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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- August,2021(part1) -
05 Aug, 2021
Thai railway users are reduced by 80 to 90% before Coronavirus crisis
The Department of Rail Transport of Thailand has announced changes in the number of users of urban railways (BTS, MRT, Airport Rail Link) and State Railway of Thailand(SRT) in the Bangkok metropolitan area.

Currently, a curfew has been issued in Bangkok, so each transportation system operates with shorter operating hours. In addition, the number of passengers has dropped significantly due to the refraining from moving across provincial borders and the need to refrain from going out during the day time.

The total number of passengers per day for BTS, MRT, Airport Rail Link, and State Railway of Thailand has dropped sharply from more than 1.23 million in 2019 before Coronavirus crisis to about 210,000 now.

The number of daily users of each transportation are as follows.

2019 734,411 people / day
2021 130,240 people / day
82.27% decrease

2019 337,015 people / day
2021 67,251 people / day
80.05% decrease

Airport Rail Link
2019 71,953 people / day
2021 9,531 people / day
86.75% decrease

State Railway of Thailand
2019 85,443 people / day
2021 7,896 people / day
90.76% decrease

In both cases, the number has decreased by 80% to 90% of that before Coronavirus crisis, and the severe situation will continue without any good prospects of a significant recovery of users.
04 Aug, 2021
Thai government warns of online purchase of favipiravir / avigan, suspected of being a fake drug
Yesterday, deputy government spokesman warned against buying the antiviral drug Favipiravir online. This is because the drug is likely to be fake. This drug is well known under the brand name Avigan.

Favipiravir / Avigan is an antiviral drug used to treat influenza in Japan. Although many years of experience as antiviral drugs, research into the treatment of Covid-19 viral infections is still ongoing.

A spokesman says the drug should only be taken if prescribed by a doctor. People are increasingly being fooled by fraudsters through social media to buy favipiravir / avigan without a doctor's medical consultation.

Currently, in Thailand, favipiravir is only available in hospitals / clinics and cannot be sold over-the-counter.

When a doctor prescribes a drug, the doctor prescribes the drug after examining the patient's condition such as overdose, patient's resistance to the drug, patient's illness, weight, chronic disease, etc. increase.

A spokesman warns sellers that online drug vendors may be legally punished.
03 Aug, 2021
Bangkok Ratchada Train Market will resume if the CIVID-19 infection situation improves
The other day, we reported on the news page of this site that the Train Market (Ratchada Night Market) in Bangkok Ratchada will be closed permanently. However, members of market management have announced that the closure is temporary and they will resume as soon as conditions permit.

According to market management, "We are currently closed due to worsening the spread of the COVID-19, but we will resume if the situation improves."

The market closure has expanded rapidly on social media, but it seems to be a false rumor of unknown origin.
02 Aug, 2021
Vaccination registration for all foreigners residing in Thailand started from 11:00 on August 1st
The Consular Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand announced on August 1, 2021 at 11:00 am, "Registration for the FIRST dose of the COVID-19 vaccination for foreign residents" has been starred.

This registration is available to foreign residents of all ages in all provinces.

The registration site is as follows.
Registration for the FIRST dose of the COVID-19 vaccination for foreign residents

There used to have restrictions on registrations for registration, such as those aged 65 and over and those with underlying illnesses, but all restrictions lifted and all foreigners can register now.

Thailand plans to allow foreign tourists who have been vaccinated to enter the country without quarantine in October, but the outlook is uncertain as the spread of the coronavirus is currently spreading throughout Thailand. In order to improve the situation and open Thailand, it is essential that more than 70% of Thais and foreigners living in Thailand should be vaccinated. We think the start of vaccination registration for foreigners is a big step forward.

Everyone, please complete the vaccine as soon as possible.
01 Aug, 2021
Phuket Sandbox announced number of tourists by nationality - Top 1 is America
Just one month has passed since the acceptance of foreign tourists began in Phuket, Thailand. According to the Phuket Immigration Bureau office, a total of 13,281 people entered the country using the sandbox program during the 30 days from July 1st to 30th. They revealed that the total number of nights in July was over 190,000.

By nationality, there are users from 67 countries / regions, and the top 10 are as follows.

America 1,898 people
Thailand 1,853 people
United Kingdom 1,654 people
Israel 1,580 people
Germany 889 people
France 888 people
United Arab Emirates 606
Switzerland 326 people
Netherlands 255 people
Australia 244 people

The 11th to 20th places are Kuwait, Qatar, Philippines, India, Canada, Belgium, South Africa, China, Denmark and Italy in that order.
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