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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- June,2021(part1) -
05 Jun, 2021
Suvarnabhumi Airport introduces automatic baggage check-in machine and shared automatic check-in machine
Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok announced that it will introduce an automatic baggage check-in machine and a shared automatic check-in machine to improve passenger convenience.
According to the Airports of Thailand (AOT), which manages and operates Suvarnabhumi Airport, installations will be completed at a total of 180 locations in the terminal by the end of July while preparations are currently underway.
The airport will be fully self-service for check-in, baggage tag issuance, tagging on baggage, baggage check-in and check-in.
The airlines that support it are undecided at this time, but in anticipation of a recovery in travel demand after Covid-19, the company plans to speed up procedures and reduce contact risks by making it self-service.
04 Jun, 2021
Vaccination for foreigners in Thailand will start on June 7th. First, from the diplomatic staff
The Thai government has announced that it will begin vaccination of foreigners residing in Thailand who have registered for Covid-19 vaccination from June 7.
According to some media reports, vaccination for pre-registered diplomats will begin first. All diplomatic staff, consular representatives, and employees of international agencies in Thailand are required to register for vaccination on this website between June 1st and 6th, and the vaccination site is Bangkok’s MedPark and Vimut Hospital. Please note that this registration is only for diplomatic staff, consular representatives, and employees of international organizations in Thailand, and even if a general foreigner registers, it will be automatically canceled.
Those who have previously booked vaccinations using the Mor Prom app will be able to get AstraZeneca vaccine. For other foreign Thai residents who were not eligible to make reservations with the Mor Prom app, at present the specific official registration method has not been announced yet.
It is believed that more vaccine doses will be allocated in Bangkok as the spread of Covid-19 is more serious than elsewhere in the country. At present, it is said that about 1 million doses of AstraZeneca and Shinovatu assigned to Bangkok will be administered about 500,000 times in 2 weeks from June 7th.
03 Jun, 2021
Emirates announces resumption of Phuket route 4 flights a week from July 2
UAE's Emirates has announced that it will resume direct flights between Dubai and Phuket, Thailand on Friday, July 2, 2021.
In Phuket, a sandbox plan to accept foreign tourists without quarantine is scheduled to start in July on condition that vaccination has been completed. In response to that plan, it seems that they have decided to resume operations on Phuket flights.
The scheduled flight schedule is as follows.
Dubai ⇔ Phuket (July 2, 2021 ~)
EK378 DXB03: 00 HKT12: 30 Tue / Fri / Sat / Sun
EK379 HKT00: 10 DXB03: 05 Mon / Wed / Sat / Sun
Tickets are already on sale.
For more information, please visit the official Emirates website.
02 Jun, 2021
Thai Civil Aviation Bureau announces detailed rules for international flights
The Civil Aviation Bureau of Thailand has announced rules regarding procedures for foreign travelers entering from Phuket after 1 July.
For passengers arriving in Phuket from abroad, the rule is that two vaccinations must be completed upon arrival. However, as an exception, the AstraZeneca vaccine is admitted only to the first of the two doses.
People with a certificate of complete recovery from Covid-19 infection within the last 90 days are also allowed to enter the country. Under the new flight rules, all passengers have been tested for Covid-19 within the last 7 days and require a negative certificate.
Without these certificates, the airline will be denied boarding and travel will not be permitted.
Children under the age of 5 are exempt from this flight rule if traveling with a vaccinated parent.
Before the CCSA submits a report to the Cabinet, a meeting is being held to determine the preparations for reopening Phuket and to take public opinion on the reopening into account. Officials are meeting with tourism-friendly hotels, transportation, restaurants and other businesses, as well as other local businesses to discuss their views on the reopening on July 1.
01 Jun, 2021
Thai government declaimed deregulation in Bangkok; regulation continues until June 14
As posted on this website yesterday (May 31st), Bangkok announced on May 31st that it would allow the following five venues to resume.
1. Museums, learning centres, science parks, historic sites and art galleries can reopen, but no large group visits are allowed.
2. Tattoo parlours and nail salons can reopen, but if a new Covid-19 case is linked to the venues, then the business must close for 14 days.
3. Beauty or weight loss clinics and parlours can reopen.
4. Spa, massage parlours and healthcare-related venues can reopen, but no steam baths or facial massages are allowed at this time.
5. Public parks, botanical and flower gardens can reopen to the public, but no large gatherings are allowed.
However, the Thai Government Infectious Disease Control Center (CCSA) declaimed this decision of Bangkok on the same day. The Thai Gevernment decided to continue the current regulations until June 14.
Please be aware of old information.
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