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booking for incall service

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booking time of incall service

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We cannot confirm the girl's working schedule more than a week in advance, so we start accepting the booking 1 week before your desired date.

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Girls who are not on the list cannot pre-book for reasons such as irregular attendance. Please see such girls at the shop.

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Please select 1 hour or 1.5 hours for the booking time 22:30, and 1 hour for 23:00 (our shop closes at 24:00).

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Please enter your country code other than the Thai number. (e.g. 81901234567) We will contact you urgently by phone on the day ONLY WHEN the girl suddenly becomes unavailable due to menstruation etc. The phone number can be either a mobile phone or a hotel, but in the case of a hotel, please make a booking with the same name as the hotel reservation name.

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