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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- September,2021(part5) -
25 Sep, 2021
Registration for the third phase of "We Travel Together" has started
Registration for the third phase of Thailand's domestic travel promotion program "We Travel Together" has started. Completed registrants will be able to apply for hotel reservations for travel from October 8th. Rooms can be booked from October 15th to the beginning of next year.

Registration began at 6 am on September 24th at his เราเที่ ยวด ้วยกัน.com. Participation conditions for the program is same as Phases 1 and 2 and the registrant must be a Thai citizen over the age of 18. Eligible participants will receive up to 40% of room rates or up to THB 3,000 for hotel reservations. They also receive a 40% air ticket subsidy per night and a food voucher of 600 Baht per day.

Phase 3 added another 2 million rooms to the program, which is worth 24 billion baht, in addition to the 5.7 million rooms available in Phases 1 and 2. The Thai government is aiming to promote 90 million domestic trips.

Foreigners residing in Thailand are not eligible to register for this program, but those with a Thai spouse can accompany them by registering with their spouse. The tourism industry in Thailand has been devastated since the pandemic, and it is difficult to revive the tourism industry unless foreign tourists come from overseas, but the date of the acceptance of foreign tourists has changed from October 1st to November 1st. Due to this tremendous delay, Thai tourism industry keep facing with even more severe life-threatening challenges. In order not to extinct the Thai tourism industry, let's support the them with domestic travelers until foreign tourists can visit Thailand.
24 Sep, 2021
Thailand, Ministry of Tourism and Sports proposes new open timeline Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya on November 1st
At the Thai Government's Situation Update Coronavirus COVID-19 (CCSA) meeting on September 22, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports proposed a new reopen timeline.

According to a spokesman of CCSA, the reopening to foreign tourists for Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Cha-am, etc. delay in 1 month and changed to November in view of the current vaccination status and infection status.

Only for Hua Hin and Non-Kay in Prachuap Kirikan Province, a plan to start on a trial basis from October 15 will be presented. In any case, the CCSA plenary session will be held on September 27th next week, and the details will be decided to some extent there.

So far, airlines and hotels have invested and prepared for the previously announced reopening on October 1, but the reopening schedule has changed, resulting in huge losses for them. Airlines and hotels have already suffered tremendous financial damage, but industry groups complain that rescheduling multiple times is a cruel act of salting wounds. Tourist industory have made all the preparations they can, but are very desperate that the delay in resumption is the only reason for the low vaccination rate which depends on the vaccine supply from government.

Thailand will enter the high season from October, and if foreign tourists are not accepted after November and December, Thailand's tourism industry will be irreversible and will die.

It seems that all efforts should be made to raise the vaccination rate, consider a schedule for resumption on a daily basis rather than a monthly basis, and reopen the country as soon as possible.
23 Sep, 2021
COVID-19 infection sequelae treatment "COVID-19 RECOVERY CLINIC" opened at Bumrungrad Hospital
Bumrungrad International hospital, a large-scale private hospital on Sukhumvit Soi 3 in Bangkok, started the "COVID-19 RECOVERY CLINIC" on September 22, specializing in the treatment of sequelae after infection with the COVID-19.

Improve quality of life by physically and mentally treating sequelae in the respiratory, heart, brain, kidneys, muscles and nervous system, which are said to be experienced by approximately 20% of infected people. In addition, they will also provide ancillary services such as a vaccine passport for overseas business trips, study abroad, and overseas travel, a negative certificate, and a medical examination including a medical certificate under the situation pandemic of COVID-19.

Bumrungrad International is said to be the first private hospital certified by the Thai Ministry of Public Health as a CPVID-19 infection treatment hospital. The CEO of Bumurungrad International Hospital Artilat Charleskit Pipat said that "We will provide comprehensive treatment in collaboration with Wiwat Won Sirisak physician and related specialists centered on Dating Chong Naran Singh intensive care unit".
22 Sep, 2021
State Railway of Thailand resumes operation of 18 long-distance trains from September 23
The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) will be supposed to resume 18 long-distance trains departing from and arriving at Hua Lamphong Station, such as between Bangkok and Chiang Mai and between Bangkok and Hat Yai, from Thursday, September 23.

The following trains will resume.

Northern Line
Train number 7 (limited express) Bangkok ⇒ Chiang Mai
Train number 8 (limited express) Chiang Mai ⇒ Bangkok
Train number 9 (limited express) Bangkok ⇒ Chiang Mai
Train number 10 (limited express) Chiang Mai ⇒ Bangkok

South Main Line
Train number 31 (limited express) Bangkok ⇒ Hat Yai
Train number 32 (limited express) Hat Yai ⇒ Bangkok
Train number 43 (limited express) Bangkok ⇒ Surat Thani
Train number 40 (limited express) Surat Thani ⇒ Bangkok
Train number 83 (express) Bangkok ⇒ Trang
Train number 84 (express) Trang ⇒ Bangkok
Train number 85 (express) Bangkok ⇒ Nakhon Si Thammarat
Train number 86 (express) Nakhon Si Thammarat ⇒ Bangkok

Tohoku Line
Train number 23 (limited express) Bangkok ⇒ Ubon Ratchatany
Train number 24 (limited express) Ubon Racha Thani ⇒ Bangkok
Train number 71 (express) Bangkok ⇒ Ubon Ratchatany
Train number 72 (express) Ubon Racha Thani ⇒ Bangkok
Train number 139 (express) Bangkok ⇒ Ubon Ratchatany
Train number 140 (express) Ubon Racha Thani ⇒ Bangkok
21 Sep, 2021
Bangkok warns of floods until Friday, September 24
The Thai Meteorological Department (MD) has warned that heavy rains are expected in most parts of Bangkok until Friday, September 24, and that everyone must prepare for floods.

It has been raining continuously in the last three weeks and the water level in the canals in eastern Bangkok is now very high.

Floods have already been reported in various parts of Bangkok. Many water pumps are installed in flood-prone areas, and the city's flood response center is up and running 24 hours a day to ensure a quick response in the event of a flood.

According to the Meteorological Bureau, a cyclone is active in the middle of the South China Sea, which can become a tropical cyclone as it approaches the coast of Vietnam. As a result, all regions of Thailand are expected to experience heavy rains until Friday, September 24th.

The Thai Meteorological Department has also issued warnings for high storm waves and flash floods. Please be careful if you live in such areas.
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