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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- May,2022(part2) -
10 May, 2022
Laos significantly relaxes entry restrictions on May 9, resuming acceptance of foreign tourists
The Lao government announced a significant relaxation of entry restrictions on May 7, 2022, and the relaxation came into effect on Monday, May 9.

Due to this mitigation, after May 9, vaccinated travelers will be able to present their vaccination certificate at the time of entry, no inspection or quarantine required by air, land or sea entry. This enables foreign tourists to enter Laos with almost no restrictions as before the pandemic.

Passport holders in visa-exempt countries will be exempt from obtaining a visa for entry if they stay for a short period of less than 15 days for tourism or business purposes as before.

If you do not have a vaccination certificate, you can enter Laos by submitting a negative result of PCR test within 48 hours before departure.

Laos borders Thailand, and before the pandemic, there were many tourists coming and going between Thailand and Laos, but after the pandemic, the number of tourists has dropped sharply.

Thailand relaxes entry restrictions on May 1. With the deregulation of entry in Laos, it is expected that the number of tourists traveling between the two countries will increase.

The countries where visa acquisition is exempted for entry into Laos and the possible length of stay are as follows.

30 days
South Korea

15 days

14 days
09 May, 2022
BMA proposes introduction of tobacco tax
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced plans to introduce a tobacco tax of up to 10 Satan per cigarette for tobacco sales in Bangkok. If the proposal is approved and a tobacco tax is introduced, the price of tobacco in Bangkok will increase by 1.86 baht per pack.

According to BMA's Vice-Minister for Tobacco Suthathip Son-iam, the tobacco tax has been proposed under the name "Tobacco Tax for Local Maintenance" with the aim of limiting tobacco consumption to maintain the health of citizens.

Tobacco tax has been supported by non-smoking advocates for many years, and tobacco tax has already been introduced since 2003 in areas of Thailand other than Bangkok. On the other hand, because tobacco tax has not yet been introduced in Bangkok, tobacco sales companies temporarily stored tobacco in a warehouse in Bangkok and then distributed it to other provinces in order to avoid paying the tax.

The proposed tobacco tax must be approved by the Thai Cabinet before it goes into effect, and the date of tax introduction has not yet been set.
08 May, 2022
Thai Minister of Public Health directs three ministries to prepare for Endemic transition of Covid-19
The government's deputy spokesperson, Trisulee Trisaranakul, announced on May 5 that Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health of Thailand, has indecated to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism & Sports to coordinate with relevant agencies to prepare for the transition to Endemic of Covid-19.

Deputy Prime Minister Anutin said the number of new Covid-19 cases has continued to decline two weeks after Songkran and Thailand is ready to declare Endemic of Covid-19. In light of this situation, Deputy Prime Minister Anutin has indicated to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Tourism & Sports and related organizations to set up procedures and measures to promote the transition to the Endemic and to prepare suitable public services.

According to Ms. Trisulee, some provinces ready to move to the epidemic have launched their own "Endemic Sandbox Program." In these provinces, the number of new cases is low and the vaccination rate is high, and on the premise that appropriate infection prevention measures are being implemented, Covid-19 regulations are completely deregulated in services such as public parks and public transportation.

According to other reports, Bangkok is already preparing for the Endemic declaration.

Thailand has gradually lifted entry restrictions, Test & Go was abolished on May 1, and fully vaccinated travelers and travelers with a negative certificate can enter Thailand without PCR test and quarantine is no longer required. In addition, the Thailand Pass, which currently requires pre-registration, is scheduled to be abolished in June.

It is expected that the Thai economy will be revitalized, especially in the tourism industry, which is the main industry of Thailand, by lifting the restrictions on entry and making an Endemic declaration throughout Thailand.

07 May, 2022
Thai AirAsia X (XJ) extended the promotion of the flight Tokyo and Seoul
Thai AirAsia X (XJ) used to announce that the deadline for the promotion of of the flights from "Suvarnabhumi Airport(BKK) to Tokyo(NRT) and Seoul(ICN) was May 1st, but they announced that they anounced that they would extend the deadline to May 8th.

The most special price of this promotion starts from 2,990 baht(one-way).

Tokyo route prices for airasia members starts at 3,290 baht (one-way). The normal price starting at 3,330 baht.

The flight schedule of Tokyo route is as follows.
Narita⇔Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) (June 5, 2022 ~)
XJ601 NRT09: 15 BKK14:00 Mon / Tue / Thu / Sat
XJ600 BKK23: 55 NRT08: 00 (+1) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Seoul route prices for airasia membership price starts at 2,990 baht (one way). The normal price starting at 3,030 baht.

The flight schedule of Seoul route is as follows.
Seoul ⇔ Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) (June 1, 2022 ~)
XJ700 ICN11: 15 BKK15: 05 Mon / Wed / Sat
XJ701 ICN02: 35 NRT10: 05 Mon / Wed / Fri

Booking date : from now - 8 May 2022
Travel date : 1 Jun 2022 - 30 Oct 2022

For details and booking the ticket, please reffer to AirAsia officical website.

06 May, 2022
JP Morgan downgrades Thailand because of slow recovery in tourism
JP Morgan grades individual stocks of countries and companies according to the following criteria.
Overweight: Highest investment outcome
Neutral: Medium investment outcome
Underweight: Low Investment outcome

Thailand, the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, has been rated by JP Morgan as an “overweight” with the highest investment outcome.

However, the pandemic has severely damaged Thailand's main industry, tourism, and China is still tightening entry restrictions, which has become a major obstacle for Chinese to travel abroad. The inability to get Chinese tourists, the largest tourists to visit Thailand, has slowed the speed of tourism revival. In addition, inflation has hit Thailand due to the effects of soaring crude oil prices, and JP Morgan has downgraded the outlook for the Thai economy and downgraded its rating from "overweight" to "neutral."

Currently, entry restrictions in China and Japan have not yet been relaxed, and Thailand is still losing its largest customers, Chinese and Japanese tourists. Especially for Chinese, more than a quarter of the 40 million tourists who visited Thailand in 2019 were Chinese, so it seems that the Thai tourism industry, which has lost Chinese tourists, will continue to suffer for a while.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2019, Thailand's tourism industry contributed $ 380.6 billion, or 11.8% of the country's GDP. As can be seen from this fact, the revival of the Thai tourism industry is the key to the revival of the Thai economy.

In Thailand, restrictions on entry have been relaxed one after another in recent months, and the Test & Go scheme, which previously required PCR tests and hotel quarantine at the time of entry, was abolished from May 1. Travelers who are completely vaccinated or who have a negative certificate upon entry are now exempt from PCR testing and hotel quarantine. Due to this deregulation, the number of tourists visiting Thailand has increased dramatically since May 1.

In the future, if entry restrictions in China and Japan are relaxed, and it will be very important for the revival of the Thai tourism industry that many Chinese and Japanese tourists visit Thailand.
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