Vietnam 59,798
13.East Europe 58,082
14.Hong Kong 57,191
15.China 54,146
16.Japan 53,564
17.Indonesia 51,305
18.France 45,536
19.Myanmar 40,935
20.Sweden 34,193

For comparison with the previous month, the following is the ranking of the number of arrivals by country in September, October, and November 2022.

The ranking of the number of people entering Thailadn in November 2022 by country is as follows.
1.Malaysia 258,873
2.India 145,628
3.Russia 108,985
4.Singapore 101,203
5.Korea 92,009
6.USA 79,624
7.Laos 78,606
8.Vietnam 67,925
9.United Kingdom 65,303
10.Germany 62,108
11.Cambodia 54,907
12.East Europe 47,709
13.Japan 46,020
14.Indonesia 45,244
15.Australia 44,792
16.France 40,854
17.Hong Kong 40,382
18.China 37,113
19.Philippines 32,365
20.Myanmar 30,625

The ranking of the number of people entering Thailadn in October 2022 by country is as follows.
1.Malaysia 316,537
2.India 126,606
3.Laos 86,591
4.Korea 73,225
5.Vietnam 71,228
6.Singapore 68,148
7.USA 57,302
8.United Kingdom 51,992
9.Germany 45,707
10.Cambodia 44,540
11.Russia 44,314
12.Australia 43,827
13.Japan 37,186 people
14.Indonesia 35,563
15.China 35,410
16.France 32,104
17.Philippines 29,018
18.Hong Kong 27,299
19.East Europe 23,646
20.Israel 18,430

The ranking of the number of people entering Thailadn in September 2022 by country is as follows.
1.Malaysia 332,493 people
2.India 116,386
3.Laos 83,891 people
4.Singapore 69,957 people
5.Vietnam 64,559
6.Korea 58,552 people
7.Cambodia 54,379 people
8.USA 38,704 people
9.Australia 38,041
10.Japan 36,535 people
11.United Kingdom 35,530 people
12.Germany 32,594
13.China 32,302 people
14.Indonesia 30,892 people
15.Myanmar 24,865
16.Israel 24,218
17.Philippines 21,411
18.France 18,468
19.Russia 15,900
20.Spain 10,498
29 Jan, 2023
Thailand has been named one of the “The top 23 destinations to visit internationally in 2023”.
Insider, a popular American lifestyle news website, named it one of “The top 23 destinations to visit internationally in 2023”.

According said that Thailand was chosen as a top travel destination because variety of attractive festivals, such as Songkran Festival, will be held throughout the year.

Thailand is also home to a wide range of luxury hotels, making it an attractive destination for luxury vacation seekers as well as foodies and shoppers alike with its wide variety of delicious cuisines and unique shopping experiences.

According to Insider, Thailand has stressed that it is well prepared to welcome foreign tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic.

28 Jan, 2023
"JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2023" will be held at Bangkok Central World from February 3 (Fri) to 5 (Sun), 2023
Japan EXPO THAILAND 2023, one of the largest Japan-related events in Asia, will be held again this year.

The outline of the event is as follows.
Event name: JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2023
Date: February 3rd (Friday) to 5th (Sunday), 2023
Venue: Bangkok Central World
Entrance Fee: Free
Organizer: G YU Creative

JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2023 consists of 17 zones in total, including the Travel & Prefecture zone and the Taste of Japan zone ant etc. At each booth, Japan travel, Japanese culture, Japanese food, etc. will be introduced. In addition to the booth, there will also be a Bon Odori festival with the cooperation of the Japanese Association in Thailand. And more, there are plans for a live event featuring about 200 artists from Japan and about 200 artists from Thailand.

JAPAN EXPO THAILAND is a huge success every year and this year marks its 8th anniversary. This year's event is expected to be a great success, and everyone is welcome to participate.

27 Jan, 2023
Service robot goes into operation at Bangkok's Krungthep Aphiwat Train Terminal
The State Railways of Thailand has announced that a new service robot has been put into operation at Krungthep Aphiwat Train Terminal (formerly known as Bang Sue Grand Station) in Bangkok to help guide passengers.

Six service robots are working inside Krungthep Afiwat Train Terminal to help direct passengers to ticket booths, food centers, taxi stands, bus stands, prayer rooms, first aid rooms, etc. Services are available in three languages: Thai, English, and Chinese.

In addition, seven smart wheelchairs currently being tested will soon be available to assist passengers with disabilities.

26 Jan, 2023
"Donki" and "Sensen Sushi" will open at Thaniya Plaza in Bangkok
Pan Pacific International Holdings' discount store "Donki", which is expanding in Asia and elsewhere, will open its 7th "Donki" in Thailand and its 3rd "Sensen Sushi" in Thailand on January 23, 2023 on the second and the third floor at Thaniya Plaza.

Both Donki and Sensen Sushi (160 seats) are open 24 hours. "Donki" has a sales floor area of 950 square meters and handles foods, perishables (fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, meat, side dishes), alcohol, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, sporting goods, toys, etc.

Ramen stalls (12 seats) whill also open in Donki, and the stalls offer a wide variety of Japanese side dishes such as wagyu skewers, dashimaki tamago, and katsudon, and are expected to meet the demand for lunch and dinner. .

In addition, many restaurants exist in Thaniya where "Donki" will open, and "Donki" will have a lineup of products that can meet commercial demand such as processed meat, seafood, and processed marine products for these restaurants.

In addition to Japanese cosmetics and daily necessities, Sanrio goods that are popular in Thailand and various miscellaneous goods such as costumes for events and parties are also available.
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