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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- December,2020 -
22 Dec, 2020
Thai Prime Minister Mentions Possibility of Lockdown to Prevent Covid-19 Infection
Thai Prime Minister Prayut warns that if the increase in Covid-19 infections goes out of control, the city could be locked down again. Today CCSA reports 427 new Covid-19 cases, 397 of which are migrant workers. Yesterday, he reported 382 new cases, 360 of which were migrant workers.
The infection has spread beyond the central province of Samut Sakhon, the source of Covid-19 infection. One case was confirmed in Ayutthaya, two cases in Nakhon Pathom, three cases in Samut Prakan, five cases in Samut Sakhon, two cases in Bangkok, and one case in northern province of Tak. All 14 cases are known to originate from Samut Sakhon fish market.
According to Prime Minister Prayut, the Public Health Ministry says the infection situation is currently under control, but everyone should work together to contain the Covid-19 outbreak to avoid lockdowns due to the infection spread.
18 Dec, 2020
Thailand allows 56 countries to enter without a visa. The two-week quarantine obligation continues.
On December 17, Thailand relaxed restrictions on travel from 56 countries to save the Thai tourism industry, which has been dameged by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the 14 days hotel quarantine, which has been done so far, will continue to be mandatory.
Tourists from countries including Japan, the United States, Australia and France will be able to enter Thailand without a visa, according to a spokeswoman for Thailand's CCSA(Covid-19 Coronavirus Situation Administration). However, travelers will be required to obtain a Covid-19 negative certificate by inspection up to 72 hours before departure and make a reservation for the hotel for 14 days quarantine. The visa validity period was 30 days in the past, but it will be extended to 45 days in consideration of the 14 days of the quarantine.
During the 14-days quarantine period, virus infection tests have been conducted twice so far, but this will be increased to three times, and it is possible that the quarantine period can be shortened by increasing the number of tests in the future.
Thailand keeps Covid-19 infected at a low level by implementing strict immigration regulations, but foreign tourists disappeared and the Thai economy, which is heavily dependent on the tourism industry, has been hit extensively and large number people has been beingunemployed still now.
15 Dec, 2020
Thailand's alcohol ban on Provincial elections day in December
In Thailand, an election will be held on December 20 to select the heads and members of the provincial administration organisation(PAO) in 76 prefectures nationwide, excluding the capital Bangkok. This election will be the first provincial election since the military coup in May 2014.
Alcohol sales are banned throughout Thailand during the election period. The specific dates for the ban on alcohol sales are from 6:00 pm on December 19th to 6:00 pm on December 20th. Violators will be punished with imprisonment for less than 6 months, a fine of up to 10,000 baht, or both.
Drinking pre-purchased alcohol at home is not prohibited, so be sure to purchase alcohol before the designated time on the non-drinking day.
14 Dec, 2020
Thai "Special Tourist Visa" can be applied from countries all over the world
A newly approved "Special Tourist Visa" (STV) by the Thai government to save the Thai tourism industry which has been severely damaged by Covid-19. Previously, it was only available to travelers from countries where the risk of Covid-19 infection was considered low to moderate, but the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) just announced that travelers from countries around the world now are possible to apply STV.
In order to obtain STV and enter Thailand, in addition to Covid-19 non-infection certificate, it is necessary to aquire medical and travel insurance and to be quarantined for 14 days on arrival. The fact is that the system is not yet easy for general tourists, but it is a pleasure that the frontage for foreign tourists to return to Thailand has expanded.
10 Dec, 2020
4 consecutive holidays from December 10th in Thailand
In Thailand, December 10, 2020(Thursday) is a national holiday for the Constitution Memorial Day, and December 11, 2020(Friday) is a transfer holiday for the birth day of King Rama IX (the late King Bhumibol) which was on December 5, 2020(Saturday). There will be four consecutive holidays, including these two days off and weekends.
Now that foreign tourists cannot enter Thailand, the Thai tourism industry is suffering catastrophic damage. If you live in Thailand, it might be a good support for the industry to go out during this consecutive holiday.
