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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- April,2023(part3) -
15 Apr, 2023
Tokyo Tatemono Participates in Sukhumvit 25 Office Building Development
Tokyo Tatemono, a Japanese construction company, announced on April 10, 2023 that it will participate in an office building development project in central Bangkok and construct a new commercial building.

The new commercial building will consist of offices and some commercial areas. It will be a medium-sized office building with 7 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground, with a total floor area of approximately 9,500 square meters.

This new commercial building is a project handled by WHAKW Alliance, a joint venture between WHA, a major logistics facility developer in Thailand, and KW Capital, a commercial real estate investment company. Construction is scheduled to be completed in July 2023.

Tokyo Tatemono started business in Thailand in 2018 and has worked on three condominium projects in Bangkok, but this is the first time that it has participated in an office building development in Thailand.
14 Apr, 2023
Nok Air to end flights between Bangkok and Mae Hong Son
Nok Air flights between Bangkok and Mae Hong Son Airport will cease on April 19, 2023. Nok Air is the only airline that operates a flight between Bangkok and Mae Hong Son, so when this flight is discontinued, Mae Hong Son will only be accessible by land.

Mae Hong Son is home to the backpacker town of Pai, and Nok Air's Bangkok-Mae Hong Son flight was a hit with some travelers.

In response to this situation, Nok Air, which used to use a Q400 aircraft (80-seat turboprop aircraft) for this route, has replaced it with a Boeing 787-800 jet (189-seat) to increase accommodate passengers. Ultimately, however, the decision was made to scrap the route as there was not enough demand to fill all 189 seats, while flights with 80 seats were unprofitable.

Most tourists traveling to Pai take a minivan from Chiang Mai. This minivan is much cheaper than a plane, but the travel time takes travelers 2-3 hours, and the winding and steep mountain roads present an obstacle for travelers to get to Pai.
13 Apr, 2023
Happy Songkran 2023
Happy Songkran, April 13th, 2023
We wish you all a happy Songkran in 2023.

We hope that many tourists who love Thailand from all over the world will visit Thailand in 2023 and enjoy our beloved Thailand to their heart's content.
12 Apr, 2023
RADWIMPS to hold "Asian Tour 2023 in Bangkok!'' in Bangkok, Thailand on July 27
On July 27, 2023 (Thursday), RADWIMPS Asian Tour 2023 in Bangkok!, one of the performances of the RADWIMPS Asia Tour, will be held at the Bangkok Union Hall.

RADWIMPS will perform in Bangkok for the third time since 2018 and the first in five years.

The outline of "RADWIMPS Asian Tour 2023 in Bangkok" is as follows.
uly 27, 2023
(Thursday) 7:30 pm
[venue] Union Hall, Union Mall 6F
On sale at Thaiticketmajor from 11:00 am on Saturday, May 20, 2023
For ticket inquiries, please call 02-262-3456

11 Apr, 2023
Two major highway tolls are waived during Songkran
The Thai Cabinet has approved a proposal to make two major highways toll free for seven days during the 2023 Songkran holiday.

Two major expressways which will be waived are: the Burapha Withi Expressway and the Bangphli to Suksawad section of the Kanchanaphisek Expressway.

Fee exemption is for 7 days from April 12th to 18th, 2023. Since there is no need to pay tolls at toll booths, it is expected that traffic congestion on expressways will be alleviated. It will also make it easier to travel by car during Songkran.

According to Thailand's Ministry of Transport, more than 2.5 million vehicles are expected to use the expressway in the seven days from April 12 to 18, 2023, with an average of about 360,000 vehicles per day. increase. It is estimated that more than 100 million baht revenue will be lost due to the exemption of expressway tolls, while a total profit of 123 million baht is expected due to reduced travel time, etc.

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