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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- November,2021(part2) -
10 Nov, 2021
Bangkok authorities warn of floods along the Chao Phraya River
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has announced that the high tide of the Chao Phraya River has caused flooding and that in some areas along the river the water has risen to the waist level. BMA warns the residents of Bangkok and Samut Prakan along the river against rising water levels.

According to the Bangkok Metropolitan Association, the high tide will reach 1.31 meters above sea level at 11:26 am and 1.20 meters above sea level at 7:32 pm. The river water burst the banks of the Chao Phraya River at high tide on November 9th yesterday. Serious floods have occurred in the areas with and without embankments in Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi , and floods are expected to continue throughout the week.

No casualties have been reported at this time, but there are serious traffic jams in the area. Governor Asawin Kwanmuang of Bangkok states that 10,000 sandbags were placed along the river to create a defensive wall to prevent flooding.

You can check the current flood situation at
09 Nov, 2021
Thai government to submit approval proposal for oral antiviral drug of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health is preparing to procure two oral Covid-19 antiviral drugs for use in Thailand.

Dr Atthasit Srisubat, an adviser to the Health Services Department, said the Thai Ministry of Public Health would propose to the Cabinet on November 9 to approve the procurement of Molnupiravir, Merck's oral Covid-19 antiviral drug.

If Molnupiravir is approved by the Cabinet, it is likely to be delivered to Thailand in late December or January next year, according to Dr Atthasit Srisubat.

Dr. Atthasit also said the Thai Ministry of Insurance will discuss with Pfizer on Friday, November 12, the procurement of Paxlovid, the company's oral Covid-19 antiviral drug.

These moves by the Thai Ministry of Public Health are due to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-cha's request to the Ministry of Public Health last weekend to speed up bookings and orders for two Covid-19 antivirals.

Citing the results of clinical trials, Dr. Atthasit said two oral antivirals were found to reduce the risk of hospitalization in Covid-19 patients.

In the Molnupiravir trial, tablets were given to 385 patients twice daily, 4 tablets at a time, for 5 days, placebo was given to 377 patients, and about 50% of patients who received Molnupiravir did not require hospitalization. , No one died.

In a clinical trial of taking Paxlovid and Ritonavir at the same time, 2 tablets were given to 389 people twice daily and placebo was given to 385 people. Approximately 89% of people who received Paxlovid and Ritonavir were not hospitalized if they were given the drug within 3 days of the onset of Covid-19 symptoms. Approximately 85% were not hospitalized if the drug was prescribed within 5 days of the onset of symptoms. There were no deaths in the group receiving Paxlovid and Ritonavir.

According to Dr. Atthasit, the current price of the drug is unknown, but the price of Molnupiravir may differ between developed and developing countries.

Thailand started accepting vaccinated foreign tourists on November 1, and it is highly expected that the domestic launch of oral drugs will accelerate the recovery of the tourism industry.
08 Nov, 2021
Enhanced "bug" fix for Thailand Pass
After Thailand was reopened to foreign tourists on Monday, November 1, Many bugs have been found in the Thailand Pass system which is the immigration applications system to enter Thailand, and many complaints were received from users.

Specifically, after approving the travel application, the receipt of the QR code is delayed or not received at all. Users booked a registered hotel, but they can't apply for a PCR test from that hotel. The system is very slow. The system cannot automatically read the submitted documents, and it takes time to approve their applications. It is reported that there were many complaints such as.

According to a Thai government spokesman, the government is stepping up bug fixes in the Thailand Pass system. Those who want to visit Thailand are encouraged to visit and apply.
07 Nov, 2021
VietJet Air introduced three Airbus A330s
Vietnam's low-cost carrier Vietjet Air has announced that they will introduce three Airbus A330s as its first wide-body aircraft.

It was revealed when the company and Airbus signed a strategic partnership agreement in Paris, and all three aircraft will be leased. The introduction of the A330 is part of preparations for a recovery in aviation demand after COVID-19 pandemic, with the first one scheduled to be delivered in November.

Currently, VietJet Air owns Airbus A320, A321, A321neo and all of them are narrow-body aircraft. In addition to this, Vietjet have been ordered 119 aircrafts of A321neo to Airbus.

For more information, please see the announcement below by VietJet Air.
06 Nov, 2021
Beware of fake "Thailand Pass" sites, Thai government warns
The "Thailand Pass" is a pass that must be applied for when entering Thailand, and can be registered from the website "" before entering Thailand. Previously, I applied by The Certificate of Entry (COE), but the application was very complicated and very unpopular with users.

According to the Anti-Fake News Center of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand, there is a fake website of "Thailand Pass" and warns against using it.

These "Thailand Pass" fake websites are so-called affiliate sites, and when you make a hotel reservation or airline ticket reservation from the site, the site owner receives a commission.

Sites such as "", "", "", "", "" exist, or the domain has already been acquired. They are calling attention not to mistake it for the official one of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand.
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