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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- April,2021 -
29 Apr, 2021
Locally produced AstraZeneca vaccine will be available by June
AstraZeneca Thailand has issued a statement confirming that doses of locally produced vaccines will be available by June. Siam Bioscience has been given the only right to manufacture vaccines in Thailand, and AstraZeneca officials say the manufacturing process is significantly advanced. AstraZeneca Thailand says the vaccine is produced locally according to the same standards of quality and safety that apply elsewhere.
The Ministry of Public Health says the first dose will be given to 16 million people on June 7. At least 70% of the population in high-risk areas such as Bangkok, Chonburi and Chiang Mai should be vaccinated as a priority to slow the spread of the virus throughout the country. The first 16 million people to receive locally produced doses will be available on May 1st and are already registered in the Mor Prom app.
The group includes approximately 11.7 million people over the age of 60 and an additional 4.3 million health conditions at greater risk, including respiratory disease, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and obesity. I will. Beginning in July, a second group of 31 million people between the ages of 18 and 59 will be able to register for vaccination online. They can expect to receive their first dose from August.
28 Apr, 2021
A sample of locally produced AstraZeneca jab passes the test
The Thai Department of Medical Sciences has approved a sample of the AstraZeneca vaccine produced locally by Siam Biosciences. Supakit Sirilak from the DMS says five models of the vaccine have been submitted for approval. 5 models were tested for consistency during production. AstraZeneca Jab is one of the only three vaccines approved by the Thai Food and Drug Administration. The technology transfer agreement signed last year granted Siam Bioscience the only production right.
The results by the test of DMS support a move to mass-produce vaccines in Thailand, and the FDA has already allowed Siam Biosciences to increase production. Thailand is still in the worst epidemic, and the government has been criticized for its slow pace of vaccine deployment. Siam Bioscience will offer the first many jabs next month.
The Bangkok Post reports that Pfizer Jab may be suitable for school ages at high risk of causing a major epidemic. Vaccines can be stored at higher temperatures than previously thought, and transport logistics are understood to be less difficult.
PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, who has the sole authority to control all aspects of the pandemic, says that involving private hospitals in vaccination accelerates vaccine distribution.
27 Apr, 2021
Must wear masks for 2 or more people in the car in Bangkok
A face mask is required for more than two persons in a same vehicle traveling on the roads of Bangkok.
It became to be mandatory to wear face masks on all vehicles carrying multiple people in Bangkok on Monday 26 April.
The Bangkok City Clerk confirmed this requirement as part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Government's mesuaremet to contain the coronavirus spread.
If there are multiple people in the vehicle, the driver and passengers need to wear masks, and this regulation apply to even the same family.
22 Apr, 2021
Thailand buys another 35million dose of COVID-19 vaccine
Thailand will purchase another 35 million COVID-19 vaccines from a few other companies, in addition to the 65 million people from Shinovatu and AstraZeneca, according to a Facebook post by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Wednesday morning.
The purchase of additional doses was decided at a meeting of the working committee tasked with procuring the COVID-19 vaccine.
The committee, chaired by former Public Health Minister Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, is made up of representatives from tthe Public Health Ministry, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, the Food and Drugs Administration and the Association of Private Hospitals.
According to the Prime Minister, the private sector, led by the Board of Trade of Thailand, will fund 10 to 15 million purchases of the total 35 million additional doses purchased this time for employees of private companies to reduce the financial burden on the government.
The Prime Minister also said he had instructed authorities to strengthen control by the end of the year to distribute all available vaccine doses.
20 Apr, 2021
Phuket requires Covid documents to enter from the Red Zone state from April 21st
The Governor of Phuket accounced that Phuket will start immigration restrictions starting this Wednesday (April 21st)
If you fly to Phuket, you will need a proof of having both doses of the approved Covid-19 vaccine, a Covid-19-free certificate within 72 hours, or Rapid Covid test at a cost of 300 baht at at the airport. This situation applies at least until the end of April.
When arriving by road to Phuket, only travelers from the Red Zone provinces will be affected by this restrictions through the Tachachai Road Checkpoint at the top of the island. If you come from the orange zone, you'll be able to enter without any paperwork anyway.
