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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- June,2022(part3) -
15 Jun, 2022
Thai "Hospitels" reopens normal hotel operations
Thailand has prepared hotel rooms for the quarantine stay of mildly symptom people with COVID-19. The hotel that accepts this mildly ill is called the "Hospitels".

Hospitals has greatly helped to reduce the burden on hospitals that accept critically symptom patients during peak COVID-19 infections in Thailand.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the hotel to lose guests from both domestic and international and face financial difficulties, but the hotel's function as a "hospital" has made it possible to maintain the hotel's income.

In recent years, the infection situation has improved considerably in Thailand, and the number of newly infected people per day is becaming less than 2000. In addition, Thailand is getting out from the pandemic and is moving toward an epidemic declaration, such as the Governor of Bangkok proposing to abolish the obligation to wear masks in Bangkok. In addition, the number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand is on the rise due to the significant relaxation of Thai entry restrictions.

In light of these circumstances, the demand for "Hospitels" has subsided, and an increasing number of hotels are quitting "hospitel" and reopening as regular hotels.

In addition to "Hospitels", in the past, when entering Thailand from overseas, the quarantine at "AQ Hotel" was mandatory. In the second half of 2021, 600-700 people per day checked in to the "AQ Hotel" and were quarantined. After the entry restrictions were relaxed on May 1, 2022, the number of guests staying at "AQ Hotel" decreased to about 30 people per day. "AQ Hotel" is also preparing to resume normal hotel operations as demand declines.

On the other hand, Thailand's main industry, tourism, is still far from what it was before the pandemic. The main reason why the situation has not improved is that Chinese tourists, who were the "main tourists" among the tourists visiting Thailand, have hardly returned to Thailand yet.

The fact is that it is quite difficult for Chinese to travel abroad because China still has strict entry restrictions, and we still can see only few Chinese tourists in the streets of Thailand.

In fact, according to the country ranking of the number of tourists in April 2022, the number of tourists from China was 8,728, which is only 11th among the total.

Country ranking of the number of immigrants in April 2022
1. United Kingdom 29,647 people
2. India 27,309 people
3. Germany 19,769 people
4. Singapore 17,943 people
5. Australia 17,182 people
6. USA 17,116 people
7. France 14,132 people
8. Japan 11,164 people
9. Malaysia 10,793 people
10. Israel 9,850 people
11. China 8,728 people
12. Korea 8,720 people

In addition, Japan, which is another major tourist country other than China, is still subject to entry restrictions, and the number of Japanese tourists who visit Thailand have not returned to their previous levels. However, Japan is proceeding with deregulation of entry, such as easing the upper limit of the number of entry country per day from June, and it is expected that the number of Japanese tourists visiting Thailand will increase in the near future.

In the near future, it has been reported that the Thailand Pass, which requires foreigners to apply for registration when entering Thailand, will be abolished, and it is expected that the number of foreign tourists will increase further in the future.

Under these circumstances, Thailand's "Hospitels" is currently preparing for large-scale maintenance and cleaning so that it can return to normal business by the tourist high season in October.
14 Jun, 2022
MRT Huai Khwang Station will close part of Parking Lot from June 15th to July 17th
According to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), Bangkok's MRT Huai Khwang Station has announced that it would close part of its parking lot from June 15th to July 17th. (Announced on June 10, 2022)

The reason for the partial closure is to install two additional robot parking machines in the parking lot. However, the entire parking lot is not closed, and users can continue to park their cars and motorcycles in the unclosed space. Since this robot parking machine can stack cars vertically, it can park more cars in a limited space, which can improve the utilization efficiency of the parking lot.

According to MRTA, robot parking machines have already been installed and are in operation at MRT Sam Yang Station and MRT Huai Khwang Station.
13 Jun, 2022
Suvarnabhumi Airport, international passengers increase to more than 40,000 daily in June
Thailand is currently undergoing deregulation of entry. At Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, the number of airport users has increased rapidly in proportion to the progress of deregulation.

According to the Airports of Thailand (AOT), an average of 70,000 people a day on both domestic and international flights are expected to use at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in June.

Since June 1, Suvarnabhumi International Airport has increased the number of flights per day to an average of 460 per day. Of these, about 240 are international flights and about 220 are domestic flights. The number of passengers per day at the airport has increased to about 42,000 for international flights and about 28,000 for domestic flights.

In Thailand, foreign tourists are currently required to pre-register for a Thailand Pass and purchase medical insurance before entering the country, but the Thai government is proceeding the discussions to abolish these two from July 1. Pre-registration of Thailand Pass and purchase of medical insurance are major factors that make foreign tourists hesitate to travel to Thailand, so if this abolition is decided, It is certain that that more further foreign tourists will come to Thailand after July.

Since the pandemic, the number of passengers at the international airport in Thailand has decreased sharply, so it was assumed that the number of passengers and the number of the airport staffs has been also small. So it seems that there are reports that it has not yet responded to the rapid increase in passengers at this time.

Currently, AOT recommends arriving at the airport 2 hours before flight for domestic flights and 3 hours before flight for international flights. At Suvarnabhumi International Airport, while increasing the number of staff, they recommend departure passengers to use self-check-in kiosks (196 units in total) and automatic luggage deposit machines (42 units in total) as much as possible.
12 Jun, 2022
Thailand, consumer price index increase rate of 7.1% in May
According to the announcement by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, the consumer price index (CPI, 2019 = 100) in Thailand in May was 106.62, up 7.1% year-on-year and 1.4% from the previous month.

Oil prices rose 35.89% year-on-year, and this rise in oil prices is a major factor in the rise in CPI, but the core CPI excluding fresh food and energy was 102.74. It increased slightly to 0.17% from previous month, 2.28% year-on-year.
11 Jun, 2022
The Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya resumes for the first time in two years. Tickets are sold out on the first day of resumption.
On June 3rd, the Alcazar Theater in Pattaya reopened for the first time in two years.

In Thailand, entertainment facilities have been banned for a long time due to pandemic regulations, but the restrictions on entertainment facilities were officially lifted on June 1.

On Friday night, June 3rd, the first day of the reopening of the Alcazar Theater, all tickets for the theater were sold out, and the theater was delighted by domestic and foreign spectators. Most of the audience seemed to be Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Korean.

For the time being, the Alcazar Cabaret Show will be held four days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and will be held once a day at 7:00 pm. In the future, as the number of spectators increases, the number of performances may increase.

For more information on the Alcazar Cabaret Show, please visit the official website.

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