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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- June,2022(part6) -
30 Jun, 2022
Thai AirAsia resumes flights from Bangkok to Osaka and Sapporo from October
Low-cost carrier Thai AirAsia has announced plans to resume the Bangkok-Osaka route (1 round trip daily) and the Bangkok-Sapporo route (4 round trips per week) in October.

Thai AirAsia has already announced the reopening of the Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) -Narita line (one round trip daily) in July, and They are already also selling tickets.

In addition, they have resumed flights from Bangkok to Seoul three times a week since June 1, and the load factor has been steadily getting passengers at an average of 95%.

Thai AirAsia has relocated its international base in Bangkok from Don Muang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport, and it is expected that the reopened international flights will be centered on departures and arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

For details, please refer to the official website of Thai AirAsia.
29 Jun, 2022
Tourism Authority of Thailand targets 500,000 Korean tourists by the end of 2022
Thailand is currently deregulating entry, and almost all restrictions will be lifted on July 1. Due to the deregulation, the Thai government expects many foreign tourists to visit Thailand by the end of 2022.

In the year 2019 before the pandemic, about 1.9 million Korean tourists visited Thailand, bringing about 75 billion baht in revenue to Thailand. However, the number of Korean tourists visiting Thailand has dropped sharply due to the entry restrictions of each country due to the pandemic.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts that about 500,000 Korean tourists will visit Thailand in 2022, and aims to increase it to 1.3 million in 2023.

However, these goals cannot be achieved without deregulation on both sides of Thailand and South Korea. As mentioned above, Thailand has already announced that it will promote deregulation of entry, such as abolishing the Thailand Pass on July 1, and all you have to do is present a vaccination certificate or a negative certificate to enter the country. You will be able to enter Thailand in much the same way as before.

By the great efforts of marketing campaigns in both Thailand and South Korea, 50 additional flights between Thailand and South Korea will be added in July 2022. These additional flights are offered by low-cost carriers, mainly Thai AirAsia X, and the flights are already 95% full.
28 Jun, 2022
Changes after the declaration of the end of the Thai pandemic on July 1st
On Friday, July 1st, Thailand will officially declare the end of the pandemic. (However, it is expected that the word epidemic will be avoided in consideration of the World Health Organization.)

After July 1st, it will change as follows compared to before that.

● No need to register for the Thailand Pass, which was required when entering Thailand.
● With the abolition of the Thailand Pass, it is no longer necessary to purchase medical insurance for US $ 10,000.
● You need to show your vaccination certificate or official negative certificate when you enter Thailand (if you cannot show it, you need to test at the airport and get negative result.)
● From Thursday, June 23, the face mask madated was abolished. Wearing masks in open and outdoor areas is left to the discretion of the people. (However, at this time, masks must be worn on government buildings, airport public transport, and all domestic flights.)

Thailand has gradually relaxed entry restrictions since the beginning of this year. Almost all regulations will be lifted on July 1st. Thanks to such deregulation, more than 2 million foreign tourists have entered Thailand from two airports, mainly Suvarnabhumi and Phuket, from the beginning of this year til June 26th.

The International Air Transport Association of Thailand has announced that it predicts that by the end of this year, the number of foreign visitors to Thailand could exceed 10 million.

With the declaration of the end of the pandemic on July 1 and the abolition of entry restrictions, it is expected that the number of foreigners visiting Thailand will increase further in the future.
27 Jun, 2022
Krabi Airport New Terminal open in November 2022
Currently, there are two passenger terminals at Krabi International Airport. The Thai Department of Airports has announced that a new Passenger Terminal 3 will open in November 2022. The two old passenger terminals will also be renovated to fit the design of the new 3rd terminal.

Initially, Terminal 3 was scheduled to officially open in October 2022, but due to the pandemic, the number of passengers has dropped sharply, and construction of a new passenger terminal has been delayed. As of May 17 2022, 80% of the construction of the new terminal and the renovation of the old 2 terminals at Krabi International Airport have been completed. By November, the remaining 20% ​​of development will be completed and the new Krabi International Airport will officially open in November. 2022

When the new passenger terminal is completed, the passenger capacity will double from the current number and double from 4 million to 8 million annually. Parking space will also be increased to accommodate 2,000 cars.
26 Jun, 2022
The number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand in May 2022 increased by about 230,000 from April.
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) released the statistics of foreign tourists in April 2022.

