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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- July,2022(part2) -
10 Jul, 2022
Thailand, foreign tourists increase sharply in July
The Thai Immigration Bureau announced on July 6 that 162,383 people entered Thailand and 132,409 left Thailand during the four days from July 1st to 4th. Immigration statistics for the first four days of July increased by about 50% compared to the same period in June. Most of them are tourists, and Malaysia, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam ranked high by country of foreign tourists who entered the Kingdom.

Thailand canceled Thailand Pass from July 1st. As a result, the obligation to purchase medical insurance has also been abolished. As a result, Thai immigration restrictions have been almost abolished, making it much easier for foreigners to enter Thailand.

Immigration restrictions have been almost abolished, and the number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand has increased sharply, so it was expected that entry at the airport will be heavily congested. To address this issue, if you enter Thailand by air, you will be exempted from submitting the entry / exit card (TM.6) for a limited time from July 2nd.

Currently, it is not necessary to submit TM.6 only when entering Thailand by air, and it is said that entry by airport immigration is not congested.

The Thai government estimates that about 2.7 million tourists will visit Thailand between July and September. They also aim to attract 3 million tourists to Thailand by the high season October. In the fourth quarter of 2022 alone, it is estimated that at least 4.5 million tourists will enter Thailand and generate at least 1.5 trillion baht. To achieve this goal, about 50,000 tourists a day need to visit Thailand, and further stimulus measures are needed to attract foreign tourists to Thailand ASAP.
09 Jul, 2022
Thai VietJet Air increases Fukuoka-Bangkok route to 5 flights per week from August 16th
Thai VietJet Air has already announced that it would resume the Fukuoka-Bangkok route 3 flights per week from July 15, 2022, but this time it has announced that it would increase the number of flights to 5 flights per week from August 16, 2022.

The flight schedule is as follows.
● July 15th-August 15th, 2022
Fukuoka → Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
VZ811 FUK07: 55 BKK11: 35 Mon / Wed / Sat

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) → Fukuoka
VZ810 BKK23: 40 FUK07: 05 (+1) Tue / Fr / Sun

● After August 16, 2022
Fukuoka → Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
VZ811 FUK09: 10 BKK12: 50 Mon / Tue / Wed / Fri
VZ811 FUK10: 55 BKK14: 35 Sat

Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) → Fukuoka
VZ810 BKK00: 45 FUK08: 10 Mon / Tue / Wed / Fri
VZ810 BKK02: 35 FUK10: 00 Sat

Currently, only two companies, Thai VietJet Air and Thai Airways International, have announced the resumption of direct flights between Fukuoka and Bangkok. However, Thai Airways International wil resume the flight from October 30, 2022, and is not in service during the Obon holidays(11 - 16 Aug, 2022) in Japan. Therefore, if you want to travel from Fukuoka to Bangkok during this period, you have no choice but to use a direct flight from Thai VietJet Air or a flight that transfers at another airport. If you are planning a trip from Fukuoka to Bangkok during the Obon holidays, why not consider using Thai VietJet Air?

For details and reservations, please check the official website of Thai VietJet Air.
08 Jul, 2022
Thai VietJet Air opens Bangkok-Taipei route from August 16th
Low-cost carrier Thai VietJet Air announced that it will start new flights between Bangkok and Taipei from August 16, 2022. Ticket sales have already started.

It operates three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and uses Airbus A320 (economy 180 seats).

The planned flight schedule is as follows.
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Taipei (Taoyuan) (August 16, 2022 ~)
VZ562 BKK09: 55 TPE14: 40 Tue / Thu / Sat
VZ563 TPE15: 40 BKK18: 25 Tue / Thu / Sat

Now, Taiwan is imposing strict entry restrictions that are very rare in the world, and even now, foreigners are limited to entering the country for business activities such as business inspections, investments, contracts and job seekers. Foreigners are required to obtain a visa to enter the country. In addition, not only Taiwanese but foreigners, quarantine after entering Taiwan is still obligatory. The quarantine period was relaxed after June 15, 2022, but as a general rule, three days of quarantine at designated hotel and four days of voluntary quarantine at home are still mandatory.

In this way, strict entry restrictions are enforced on the Taiwan side, so demand from Thailand to Taiwan is not expected so much, but with the open of the Bangkok-Taiwan route by Thai Vetjet Air, it may be appreciated for Taiwanese who want to return to Taiwan from Thailand.

For details and reservations, please refer to the official website of Thai VietJet Air.
07 Jul, 2022
Make a wish on Tanabata day in Thailand
Make a wish on Tanabata day. A lot of foreign tourists will come to Bangkok.
Tanabata is a romantic star story in which Orihime and Hikoboshi, who had been separated over the Milky Way, can meet only once a year at the Milky Way on the night of July 7th every year.

The customs of writing your wishes on a Tanzaku, which is small paper, and hanging on bamboo leaves and praying to the stars on Tanabata season is widely popular in Japan and overseas as well.

Even in Bangkok, it is famous that there is a shop where you can hang Tanabata Tanzakus on Sukhumvit Soi 33/1.

Tanabata is a day for men and women to spend time together.

The pandemic began about two and a half years ago, forcing men and women to separate from each other around the world, but now the world is making rapid progress towards a post-pandemic. Thailand has already relaxed most of the restrictions on the new corona measures and is returning to the original Thailand before the pandemic.

July 7, 2022. Let's make this Tanabata day the day when men and women who were separated by the border meet again.

Many people from Japan and around the world are looking forward to visiting Thailand on a pandemic front.

All the staff of 101 Premier Massage pray for the reunion of men and women on the day of Tanabata.
06 Jul, 2022
Submission of immigration card (TM.6) when entering Thailand has been temporarily exempted
From July 2, 2022, it is no longer necessary to fill out and submit an immigration card (TM.6) when entering Thailand by air. (However, if you enter or leave the country by land or sea, you will still need to submit the same card.)

Since the removal of Thai entry restrictions, the number of foreigners visiting Thailand has increased dramatically, and the time for airport staff to check the texts of immigrants has also increased dramatically. Entry into Thailand from the airport was a big problem. As one of the solutions to this problem, the submission of TM.6 by air has been exempted. Therefore, this measure will be a time-limited measure, and if immigration operations at the airport are improved and congestion is alleviated, TM.6 will be required to be filled out and submitted same as before.

In addition, by exemption of TM.6 for a limited time, the printing budget of 45.5 million baht will be saved. It is expected that the saved budget will be used to support the revival of the Thai tourism industry.
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