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HOMEMasseusesSearvice & Rates場所・地図ご予約Recruitment

Please complete your booking 6 hours prior to your booking time. Thank you.
(The booking made after 0:00am will be checked after 11:00am on the same day.)
必須BOOKING DATEbooking date Month Day
必須BOOKING TIMEbooking time
必須LADY'S NAMElady's name
  1. Only the ladies on this list are available for outcall service. (All other ladies not on this list are available only for incall service.)
必須MASSAGE COURSEmassage course
必須MASSAGE TIMEmassage time
  1. Outcall service is 2 hours course only.
必須YOUR NAMEyour name
必須TELEPHONE NUMBERtelephone number
  1. Country
  2. Country Code  Please input if your contact phone number is NOT Thai number (ex. 65)
  3. Tel Number  (ex. 0801234567)
Please input the number we can contact you on the day of outcall in case of emergency.
必須MAIL ADDRESSmail address
  • If the email address is incorrect or not active one, we can't receive your booking. Please input carefully.
必須CONFIRM MAIL ADDRESSconfirm mail address
必須OUTCALL PLACEoutcall place
  1. Please input the information of outcall place (address, name of hotel(name of condo), room number etc.)
  2. If the outcall place is a hotel, please input your full name(hotel booking name) too.

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