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Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information
Thai Latest News Travel Safety Information

Thai Latest News

- May,2021(part2) -
31 May, 2021
From June 1st, some restrictions will be relaxed in Bangkok. Five types of venues will be available for business.
Bangkok city officials have decided to relax some of the restrictions currently in place from June 1st, allowing reopening of business in five venues. Other currently restricted venues will continue to be closed until at least June 14.
Business, venues and places allowed to reopen include…
1. Museums, learning centres, science parks, historic sites and art galleries can reopen, but no large group visits are allowed.
2. Tattoo parlours and nail salons can reopen, but if a new Covid-19 case is linked to the venues, then the business must close for 14 days.
3. Beauty or weight loss clinics and parlours can reopen.
4. Spa, massage parlours and healthcare-related venues can reopen, but no steam baths or facial massages are allowed at this time.
5. Public parks, botanical and flower gardens can reopen to the public, but no large gatherings are allowed.
30 May, 2021
Phuket reopens border in July, children do not need vaccination if parents have been vaccinated
Covid-19 vaccinated foreign tourists will be able to enter Phuket without quarantine from July 1st and this so-called "sandbox" plan will begin. According to the "sandbox" guidelines, people under the age of 17 do not need to be vaccinated and may be admitted if they undergo an rapid antigen test at Phuket Airport. In addition, children under the age of 12 do not need to be vaccinated if their parents have been vaccinated.
Foreign tourists need to install the "Thailand Plus application" app on their smartphones and present their itinerary in Thailand. You will also need a certificate of negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours before entering Thailand. Foreign tourists are also required to retake the RT-PCR test every 5 days for long-term stays in Thailand.
Five days after entering Phuket, travelers are allowed to travel to some islands (Phi Phi and James Bond).
Foreign tourists will have to leave Phuket Airport for less than 7 days, but will be able to choose other options such as leaving Bangkok for more than 7 days.
29 May, 2021
Singapore Airlines to increase flights from Singapore to Phuket from July
The Thai government has approved the start of a "sandbox" in which Phuket will allow vaccinated travelers to enter the country without quarantine from July 1. In response, Singapore Airlines has announced that it will significantly increase the number of flights from Singapore to Phuket from July 1, 2021 to seven flights per week.
Currently, Singapore Airlines operates only one flight per week between Singapore and Phuket. There will be 7 flights a week in both July and August. The aircraft used is a Boeing 737-800 (12 business seats, 150 economy seats).
The flight schedule after July is as follows.
Singapore ⇒ Phuket
SQ726 SIN 08: 20 HKT 09: 25 Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
SQ736 SIN 16: 20 HKT 17: 10 Tue, Thu, Sat
Phuket ⇒ Singapore
SQ725 HKT 10: 25 SIN 13: 15 Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
SQ735 HKT 18: 10 SIN 21: 00 Tue, Thu, Sat
28 May, 2021
Thai Tourism Council Proposes $ 1 Promotion per Night in Phuket
Phuket is scheduled to reopen its border on July 1. The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) has proposed a $ 1 / night campaign to bring foreign tourists back to Phuket.
According to TCT president Chamnan Srisawat, the campaign will be subsidized by the government, with participating companies offering foreign tourists a room rate of $ 1 per night for rooms that typically sell for 1,000 to 3,000 baht per night. This promotion is a proposal to the Thai Tourism Council and has not been decided, but if the proposal is approved, it will be promoted to overseas travel markets.
Srisawat predicts that a total of 1 million nights room will be sold throughout July, and hotels and other services will earn at least 40 billion baht sale in July alone.
The TCT proposal will be submitted to the Thai Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and will be submitted to the Cabinet for approval during June.
If Phuket's $ 1 / night campaign is successful, private sector players and governments may extend this campaign to other destinations such as Koh Samui, Pattaya and Bangkok.
Phuket will be Thailand's first city to reopen its borders to foreign tourists vaccinated in July. It is expected to welcome 500,000 visitors by the end of the year, which is still far less than the 6.7 million foreign tourists in the first quarter of 2020 alone.
In 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand received 40 million foreign tourists annually and generated revenue of THB 190 billion.
27 May, 2021
Thai Airways Starts Selling Tickets from Europe to Phuket
Since July, Phuket, Thailand has been promoting a "sandbox scheme" that accepts vaccinated foreign tourists without quarantine.
Thai Airways has begun trial sales of flights from four European cities to Phuket prior to the reopening of the Phuket border.
Reservations have been accepted in four cities: Paris, Frankfurt, London and Copenhagen. The outbound flight is a direct flight to Phuket, and the return flight is via Bangkok.
Regarding Asian cities, Seoul and Taipei are preparing to resume direct flights to Phuket from July, and Tokyo flights are currently checking the situation.
26 May, 2021
Applying vaccine passport is going to start in Thailand. Acquisition cost is 50 baht.
The Department of Disease Control (DDC) of the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand has announced that they will issue a vaccination passport (vaccination certificate) to those who have completed vaccination.
DDC has decided to issue a vaccination passport to those who have been vaccinated and are planning to travel to the place where vaccination passport is required. Applying vaccination passport can be booked online from the DDC's website. Issuance is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on weekdays (excluding Mondays to Fridays and public holidays).
The cost is 50 baht and the required documents are as follows.
Required documents
· Passport
· Vaccination record
· Proof of travel such as airline tickets
Vaccination passport is being considered for introduction in various countries including the EU, and is scheduled to be introduced in Japan in near future.
25 May, 2021
Thailand, Second inoculation of AstraZeneca vaccine will be "16 weeks later". Government changes policy in fear of shortage of vaccine.
The Thai government has decided to change the second inoculation of AstraZeneca vaccine, which used to be 10 weeks after the first dose, 16 weeks later. The government says delaying after 16 weeks will not adversely affect the immune response to Covid-19.
This decision comes from several hospitals receiving reports that vaccination was discontinued due to a lack of AstraZeneca vaccine.
According to the decision, those who received the first vaccination in June are expected to receive the second vaccination around October.
The Ministry of Public Health says it will endeavor to supply as much vaccine as possible to areas where shortages have been reported.
According to Dr. Rungrueng Kitphati, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, a single inoculation of the Covid-19 vaccine is sufficient to protect against new infections, severe symptoms and death, and a second inoculation is only to prolong the body's immune response against the disease.
According to Dr. Rungrueng, those who received AstraZeneca vaccine as a first vaccination are not advised to receive different type of vaccine as a second vaccination, the Sinovak vaccine.
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