The Phuket government is calling on people to restrict travel, especially to the states of the Red Zone. The following is a list of states in the Red Zone.
1. Bangkok
2. Chiang Mai
3. Chonburi
4. Samut Prakan
5. Prachup Kili Kang
6. Samut Sakhon
7. Pathum Thani
8. Nakhon Pathom
9. Phuket
10. Nakorn Rachashima
11. Nonthaburi
12. Songkhla
13. Taku
14. Uteri Turny
15. Suphan Buri
16. Sa Khao
17. Rayon
18. Conken
18 Apr, 2021
Siam Bioscience confident of delivering vaccine jabs on time in July
Siam Bioscience states that the July deadline for providing locally produced Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine is still feasible. The company is currently sending vaccine samples to laboratories in Europe and the United States for quality inspection. If approved, the sample will be sent to AstraZeneca for final inspection. The vaccine is then registered with the Thai Food and Drug Administration and to be ready for mass production. Siam Bioscience says it can produce vaccines domestically at about the same rate as AstraZeneca's same technology and at about the same rate as Australian and South Korean manufacturers.
A deputy government spokesman said 60 to 10 million doses of the vaccine will be ready to be given in June. Siam Bioscience says the company is working as fast as possible.
16 Apr, 2021
More than 7.87 million vehicles traviling entering and exiting Bangkok in Songkran
According to the announcement on April 14 of Thai Ministry of Transport, more than 7.87 million vehicles have been recorded in and out of Bangkok during the Songkran vacation.
According to cumulative data collected between April 10 and 14, about 4.52 million people used public transport, which is 35.86% lower than estimated, but 74.22% higher than the same period of last year's Songkran vacation.
More than 7.87 million vehicles entering and exiting Bangkok were recorded, 30.22% lower than estimated, but 34.67% higher than the same period of last year's Songkran vacation. Most of the 7,406,568 vehicles were private cars.
Regarding road accidents, 856 accidents, 107 fatalities and 837 injuries were reported during the Songkran Festival, with 77.36% of the accidents occurring on straight routes.
15 Apr, 2021
Koh Larn to stay open to domestic visitors for now
Officials in Pattaya and Koh Larn say there are currently no plans for visitors to close the island, despite a man who worked short hours at a local restaurant testing positive for Covid-19. He had been employed from April 3rd to April 6th. During his short hire stint, he visited a number of nightlife venues in Pattaya one night before returning to the island. The name of the restaurant where he worked was not disclosed.
No other infections have been recorded on the island, and authorities have confirmed that strict disease prevention measures have been implemented and can remain open to domestic tourists. Authorities are also urging people to comply with mask-wearing regulations.
Currently, island lockdowns are planned and high-risk venues such as bars and clubs have already been temporarily closed. Restaurants and hotels remain open to domestic tourists, and outdoor activities such as boat tours and diving can proceed until the Covid-19 Situation Administration Center decides otherwise. Chonburi Province currently has no restrictions on who can enter or leave.
14 Apr, 2021
Thai Govt might repeal 90-days Report for Foreigners, Tourists and Investors
The Thai government may amend immigration rules this year to make it easier for foreigners and long-term tourists to stay in the country as part of a strategy to increase investment and tourism revenues as the COVID-19 pandemic eases.
The proposed changes could mean that foreigners no longer have to submit a 90-day report which is very unpopular for foreigners especially because now that the online filing system has been down for over a month.
Thai Gross domestic product (GDP) growth will not return to pre-Covid levels until the third quarter of 2022, according to the Bank of Thailand. Thai authorities argue that making it easier for foreign companies to attract skilled workers and for Western retirees to stay in Thailand will boost the economy, which has suffered the biggest shrinkage in more than 20 years last year.
10 Apr, 2021
Private hospital in Thailand receives 10 million Covid-19 vaccines
In addition to the government-booked 70 million Covid-19 vaccine doses, Thai private hospitals can obtain an additional 10 million doses. Additional vaccines are needed to reach the herd's immunity to the coronavirus.
The AstraZeneca and Shinovac vaccines are currently used in government vaccination campaigns and must be effective in two doses. The government-procured 70 million doses cover 35 million people, but in Thailand at least 40 million people need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity. An additional 10 million doses managed by a private hospital will cover an additional 5 million people. Private hospitals can choose which vaccine they want to receive.
