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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- November,2021(part4) -
20 Nov, 2021
Hotels on the first day of arrival in Thailand are limited to SHA Extra Plus certified hotels
Thailand has resumed accepting foreign tourists from November 1st. In order to wait for the results of the PCR test, the hotel for the first night have to be either a SHA Plus certified or designated quarantine facility (AQ) hotel, which is a safety standard set by the Thai government. However, some hotels certified by SHA Plus do not cooperate with medical institutions, which is inconvenient for tourists. In response to these problems, the hotels now became to be limited to SHA Extra Plus certified hotels, which are affiliated with medical institutions.

When entering Thailand without quarantine (Test & Go), the hotel on the first day must be booked with a SHA Extra Plus accredited hotel when applying for a Thailand Pass.

Updated 19 November, 2021: Exemption from Quarantine (TEST & GO) | Tourism Authority of Thailand

SHA Extra Plus hotels can be searched on the SHA Extra Plus Hotel website here. At present, more than 1,300 SHA Extra Plus hotels are registered throughout Thailand and more than 300 in Bangkok alone.
19 Nov, 2021
New monorail line "Gray Line" connecting the north and south of Bangkok to plan
The Thai government and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration are considering a new monorail line "Gray Line" in Bangkok.

The whole line (Vatcharapol-Rama IX Bridge), stretches 40km, and is divided into three sections, Vatcharapol-Thong Lor, Phra Khanong-Rama III, and Rama III-Tha Phra. It is planned to fully automate the operation and toll collection. The round trip will take about an hour and is anticipated to carry 8,000-30,000 passengers per hour. Aim to open the entire line in 2030.

The section between Wachalapon and Thonglor (total length 16.3 km, 15 stations) will be developed in advance. The construction cost of the section is expected to be 27.5 billion baht.
18 Nov, 2021
Thai AirAsia, Bangkok-Phnom Penh route resumed from December 22
Low-cost carrier Thai AirAsia has announced that it will resume the route between Bangkok (Don Muang) and Phnom Penh from December 22nd.

When they resumes on December 22, they will start operating three flights a week. And from January 3, 2022, they plan to increase the number of flights to four per week. The aircraft used will be Airbus A320 (economy 180 seats).

The flight schedule is as follows.
December 22, 2021-January 2, 2022
FD606 DMK16: 05 PNH17: 15 Wed / Fri / Sun
FD607 PNH18: 15 DMK19: 25 Wed / Fri / Sun

From January 3, 2022
FD606 DMK16: 05 PNH17: 15 Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun
FD607 PNH18: 15 DMK19: 25 Mon / Wed / Friday / Sun

For flights between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, Bangkok Airways and Cambodian airlines have already announced that they will resume operations at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thai AirAsia will be the first airline to resume flights between Don Muang Airport and Phnom Penh.

Currently, a cheap ticket from Bangkok to Pnom Penh for 1,690 baht (including expenses, for BIG members) is also on sale as a promotion. Please check the official website of AirAsia for vacant seat search and reservation.
17 Nov, 2021
Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island, open to tourists from January 2022
Maya Bay on the island of Phi Phi Le in southern Thailand, which was the setting for the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio. After the movie was released, the destruction of marine ecosystems such as coral became a big problem due to the large number of tourists visiting. It has been closed since 2018 for the purpose of restoring the destroyed natural environment, but from January 1, 2022, it will resume accepting tourists for the first time in three and a half years.

This resumption was revealed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Warawut Silpa-archa, who visited the site to confirm the improvement of the natural environment. However, in order to protect the natural environment, the maximum number of tourists who can visit at one time is limited to 300 even after the reception starts. The opening time is from 10 am to 4 pm, the swimming area is limited, and the staying time is up to 1 hour.
16 Nov, 2021
Thai AirAsia to resume international flights in 2021, flights to Japan and China are expected to be delayed to 2022
From the fourth quarter of 2021, Thai AirAsia has resumed international flights to Asian destinations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, the suburbs of Hong Kong and India for the first time in 18 months. In addition, Bangkok-Maldives flights will be operated twice a week (every Wednesday and Sunday) from December 22nd, and the Bangkok-Phnom Penh route will be resumed soon.

According to Thai AirAsia, some routes may be delayed in the second quarter of 2022 for Chinese flights and until the fourth quarter of 2022 for Japanese flights.

Thailand began accepting vaccinated foreign tourists without quarantine on November 1, but foreign tourists are not yet in full swing back to Thailand. The reasons for this are that, as for Thailand, expensive PCR tests are required to enter Thailand, bars and entertainment facilities in Thailand have not been reopened yet, and drinking alcohol at restaurants in Thailand is still restricted. On the other hand, when it comes to the countries of departure, some countries such as Japan and China are still obliged to quarantine for 10 to 21 days to enter those countries, so There is a situation that people don't feel free to travel abroad.

This is probably the reason why AirAsia's resumption of Chinese and Japanese flights is currently delayed until the second to fourth quarters of 2022.

In order to revitalize the tourism industry and economy of each country, it is hoped that deregulation will proceed so that each country can enter and leave the country without quarantine.
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