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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- January,2023(part1) -
05 Jan, 2023
Thai Railways announces transfer of 52 long-distance trains from Hua Lamphong Station to Bang Sue Central Station
The State Railway of Thailand has announced that from January 19, 2023, some long-distance trains (express, express, and rapid) departing from and arriving in Bangkok will be relocated from the current Hua Lamphong Station to Bang Sue Central Station.

The target trains are limited Special Express(รถด่วนพิเศษ), Express(รถด่วน), and Rapid(เร็ว), a total of 52 trains.

The details of the trains to be transferred are as follows.

Kita Main Line (14 lines)
from Bangkok
Train number 7 Chiang Mai
Train number 9 Chiang Mai
Train number 13 Chiang Mai
Train number 51 Chiang Mai
Train number 107 Den Chai
Train number 109 Chiang Mai
Train number 111 Den Chai

to Bangkok
Train number 8 Chiang Mai
Train number 10 Chiang Mai
Train number 14 Chiang Mai
Train number 52 Chiang Mai
Train number 102 Chiang Mai
Train number 108 Den Chai
Train number 112 Den Chai

Tohoku Main Line (18 lines)
from Bangkok
Train number 21 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 23 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 25 Nong Khai
Train number 71 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 75 Nong Khai
Train number 133 Nong Khai
Train number 135 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 139 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 141 Ubon Ratchathani

to Bangkok
Train number 22 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 24 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 26 Nong Khai
Train number 72 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 76 Nong Khai
Train number 134 Nong Khai
Train number 136 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 140 Ubon Ratchathani
Train number 142 Ubon Ratchathani

Minami Main Line (20 lines)
from Bangkok
Train number 31 Hat Yai
Train number 37 Sungai Kolok
Train number 39 Surat Thani
Train number 43 Surat Thani
Train number 45 Padang Besar
Train number 83 Trang
Train number 85 Nakhon Si Thammarat
Train number 167 Kantang
Train number 169 Yala
Train number 171 Sungai Kolok

to Bangkok
Train number 32 Hat Yai
Train number 38 Sungai Kolok
Train number 40 Surat Thani
Train number 44 Surat Thani
Train number 46 Padang Besar
Train number 84 Trang
Train number 86 Nakhon Si Thammarat
Train number 168 Kantang
Train number 170 Yala
Train number 172 Sungai Kolok

For those who plan to use the applicable trains, from January 19, 2023, the above trains will depart from and arrive at Bang Sue Central Station. be careful.
04 Jan, 2023
Japan becomes the most popular travel destination for Thais
About 28,000 Thais traveled abroad per day from October 1, 2022 to November 31, according to Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Director General Yuttasak Supasorn. And after December 21, 2022, that number will surge to 33,400 per day. According to data, Japan is the most popular destination for Thai tourists. South Korea, Singapore, and Laos follow.

The number of Thais entering Japan more than quadrupled from 7,622 in September 2022 to 52,100 in November, according to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) data. Over the past three months, a total of 115,000 people have entered Japan from Thailand. This JNTO data is consistent with the data shown by the aforementioned data,

According to TAT, the reason for the increase in overseas travel for Thais is that countries have lifted Covid-19-related immigration restrictions for the first time in three years. Japan was the most popular tourist destination for Thais even before the pandemic, but after the pandemic Japan imposed strict immigration controls and most direct flights between Japan and Thailand were suspended. However, Japan has basically abolished immigration restrictions related to Covid-19, and the number of direct flights between Japan and Thailand has increased dramatically. Along with that, the number of Thai tourists to Japan is also increasing.

Thai tourism operators expect Japan to remain a popular destination for Thai tourists until the Songkran holiday in April.

03 Jan, 2023
Royal Thai Police opens command center to prevent New Year's traffic accidents
As many people are expected to travel within Thailand during the 2022-2023 New Year holidays, the Royal Thai Police has set up a command center to prevent traffic accidents.

The command center manages road traffic during the peak of the seven-day travel period from December 29, 2022 to he January 4, 2023, and awards will be given to prefectures and regions with fewer accidents. .

From January 1-4, 2023, special lanes will be opened on the highway returning to Bangkok from the busy northeast direction to improve traffic flow.

In total, an estimated 7.3 million vehicles will be on the roads during the 2022-2023 holiday season, with tourist numbers projected to be significantly higher than in the previous year.

02 Jan, 2023
Bangkok's BTS, MRT and Gold Line to raise fares from 1 January 2023
Public transportation in Bangkok (BTS, MRT Blue Line, Gold Line) has revised fares and raised prices on January 1, 2023.

The range of price increases is 1 to 3 baht for BTS depending on the boarding section, up to 1 baht for MRT Blue Line, and 1 baht for Gold Line.

Fares after January 1, 2023 after the fare revision are as follows (prior fares are in parentheses).

1 station 17 baht (16 baht)
2 stations 25 baht (23 baht)
3 stations 28 baht (26 baht)
4 stations 32 baht (30 baht)
5 stations 35 baht (33 baht)
6 stations 40 baht (37 baht)
7 stations 43 baht (40 baht)
8 stations or more 47 baht (44 baht)

MRT Blue Line
1 station 17 baht (17 baht)
2 stations 19 baht (19 baht)
3 stations 21 baht (21 baht)
4 stations 24 baht (24 baht)
5 stations 26 baht (26 baht)
6 stations 29 baht (28 baht)
7 stations 31 baht (31 baht)
8 stations 33 baht (33 baht)
9 stations 36 baht (35 baht)
10 stations 38 baht (38 baht)
11 stations 41 baht (40 baht)
12 stations or more 43 baht (42 baht)

Gold Line
Uniform 16 baht (15 baht)
01 Jan, 2023
Happy New Year from 101 Premier
Happy New Year 2023 from 101 Premier
With love from Bangkok

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the fact that so many customers visited 101 Premier, and many customers commented that they were "satisfied with our girls and services in 2022, ." We are looking forward to your visit in 2023 too.

Also, if you are planning to visit us for the first time in the future, please come visit us in 2023. We promise that you will have a wonderful time.

101 Premier would like to make it our New Year's wish that Thailand and those who love Thailand, as well as people around the world, have a wonderful 2023.

I sincerely hope that people around the world will have a wonderful year 2023.
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