A spokesman for the Covid-19 Situation Management Center says PM Prayut Chan-o-cha approved the decision on April 9 after a meeting between the Ministry of Public Health and the Private Hospital Association.
So far, the AstraZeneca, Shinovac and Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines have been approved for private purchase by the Thai Food and Drug Administration, according to deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Natapanu Nopakun.
04 Apr, 2021
Vaccination Certificates - Registration starts on May 1st
Those who wish to travel abroad after being vaccinated against COVID-19 in Thailand will receive an International Health Certificate, but must register for vaccination.
According to Pongsadhorn Pokpermdee, adviser of the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Public Health will issue such a certificate once the WHO releases a standard form which is scheduled to release in June.
On May 1st, people could book a reservation for a domestic AstraZeneca jab at one of the more than 12,000 hospitals nationwide through an app still under development. This service allows you to book an inoculation, remind the second dose, and report subsequent side effects.
Thailand's late vaccination program lags behind neighboring countries, and the 61 million AstraZeneca doses manufactured by the Crown Property Bureau’s Siam Bioscience will not be available until June. So far, Thailand has 1 million Chinese CoronaVac and 100,000 AstraZeneca imported for emergency use.
03 Apr, 2021
Vaccination against Covid-19 reduces quarantine to 7 days
Travelers vaccinated with Covid-19 will have a reduced quarantine period of 7 days after entering Thailand. The new quarantine period will be effective from April 1st in Phuket, Krabi, Panunga, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.
Unvaccinated people need 10 days of quarantine. Isolation of countries with mutant strains of the virus (mainly African countries) remains for 14 days.
You must be vaccinated with a vaccine approved by WHO or the Ministry of Public Health. Depending on the type of vaccine, it is necessary to take it once or twice.
The following vaccines have been approved:
-AZD1222 by AstraZeneca/Oxford University (2 doses)
-ARS-CoV-2 (CoronaVac) by Sinovac (2 doses)
-NT162b2/CORMIRNATY – Tozinameran by Pfizer/BioNTech (2 doses)
-Covishield (ChAdOx1_nCoV19) by the Serum Institute of India (2 doses)
-Ad26.COV2.S by the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (1 dose)
-mRNA-1273 by Moderna (2 doses)
What you need when entering Thailand:
-Vaccine certificate, either a print out or the original document (Only for vaccinated travellers)
-Certificate of Entry issued by the Royal Thai Embassy
-Covid-19 health insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 USD
-Booking confirmation for an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel
-Negative Covid-19 test issued no more than 72 hours before departure
Shortening the quarantine period is the first step in the four steps of Thailand's reopen border plan. Starting July 1, foreign tourists vaccinated against Covid-19 as a second step will be able to travel to Phuket without quarantine.
In the third step, set on October 1, vaccinated travelers arriving in Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga, Chiang Mai and Pattaya from abroad will be exempt from quarantine.
From January 1, 2022, all travelers vaccinated against Covid-19 will be completely exempt from quarantine in Thailand.
01 Apr, 2021
Chinese vaccine is distributed to all provinces in April
Kiattiphum Wongrajit of the Public Health Ministry has stated that 800,000 doses of China's Sinovac will be distributed nationwide to all provinces from today. 22 provinces are prioritized based on their status as high-risk areas, border states, or tourist destinations. Six high-risk states receive 350,000 doses, eight tourist destinations receive 240,000 doses, and eight border states receive 50,000 doses.
The six high-risk provinces are Samut Sakhon, Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan Central Province and the northern province of Tak (Mae Sot). Eight tourist destinations are Chonburi, Rayong, Krabi, Phang Nga, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Phuket and Surat Thani (Koh Samui). The eight border provinces are Songkhla, Sakao, Chiang Rai, Lanon, Mukdahan, Narathiwat, Nong Khai and Chanthaburi.
Kiattiphum says the rest of the country will receive 160,000. Provincess with less than 1 million people receive 800 doses, provinces with a population of 1 to 1.5 million receive 1,000 doses, and larger states receive 1,200 doses. Priority is given to medical staff and frontline workers.
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