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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- August,2022(part4) -
20 Aug, 2022
Thailand extends visa-free stay to 45 days and VOA stay to 30 days from October 1st 2022
According to Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, Spokesperson of Thailand Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), at the CCSA plenary session on August 19, 2022, it has been decided to extend the period of stay for foreign tourists from 30 days to 45 days for visa-free and from 15 days to 30 days for visa on arrival for 6 months from October 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

Currently, 52 countries, including Japan, allow visa-free stays of up to 30 days. Travelers with passports from these countries will have their visa-free stay in Thailand extended to 45 days from October 1, 2022.

The temporary measures are primarily aimed at revitalizing and reviving the Thai economy, especially Thailand's core industry, tourism, which has been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Extending the length of stay for foreigners is expected to boost Thailand's tourism revenue.

According to another report, Thailand will lift the emergency decree from October 1, 2021, disband the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), and enter a full-fledged phase out of the Covid-19 crisis.

October is the best season for Thailand. A large number of foreign tourists from all over the world are expected to visit Thailand from October to March of the following year, and the Thai tourism industry is steadily preparing to accept these foreign tourists.
19 Aug, 2022
ANA to increase Tokyo-Bangkok flights from September 18
ANA will increase flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) from September 18. The route currently has 10 flights per week, but from September 18, four flights will be added, bringing the total number of flights per week to 14.

NH849 and NH848 flights will be increased. Combined with MH847 and NH850, which are currently in daily operation, there will be two round trips per day.

The timetable for Tokyo (Haneda) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) route from September onwards is as follows.
Haneda ⇒ Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
NH849 HND00:05 BKK04:35 Every day
NH847 HND 10:50 BKK 15:30 Every day

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇒ Haneda
NH850 BKK21:35 HND05:50(+1) Daily
NH848 BKK 10:05 HND 18:30 Every day

Narita ⇒ Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
NH805 NRT 18:35 BKK 23:20 Every day

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇒ Narita
NH806 BKK07:00 NRT15:20 every day

ANA also operates flights between Tokyo (Narita) and Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi). This is for a limited time only until the end of August, with two round trips per day. From September onwards, the number of flights will be reduced to one round trip per day.

For details and reservations, please refer to the ANA official website.
18 Aug, 2022
Thailand Ministry of Public Health to consider closing hospitals, isolation hotels (AQ/ASQ)
As most Covid-19 patients are currently being treated as OP Self Isolation(OPSI) or via home isolation, hospitals that previously isolated and treated infected patients have seen a significant drop in occupancy. In the past, when entering Thailand, it was necessary to isolate the number of days decided at the quarantine hotel, but now those who have completed vaccination, submitted a negative certificate, and those who have been confirmed negative at the airport at the time of entry exempt from quarantine, and the occupancy rate of the quarantine hotel (AQ/ASQ) has decreased significantly.

In light of this situation, the Thai Ministry of Public Health has begun to consider closing hospitals and isolation hotels (AQ/ASQ).

Dr Thares Krainairawiwong, director general of the Department of Health Service Support, said he plans to submit the proposal to Anutin Charnvirakul , Minister of Public Health in the near future and plans to formally announce the decision by September 1.

According to Dr. Thales, the latest survey found that at the peak of last year there were 76 hospitals and 31 quarantine hotels operating, but now only 11 hospitals and 6 hotel quarantines are operating. In addition, the 17 facilities currently in operation have a combined total of only 4,720 beds.

“Currently, most infected patients are mild or asymptomatic and can be treated with the OPSI system or home isolation, reducing the need for these hospitals and quaranitne hotels,” said Dr Thales.

Dr. Thales also added that in addition to OPSI, the patient also has the option to receive his Covid-19 treatment via the National Health Service Office's (NHSO) telemedicine system. The NHSO currently offers three applications to treat those infected with Covid-19. Focused on patients from vulnerable groups (60+ or ​​those suffering from any of eight underlying medical conditions) Clicknic, Good Doctor Technology and MorDee that only accepts "green" patients or patients with mild conditions . The NHSO is also working with the Bangkok Metropolitan Government to set up the Covid-19 kiosks in shopping malls and community centers to help infected people easily get diagnosed and receive prescriptions from doctors.

In Thailand, thanks to the efforts of the Thai Ministry of Public Health and relevant ministries and agencies, infected people are being treated promptly and appropriately.
17 Aug, 2022
Free period for extended section of BTS Green Line ends New fares start at 14 baht
Fares for the BTS Green Line between Bering Station in Samut Prakan and Kheha Station (13km) and between Mochit Station and Khukot Station in Pathum Thani (19km) have been free for almost two years since the opening of this section. I made it.

However, the Bangkok Metropolitan Government announced in mid-September that it plans to charge a toll for this section.

According to Wisanu Subsompon, the deputy governor of Bangkok, if you take the green line within these sections, the starting fare is 14 baht. The maximum fare within the same section, he said, will be 44 baht per ride. An additional 14 baht will be charged when entering this extension section from another section, and 2 baht will be added for each subsequent station. Green Line fares are capped at THB 59 per ride. In other words, even if you take the entire green line, the maximum fare is 59 baht.
16 Aug, 2022
Bangkok night market 'The One Ratchada' to open on September 9, 2022
The Train Night Market Ratchada was once a popular Instagram photo spot. Closed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the market had been completely removed.

At the closure, there were rumors that the market would be reopened someday, but there has been no cocrete talk about its reopening, but the reopening was finally decided.

The name of the newly reopened night market is "The One Ratchada". The planned reopening date has been postponed several times, but it seems that the reopening on September 9th has finally been confirmed.

The Train Night Market Ratchada that used to be was famous as an Instagram spot when you took a picture from the multi-story parking lot of the adjacent shopping mall "Esplanade". The roof of the new market seems to be unified in white.

The Train Night Market Ratchada has been expected to reopen by many fans. If it is reborn as "The One Ratchada" and reopened, it is expected to attract a large number of people.

For details, please refer to the official site below.
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