According to the data released by MOTS, the number of foreigners entering Thailand in May 2022 was 521,410.

The number of foreigners entering the country in April 2022 was 293,350, which means that the number increased by about 230,000 in one month. The increase from March to April was about 83,000, which is a significant increase.

In Thailand, PCR tests in the country of departure are no longer required from April 1st 2022, and PCR tests at the time of entry are no longer required from May 1st 2022, eliminating the need for all PCR tests upon entry. The data make it clear that the number of tourists will increase significantly as deregulation of entry progresses.

The country ranking of the number of immigrants in May 2022 is as follows.
1. India 78,286 people
2. Malaysia 57,869 people
3. Singapore 38,032 people
4. Cambodia 25,255 people
5. USA 24,333 people
6. United Kingdom 23,739 people
7. Australia 18,962 people
8. Vietnam 18,905 people
9. Laos 18,645 people
10. Korea 16,184 people
11. Germany 15,626 people
12. China 14,930 people
13. Saudi Arabia 12,987 people
14. France 12,975 people
15. Japan 11,872 people
16. Myanmar 11,186 people
17. Indonesia 9,328 people
18. Philippines 7,284 people
19. U.A.E. 7,218 people
20. Russia 7,116 people

For comparison with the previous month, the country rankings of the number of immigrants in February, March and April 2022 are as follows.

Number of Thai arrivals by country in April 2022
1. United Kingdom 29,647 people
2. India 27,309 people
3. Germany 19,769 people
4. Singapore 17,943 people
5. Australia 17,182 people
6. USA 17,116 people
7. France 14,132 people
8. Japan 11,164 people
9. Malaysia 10,793 people
10. Israel 9,850 people
11. China 8,728 people
12. Korea 8,720 people
13. Netherlands 5,390 people
14. Myanmar 5,296 people
15. Vietnam 5,287 people
16. Russia 5,223 people
17. Cambodia 5,130 people
18. Switzerland 4,751 people
19. Denmark 4,619 people
20. Sweden 4,225 people

Number of Thai arrivals by country in March 2022
1. United Kingdom 19,717 people
2. Germany 17,096 people
3. USA 14,185 people
4. France 12,562 people
5. India 12,142 people
6. Russia 9,197 people
7. Australia 8,417 people
8. Singapore 7,954 people
9. Israel 6,557 people
10. China 5,730 people
11. Japan 4,704 people
12. Malaysia 4,548 people
13. Sweden 3,910 people
14. Denmark 3,760 people
15. Bangladesh 3,737 people
16. Korea 3,539 people
17. Myanmar 3,504 people
18. Netherlands 3,125 people
19. Vietnam 2,916 people
20. Switzerland 2,874 people

Number of Thai arrivals by country in February 2022
1. Russia 17,862 people
2. Germany 13,381 people
3. France 12,217 people
4. United Kingdom 11,789 people
5. USA 8,244 people
6. China 4,898 people
7. Sweden 4,788 people
8. Australia 4,737 people
9. Israel 4,675 people
10. Denmark 3,437 people
11. Singapore 3,096 people
12. Switzerland 2,759 people
13. India 2,646 people
14. Finland 2,532 people
15. Korea 2,369 people
16. Netherlands 2,287 people
17. Japan 2,136 people
18. Malaysia 2,120 people
19. Italy 1,911 people
20. Canada 1,793 people

In Thailand, nightlife-related shops reopened in 31 "green zone" and "blue zone" prefectures including Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai from June 1st. Nightlife has been a big part of the fun for tourists visiting Thailand, and the resumption of the entertainment business on June 1st will likely attract more tourists.

Also, on June 24th, the wear masks mandate in public places was abolished, and from July 1st, all entry restrictions such as the abolition of the Thailand Pass will be abolished.

Thailand will enter its best season from October, and they are steadily preparing to welcome foreign tourists for the best season.
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