09 Dec, 2020
Proposed 45-days tourist visa in Thailand
Currently, many countries limit the length of stay to 30 days when entering Thailand with a tourist visa. The Thai Government's National Security Council plans to extend this limit to 45 days. The extended 15 days will be subject to quarantine quarantine. The target countries are people from 56 countries where Thailand has granted 30-day visa upon arrival to Thailand.
It seems that this extension is expected to further promote the entry of foreign tourists.
08 Dec, 2020
Smart CCTV for motorcycles without helmets in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai has launched a smart CCTV system that detects motorcycle drivers who are not wearing helmets. The purpose is to reduce casualties in traffic accidents. First of all, it is installed in 16 places in Chiang Mai city and 8 other districts.
Currently, in Chiang Mai, about 80% of motorcycle fatal accidents are caused by head injuries, and there are many accidents that did not result in death if wearing a helmet.
Foreigners also have many opportunities to drive motorcycles in Thailand. Always wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle.
06 Dec, 2020
Thailand start vaccination with Covid-19 vaccine in May 2021
The Department of Disease Control has announced that Thailand will start vaccination with Covid-19 of AstraZeneca and Oxford University in May 2021.
The Thai government recently signed a 6 billion baht contract to purchase 26 million doses (for 13 million people) of vaccine from AstraZeneca. In addition, Siam Bioscience conclude a contract to manufacture and distribute AstraZeneca vaccine in Thailand from the middle of next year and distribute it throughout Southeast Asia, and plans to produce 180 to 200 million doses annually. is.
Vaccinations can be given free of charge at government facilities. In addition, private hospitals can purchase their own supplies and can inoculate for a fee. Vaccination facilities and hospitals will be divided into more than 10,000 districts to prevent overcrowding. The priority of receiving vaccination is medical staff, infants, the elderly, people with underlying diseases, etc. who are vulnerable to the virus.
03 Dec, 2020
TAT launches search website for Alternative State Quarantine Hotel
Currently, it is required to be quarantined at the Alternative State Quarantine Hotel(ASQ) for 14 days when entering the Thailand for Covid-19 infection control.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT) has launched the website "ASQ Paradise" where you can search for ASQ hotels.
ASQ Paradise
On this website, you can search for ASQ hotel prices, in-room facilities, etc. It also provides information on how to spend time in quarantine and sightseeing / shopping information after quarantine for people in quarantine. However, you cannot make hotel reservations directly from ASQ Paradise, and you must make reservations from other hotel reservation sites etc.
Currently, 107 ASQ hotels are registered in ASQ Paradise, and the price for 15 nights ranges from THB 27,000 to THB 220,000.
02 Dec, 2020
Free BTS and MRT travels for fathers on December 5th to celebrate Thailand's "Father's Day"
December 5th is the birthday of the late King Bhumibol, Rama IX, and is Thailand's "Father's Day". On Father's Day, Bangkok City Railways BTS and MRT and Airport Raillink will offer a free father's fare service. The conditions for free fare are as follows.
MRT, Blue Line and Purple Line:
If the father go to the ticket office with his child, the father's fare is free.
BTS and Express Bus BRT:
If the father and child get on and off at the same station, the fare for the father is free. In addition, the fare is free for children traveling with the father if they are 90 cm or less in height.
Airport Rail Link:
If the father go to the ticket office with his child, the father's fare is free.
The father and child do not have to have the same surname.
01 Dec, 2020
Thai Airways resume domestic flights for the first time in 9 months
Thai Airways has announced that they will resume some domestic flights from December 25th. It will be the first regular fights in about 9 months since they stopped all domestic flights at the end of March.
The operating routes are the following two round-trip flights, and for the time being, only 3 flights a week on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) which are high demand.
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Chiang Mai
TG108 BKK12: 10 CNX13: 30 Friday, Saturday and Sunday
TG109 CNX14: 30 BKK15: 55 Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) ⇔ Phuket
TG205 BKK12: 05 HKT13: 30 Friday, Saturday and Sunday
TG206 HKT14: 20 BKK15: 45 Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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